How to potty train toddler girls?

How do I get my 2 years 3 months old daughter to go #2 on the potty?She pees just fine but when she has to poop she refuses to sit down and will hide anywhere she can fit behind and poop and then run away so I have to chase her and then fights getting her butt changed she also has been holding it until nap time or bed time then poops in her diaper in bed AND NOT SAYING A THING to the point I have to do random diaper checks at night because she has a horrible rash from sitting in it. She won’t cry she won’t get out of bed she won’t say anything or do anything she just willingly sits in it to avoid getting charged. A month ago she full force kicked me in the chest while I was kneeling on the floor changing her on the couch and I fell backwards and hit the floor. I don’t know what to do anymore she doesn’t take to rewards she gets upset when I try to make her teddy bears or dolls use the potty.


You wait until they are ready. That’s how.

Give her time, when she’s ready than she will be potty trained my daughter turns 4 in August and we are on day 3 of potty training before she only peed in the toilet but then just stopped using the toilet! All kids are different

She’s still very young. All kids get potty trained at different ages. She’s not ready. Just keep encouraging her. My oldest was fully trained before her 2nd bday… my youngest was much much later. 3.5 maybe ?

This too shall pass ! She’s awfully young . Wait until she is ready .


It might hurt for her.
It’s a thing.

Look up zucchini bread - add 1/2 a finely grated raw carrot to the batter and 4 tbsp baking cocoa powder.

Bake it in a mini muffin tin.

Give her one for breakfast, and one at dinner.

Watch her - she’s going to need to poop, make sure she’s already in a room blocked off from anywhere she can hide, and put her training potty where she can see it.

High fives, dancing, singing “Let It Go!” Loudly with her - it all helps distract her.

Also, ask if her booty hurts - certain foods cause this. Apples for instance for some kids causes a red sore bum.

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Practice and give her more time. It took mine until right after she turned 3 and she still tries to hide when she has to poop. Whenever I notice she is using that she has to go I bring her to the bathroom and I sit with her on the potty and provide rewards and lots of celebrations when she goes to on the potty

I had both my kids potty trained by the time they turned 2. Continue to put them on the potty, hopefully one that they can just sit down on by themselves. Encourage them with stickers every time they go pee pee or poopy. I didn’t do this for my kids but I did clap & tell them how wonderful they were

I know a lot of kids that have done this. I’ve potty trained many over the years and done so by sitting on the floor in front of them singing poop songs. Made them up as we went. Just got my grandson to poop in the toilet by doing this. He was afraid of the toilet

There is no point stressing yourself and your daughter out over something that will correct itself in time. Keep pushing and she’ll regress and not use the toilet at all.
Will she sit backwards on the toilet and draw on the lid ? Might help to distract her enough to poo.

Maybe try to YouTube the Elmo potty dance? Or take away her bear because bears and dolls don’t want to play with somebody with a stinky poopy bum.