How to potty training girls?

Hey mamas I need any advice on potty training all the tips and tricks for my 2 year old daughter where to start and how to accomplish it


I set a timer per 4 hrs nightly. Would carry to BR potty, no lights. Sit for a few to help them awaken by themselves. They did well! I like her daytime Timer idea!

Mine were all done with potty training by 2 1/2 day and night
You are the one who needs to

My daughter is nearly 3 and she only took interest in the potty about 5 days ago. Everytime she uses the potty, we make a big fuss and she gets a sticker on the chart. She loves it! She only had one accident yesterday! I do check in with her every 15mins or so to ask if she needs to use the potty but she has picked it up really quick, as she constantly wants a sticker! Good luck x

I trained 3 girls all by the time they turned 2. They all showed interest so I put them in undies…not pull ups! We set the timer on the stove for 1 hour and would go try every hour until they started getting the idea and after they caught on we extended the time little by little. We used pull ups only at night or if we were going somewhere…I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed if they had an accident. Every kid is different but this worked for mine!


A teacher suggested that I put underwear on my daughter and then a pull up over top, then when she peed she would feel what it was like to have wet underwear on and maybe she would start using the potty. Good luck!

My daughter just turned four and has been wanting to wear underwear and use the potty, she does still wear pull ups though at night and if we go on long car rides, otherwise she wears underwear and uses the potty. She’s going to be going to Pre-school again this year but this time she will go all day and she wants to wear underwear to school.


It’s different for everyone. I went straight to underwear after a couple accidents it was over. Within days they were potty trained.

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At 2 years old it took one long weekend. I put my daughter in undies of her choosing… which at the time was tinker bell and Disney princesses. If she had an accident then after clean up I put plain white undies on her. If she went on her potty (which I kept super close) she then got to change into the undies of her choice. The “fun” undies gave her an incentive to use her potty. We never used pull ups so she would understand the cause and effect of feeling like she needed to go and going. Good luck!

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Follow her cues.
Don’t start until she shows an interest, or you’ll just frustrate yourself.


My girls were completely potty trained by 2 and my son by 2 years and 3 months I got them used to the potty chair first and it was just so smooth after that I have no advice I’m so sorry

Wait until she’s ready. The more you push it, the more you’ll get frustrated.


I guess I got lucky. My 1st. Was potty trained and off the bottle by the time she was 18 months. She’d wake up dry, and bottle would be full. Took her to the potty in morning and she was good to go.

It’s different for every kid. When my daughter was ready I made a treasure box and used a sticker reward sheet. When she hit so many pees or 1 poo she got to pick from it. I just got stuff from dollar store. It helped motivate her. She was potty trained within 2 days and potty trained overnight in 4. Don’t stress out about it and don’t try to force it. They will go when they are ready. Some kids learn early some don’t.


Mine were closer to 4. Best advice don’t force them, they will start when ready

I just started putting underwear on her and eventually she learned, hated the feeling of being wet when she would go.

We bought this seat for our youngest. It was awesome. Complete independence also smarties lol