How to potty train puppies?

How in the world do you potty train puppies? my dog will not stop pottying in the house and i have had it…we let her out often she has just always done this!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to potty train puppies?

Taking the dog out every 20-30 min and rewarding with a treat worked on my 2 babies. Gl ik how frustrating this can be…

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Following cause I’m bout to lose my mind up in here :rofl::sob:

Our latest pup REFUSES to go outside
We can literally let her out over and over or even keep her out for prolonged periods and she will still race back inside to go potty
Makes zero sense, none of the others had this issue and she isn’t learning from watching them either

It takes time and patience. As soon as they get up take them out and soon after eating.

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Mmm. You’re probably doing it wrong if there is a potty involved…,

Leave them out until you see them potty .walk around with them when you see them potting talk right away in the house an a reward .

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Crate train, reward for going outside.
Getting a good pet cleaner to kil the enzymes in urine so they can’t smell where they usually go


Look up crate training

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Well when I potty trained my pup they were going every hour then it would be longer till eventually they wait for me to take them out…but I made sure they did their business before they came in. If your dog gets up follow them them if they are sniffing you will know that usually is a sign they need to pee or poop. It’s hard potty training at a young age… you can get a repellent to stop them from peeing in the house every corner they use I cleaned up and sprayed the area. But really it’s you that has to take them out to go to the loo.

Crate training is key

I used puppy pads It may not work for everyone. But consistency is :old_key:

Be patient and consistent. Do not have unlimited food and water out all day for them. We usually feed our pups in morning and later in the evening. Crate train .

Also we had a husky that would not go on a leash or just when loose in yard. He was too excited to play or try to escape :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: we had to put him on a chain everytime and he didn’t wanna go if you were out there staring at him :unamused::expressionless: so sometimes they’re just peculiar :sweat_smile:

Crate training and NO potty pads. Potty pads just encourage the behavior you’re wanting to stop. Take her out on a leash and walk her around the yard, even if it’s fenced in.

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I had to crate train my baby. Also going outside and saying toilet every 30mins or so and if he looked like he was going to go inside I’d pick him up and take him outside again stating “go toilet”

Going thru this … I’ve crate trained my puppy … but if I let him be out in the house by 10 minutes he pees … it drives me crazy… gonna try having him out of his crate and him going out every 10 minutes to see if it does anything kuz I would love to rid of the crate in the house … try crate training first . Take puppy out first thing in the morning … feed water take out again in like 10 minutes … I pick up any food that wasnt eaten . And just through the day take out consistently and especially after drinking water and eating .

I’m no expert, and my dog is just average but it took only 2 days to toilet train him. When he was in the lounge with me i would keep an eye on him and as soon as he started to pee, i just picked him up and took him outside, no yelling just lots of praise if he peed outside and it worked for me. Now he will hold his bladder for at least 13hrs or more rather than pee in the house… he is awesome !!!

Use dog food as a reward treat, when they’re puppies they definitely don’t mind any kind of reward. Constantly take the puppy to an area you want them to poop and pee in your yard. Every 30 minutes to an hour take puppy to that spot and say potty?! Really excited like with tone. If they go give them a treat and praise. If they don’t go still do that same thing. This is a process of back and fourth so invest some time in it. They’ll learn that area is a good area to potty. We had a stubborn pup and we invested a couple days in this process and it worked well. I’m not saying it will 100% work, but it may help. That process hasn’t failed me in potty training a dog at all , but if you haven’t tried this method it’s worth a shot. Soon enough after that constant training my pup not only would go in that area, but eventually didn’t need a treat to go and responds with me asking you gotta potty?! By heading to the door and getting excited.

I have never crate trained my puppies so I don’t know. What worked for me is consistency, lots of praise, and love and treats. For one as puppies they slept with me and when they started to move I would take them outside and when they went potty I would clap my hands and said you pottied, good boys, I trained my 2 boxer brothers. After that I would take them outside and clap, show them they were good boys, give treats etc. It took a few weeks but they learned to go to the back door. I recently lost one of my boys at age 12 and his brother still expects treats after he potties. They are not so different than your children, all they need is love, patients, consistency, praise, and treats. Good Luck.

When you catch your dog doing it
Rub it’s nose in it
Then spray the area with straight
Eucalyptus oil

Rub there nose in it :woman_shrugging:t3:

Positive reinforcement, treats and praise


Times/patience. Take the puppy out every 30 minutes. No play time. Let it just be about using the potty. Then do a reward when it does like playtime or treat.


And crate when left alone/unsupervised


You have to catch them as soon as they wake up, as soon as they finish eating, before bed at night… and when you catch them going in the house, you firmly say No! and take them outside. Some people have resorted to rubbing their nose in the mess. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but some people couldn’t get their puppies trained any other way. If it’s a small breed dog, you can use puppy training pads. A lot of people advise against this, but it’s handy if you live in the snow belt areas. In the winter you don’t have to shovel a potty spot and watch them shiver in deep snow.

