How to prepare a child for new baby?

How do you prepare your oldest child to see in the hospital while having your second? My daughter is 3 and very independent but very sensitive to people and THIER feelings especially to her mom and dad. Even at a simple doctors checkup she tears up if she sees me get a shot or ultra sound. So how do I prepare her to see me all plugged up in the hospital without scaring her?


I would wait until after the baby is born to have her there so she doesn’t have to see it.


Just explain it to her say mommys not hurt there just looking at and listening to the baby. Take her to the libary or go on youtube and show her other mommys hooked up to machines. Use her dolls or stuffed animals at home and show her on her level whats gonna happen

My oldest was the same way. Had an absolute meltdown whenever he saw me sitting on the bed thing. When I had his brother in March he didn’t seem to really notice or catch onto the pain and the IV fluids. He did really good. But I also couldn’t let him on the bed with me as he’s very hyperactive and I had a C-section .

I’d wait until the next day, and when your not all plugged into machines so you dont scare her.

I waited till baby was born the who ever was watching the other kids would bring them to visit after.

It is very important for the other child or children to be there. Mine was, I mean not during childbirth. Just explain it to her. To each their own.

She is 3 …People stop putting children in adult situations.

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I wouldn’t have her in the room while giving birth can traumatize her she is only 3

Have her not be there during labor and come after with a fam member.

Keep her home until after the baby is born and you’re not hooked up to everything. You’re having a baby and nurses/drs need to work, definitely not a place for a child. Even with the best behaved child, hospitals are so dirty, just keep her away until she comes to visit.