How to potty train?

Potty training is really testing my patience today. I can’t seem to get the poop part with my youngest. He literally asks for a diaper because he just don’t wanna do it. Advice?

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That is a control issue. Remember at that age potty training is the only thing they can control. In my opinion put the diaper back on him when he needs to go. Dealing with a majorly constipated child is worse than anything. You can actually cause them to hold it so long that it can be impacted.

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Don’t have advice but wanted to tell you that you’re not alone. My son pees in the toilet with no issues but he’s having trouble pooping in the toilet. He won’t tell me when he needs to go so he does it in his underwear🤦🏻‍♀️I keep repeating that it goes in the potty and he repeats it too. Nothing I’ve tried works. Just waiting for the day he will be comfortable.

We did fun things without the diaper wearer and said those activities were for kids who didn’t wear diapers. The pool was a particular incentive.
Good luck. Tough issue!!

My son was super hard to potty train. Didn’t fully potty train til 3 1/2. He gave literally 0 shits about being in wet or poopy clothes. Like in regular undies would just go and not say a word until someone noticed. I guess a lot of kids in his class were having trouble potty training at daycare. The daycare hired a teacher who specialized in potty training or something lol. She was a God send. He was never rewarded with candy/food or toys. I think the school might’ve done stickers or hand stamps or something. I don’t remeber. I just know I thought I was going to be sending him off to college in diapers one day but he potty trained. “Later than other kids” but well before kindergarten. It’ll be ok. He’ll get it eventually.

Maybe tell him there’s a poop fairy and she’ll leave stickers under his pillow if he poops in the potty for his first X number of times pooping in the potty lol. Maybe buy him a sticker book the first time the “poop fairy” comes haha.

Children have absolutely all control of what goes into their bodies and what comes out of their bodies, best of luck, take a deep breath and tackle each day as if comes

One of my children did this. He would literally scream in pain, until a diaper was put on him. He was afraid of pooping on the toilet. It lasted about 6 months. Be patient and keep offering to use the toilet. Take the child in when you use it (if you’re not already) so they know it’s okay and nothing scary happens.

My daughter was the same way up until recently. I had to take her diapers away. We use pull-ups for at night time but during the day, no matter what, it’s underwear. I use the hanes training underwear- you can get them at Walmart. Super absorbent and aren’t bulky like most training underwear. At first, she decided she was going to try waiting until bedtime to go because she was that stuck on diapers. But soon she realized that she only gets treats when she goes in the potty! I use little things like m&ms and skittles or fruit snacks. I let her pick! She’s also 3 if that helps. And when I first started with the training it was everytime she went potty. Now treats are only for poops lol

Put the diaper back on him until he’s ready. Children will potty train themselves in their own time. No need to stress at all. Changing diapers is way easier than stressing over potty training.

Good morning Queen that was my biggest problem also so what helped me was after eating I timed when my baby had to poop after eating… I had about 15 min to get them to a potty and after eating the first meal 15 min boom in the potty and we would sit there and talk or read if nothing happened then I would do it again I got caught off guard a few times by not considering that drinking milk or water would start the process also so I would have to have a clean up but most of the time it was 15 min after breakfast and now they are all set like clock work….I have seven babies and I just successfully potty trained my last one he is not even in pull ups so I am free from the diaper game!! I I still have some on hand just in case we have to travel or if the baby gets sick with diarrhea because that’s even more hell then them just learning to go like a big kid trust me!! But if it helps mama that’s what I did for all seven of mine!!

Age has a lot to do with it. All kids are different.

Set him up something like a little tent with the potty seat in it and give him a tablet or something and tell him that he has to go poop on the toilet because he is a big boy now. Also it helps if you get a little box or something for them to prop their feet up on bringing their knees a little bit closer to their chest will help him poop easier

Hes not ready. Give him the diaper

Tell him if he doesn’t learn to poo on the toilet or potty chair . He can’t go to preK school because he is still
A baby not a big boy. My granddaughter was fully trained in a week. She wants school bad lol .

Plastic underwear with a pair of underwear
He won’t like the way it feels
No more diapers

Maybe try a doll that uses the bathroom they have them. So he can see a little person like him that’s a toy who also needs to use the potty. I think there’s baby alive ones that pee and poop

My great nephew is 3, he’s got the peeing down, but when he asks for a diaper we know he’s ready to poop. No matter how long he sits on potty he don’t go, there’s been once when he went and came and got his grandma to show her, but not since then it’s been 3 days since he did that, so I’d rather change a diaper than to have to peel his pant off him and put him in the tub, boys are harder then girls for sure, took me 4 days with my daughter from beginning to end, but my son, where I gave up on it, he started doing it on his iwn.