Adopted puppy and they told me the first time puppy peed in house soak up in paper towel and take and stake it in yard. Take puppy out on.leash and the to paper towel right to it and use command hurry up. Worked like a charm. Do not play with them until.they do the deed.

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We took ours out every hour. If we weren’t home she was in a crate. She just turned a year old and hasn’t had an accident in months.

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I used puppy pads…which she refused to use lol…and lots of short walks where other dogs go. Praise and treats when they perform outside, ignore indoor accidents.
Personally only crated my dogs when I was out or at night for their own safety and in there they had a bed area and a puppy pad toilet area because its cruel to expect a puppy to hold it for hours. Just like children they need to learn and consistency/ kindness is the key

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M0re Info.

We got a cocker spaniel cross jack russell puppy approx 12 weeks old now was 8 weeks when we got him he wasn’t house trained we got puppy pads it took us a week to potty train him with pads he is a very quick learner knows sit paw lay and roll over already took us a day to teach him all them it just takes time and patience

It’s like having a newborn baby. You’ve gotta be on top of it. We got our pup when he was 5 weeks old. We spent the first 3-4 months up every couple hours to take him out. Now, he goes to the door when he has to go to the bathroom. If no one notices, he will come stand in front of you and look at you, then the door, then you, then the door. It’s just like potty training a child. You have to be consistent and frequent.


Buy puppy pads (they have some scent or something that tells dogs to go there) and put them by the front door. Everytime they go near it take em.out. repeat repeat repeat. Lots of praise when they go out

I used potty bells! They are amazing!

Crate training and potty training do amazing together so for us if we can’t keep an eye on our puppy or it’s night time she goes in the kennel we also have to older dogs so that helps as well we also have her on a feeding schedule

My son put in a doggie Door, best thing. No training. Only do this if you have a fenced yard, also, to train in the house, place newspaper near the door. When you see the puppy about to potty, place him on paper, he will get to going on paper, f

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Start taking her out every 30 mins to an hour if you can. Crate train her.

Pay attention to her and notice when she has to go! And take her outside to pee. And say go potty, go pee and praise her or him for doing so and then give a treat.

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keep in CRATE till trained hang bells on door n theyll get to know its potty time also most dogs wont poop where they sleep worked for me

Potty bells .crate train at night .

I would take my puppy potty in the morning and then let him play then I would sit him on the couch and when he wanted to get down I would take him outside again then let him play again. I repeated these steps till he started going to the door on his own to go potty then he’d come back in and play. Was potty trained in a week. I swear by this method.

Puppy bells, take them out every 30 minutes, give tiny tiny treats after they use the bathroom.

For the first month of having our pup, I took her out every 45 minutes to an hour(this included setting my alarm overnight). I gradually worked up to 2 hours and then to 3. She now paws and whines to let me know when she needs to go. Doing this we had very few accidents and she was fully potty trained within a few months

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Lots and lots of praise. Lots and lots of going outside. And treats lol.

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When you take him out for potty breaks, do not bring him back in before he potties. He will get the understanding of why he is out there eventually. When he finally goes outside, try and take him to the same exact spot. Don’t forget your potty bags :wink:

I took my puppy out every hour during the day. Night time I put her in the bathroom where there is no rug to pee on. When I catch her peeing on the floor I sprayed her with water just a little and told her “no “ took her out right then Soon they will catch on. Too awhile with mine because she is thick headed and likes to do what she wants.

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We Started by puppy training pads then let him out every hour throughout the night we took turns it was tough cos I was on dialysis BF worked too took 3 weeks but he now comes upstairs licks you in the face if you don’t wake up he jumps on the bed put 2 paws on you and barks at you don’t ask how he started that my boyfriend took over I got too tired but he trained him very well 2 years on got a well trained yorkie

Crate training. Read the book called The Art of Raising a Puppy.

Take her outside when she goes potty give her a treat and make a big deal out of it. Oh good job good girl yay!! Ect

Time to put the pup in training with an experienced trainer

Sometimes it’s ingrained in them from the environment they came from. Always check to see where the animal has been.

Otherwise, lots of praise when they potty outside. You can also move poop outside to a certain area and bring them to that area when you take them out to potty.

Use pee pads and when they have an accident on the floor get them to come with you while you clean it up. Then dab the paper towel on the pee pad and say pee here. Slowly move the pad closer and closer to the door until the dog goes outside.

Kennel train. Put her in a kennel. Set the alarm for an hour. Take her out and if she potties then bring her in and give her a snack. If she doesn’t then put her back in the kennel. If she potties after her snack then set your alarm for 1.5 hours and repeat. If she potties on the floor then kennel her right away.

This worked for my dogs.

My dad had this problem with his dog. I was dog sitting for him one weekend and I put the dog out on a schedule, I can’t remember if it was every hour or every 2 hours but either way I kept it consistent. I wouldn’t go back in the house until he went to the bathroom. He hasn’t had an accident since and that was about 3 years ago