How to potty train?

I need advice in potty training.
My 3 year old will now sit on her potty, but will not use it. I hyped her up because she did a small tingle on it. Literally 2 minutes later she full blown pees on the floor.
She sat on it yesterday and did nothing. Again, minutes later she poops on the floor.
Idk what to do. Ive got her sitting on her potty until she actually goes at the moment. Ive tried “bribing” her with a piece of candy if she goes, but nothing is working. 🤦🏻


Not ready! Stop forcing it on her and wait longer. If you keep at it then you will just end up getting no where and getting frustrated with the situation.


I tried like that with both my kids. Even day care tried. No luck. One day my son walked up to me and asked me if he could wear underwear. Just out of nowhere. He never had an accident again.

They have to be ready. It’s hard to know when they are.

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Keep offering it. Try sticker charts or other incentive. We used one m&m which worked great. It took awhile for my son to want to poop in the potty… to the point where he asked for a diaper to poop. Finally one day, he just decided to do it! Get some potty books- once upon a potty was great. At the beginning we had his little potty out in the living room or outside so it was easily accessible. The first weekend, we let him run around outside naked and put him on the potty anytime he started to go… by lunchtime he sat on the potty! It takes some serious time and patience. We started Memorial Day weekend 2018 and he’s been day potty trained for probably 6 months. Still wears a pull up at night because he’s a deep sleeper. If we ever went out, we kept regular undies on him but used a cloth diaper cover to minimize the mess… that way he still felt the wetness.

She will just give her more time… a lot of ppl make you feel like you must be doing something wrong but the truth is every kid is different… this mom shaming shit is just getting out of hand… don’t stress sweetie it’ll work eventually

she may not be ready yet

I’m going through the same thing with my son who is three and a half. Simply not ready! My son has SPD ( sensory processing disorder ) and he’s speech delayed. His OT told me keep offering. Take her to the bathroom with you, explain what you’re doing. Have them sit even if they do nothing. I keep visuals next to the toilet with “before & after “ steps and I keep a mason jar of M&Ms for whenever he successfully goes. Sometimes he does, most cases he doesn’t. Just continue being consistent and it will happen. I’m right there with you!

Just take her every 30 minutes sit for 5 then get up I never gave rewards other than saying great job the preschool/my kids attend does this and I implemented it at home I have one more to train thankfully because it is hard work

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I’m potty training my daughter as well she will be 3 end of September. They will go when ready. Mine will go on the toilet if I put on but wont tell me when she has to go

I made this mistake with my oldest. She just wasn’t ready. I had to wait. As a ftm i thought she needed to be on a specific schedule but she had other plans. It’s okay. I wouldn’t keep pushing though it will make it much harder. I promise it will click eventually. My daughter is 4 and has been fully potty trained for 6 months or so now.

I did a reward system. Made a big deal even if it was a tinkle. Every time she went pee she got to put a sticker on her chart. Poop was a big sticker. So many stickers she got to go to the dollar store and pick out any toy. I used the training panties also with the plastic panties over them. And only diapers at night. No drinks after a certain time eventually came so she didn’t pee the bed.

You can place the potty in the area your most in, like living room. Once shes comfortable going on it then inch it towards the bathroom day after day. It may be she is afraid of the bathroom and not the potty itself.

She will do it in her own time, don’t force her. Accidents happen

And instead of bribing with food… How about use a sticker chart or something and let her choose stickers? My son loved getting a stamp on his hand as a reward

Every kid is different. It took me about two or 3 weeks and it was rough. Cleaned up lots of messes. He was 2, almost 3. I made him go naked from the waist down for 3 or 4 days. Then once he was going on the potty for everything everytime without underwear, I introduced underwear. Then it was another week or two before it clicked with the underwear. This was a year ago. He’s almost 4 and he’s barely had any accidents day or night. Won’t hurt to try and if it doesn’t work, that’s ok because my kid isn’t your kid. Just wait or try something else. I was desperate because I had a new baby in diapers and it was expensive.

She is not ready. She will show you all the signs when she is put her in pull ups overnight pants. Check every morning the first week she is dry thru the night she is ready. Did this with my daughter. She is now five and goes on her own. Still will call us in to help her wipe or if she is proud of a bowel movement.

My son was almost 4 when he finally started using the potty! I tried everything and all the tricks people said to do nothing worked… Until 1 day he told me he was to big for diapers and wanted to use the potty! I was in shock! We currently are just using pull ups at night. He choose in his own when he was ready!

My 3 yr old son was the same way. We just figured he wasn’t actually ready and left it alone. We ended up buying him underwear and that’s what did it. He had a few accidents at the beginning but now he’s 100% potty trained and it took like a month.

Have her sit every hour, when she sits give her a book to read or read to her while she sits. If she goes on the potty make sure you tell her she did a good job. She will start telling you she needs to go within first few weeks. If she doesnt go at all after putting her on every hour then shes not ready.

I took my girls when I had to go. I made sure she drank a full glass of water and she and I would sit on our respective potties until she went.