How to prepare for baby?

Hey, so I’ll be 30 w on Thursday and I just have some questions for all you moms out there.
One what were some last minute things you needed to get done to prepare for baby?
Two I know people say most of their stretch marks came way later in pregnancy when did you start receiving them?
Three how do you cope with all the nerves and anxiety of your baby coming into this dangerous world?
Four what did you take to the hospital with you? In your “go” bag or whatever?

Please leave rude comments to yourselves thank you! :heart:


I’m curious too so I’m gonna follow this post. :purple_heart:

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I swear by witch hazel pads they are great to sit against stitches if you need them i had a nurse buy me some while i was in labor with my first child, i mean it didnt help take all the soreness away but it did help alot in my opinion. Plus great for hemorrhoids if you get those as well

Last minute thing for me was just putting the carseat and her diaper bag in the truck. Stretch marks are a weird subject because some women get them and some dont, I barely got any. Hospital bag just clothes for me and my husband and like phone chargers pretty much. The anxiety is also tough because you never know how you’ll feel once the baby is here. I relaxed more once I had her

I’m 29w pregnant too :blush::heart: make sure you have comfortable clothes for after you give birth. Some nice shower gel for you first wash up and maybe some make up to help you feel nice and get to your duties… I remember feeling really thankful for my first “wash up” after I had my son. 15 mins in the bathroom to recoup and smell nice again really was nice and got me feeling great happy & confident w my new born :blush: hope that makes sense lol

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Id recommend a very comfy robe and slippers for the hospital.

For the hospital bag I bring just comfy clothes for you and baby,chargers,etc. As for anxiety everyone is different. I remember my first week I never slept cause I had high anxiety of sids (and a incident where my son puked into his nose at the hospital making him choke had me scared shitless) and it took me a while just to even sleep a hour with him but then I had to calm myself down and talk about my anxiety to people which helped

  1. Put together furniture and gear, wash baby clothes, clean the house, service car if needed
  2. I didn’t get my stretch marks until over 30 weeks, most around week 37
  3. It’s still scary!!!
  4. I took too much. What I used: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, robe, slippers, phone charger, hair ties, sports bra/nursing bra, comfy outfit to go home, baby going home outfit. Some ppl like to bring their own blanket and pillow to be more comfortable. I labored in the tub, so a swim top was useful too. Essential oils can be calming too.

1.For me I needed to make sure all the baby clothes and baby room was all set up. I also did a lot of cleaning to make sure that I had some time to relax after baby was born. It would be helpful to meal prep some meals for the freezer so you can just pull out and make a quick meal after baby is born. 2. Not everyone gets stretch marks, if you have moisturized skin you may not get them. Some get them after you have the baby from your skin being stretched out. (keep moisturizing it does help) 3. You will know what is best for your baby. Yes this world has some dangers but there are also some wonderful things in this world. And you are the teacher, so you get to teach your little one what things you feel they should know. just remember, your baby will be loved no matter what is going on in the world around them and thats what is important. 4. in the go bag for the hospital, I made sure to pack an outfit for baby to come home in, and a soft blanket for baby. The hospital usually will provide diapers, cloth wipes, a binky, and sometimes a care package for baby. Bring yourself a comfortable blanket, the ones at the hospital are rough and suck Lol. comfy clothes for you. Shower stuff is nice so then no matter how long you are at the hospital that you can take a shower to feel refreshed.snacks for you and your hubby, even nurses is always nice to have. PADS, the hospital only gives you giagantic PADs for afterwards, phone charger is also a good thing to have. Hope this helps. Congrats!

My stretch marks didn’t come until after I had my baby. I packed clothes for myself, for my baby, and wipes. Everything else hospital provided. My nerves wasn’t really acting up I was just so excited to have my baby.

My stretch marks didn’t come until after I had my baby. I packed clothes for myself, for my baby, and wipes. Everything else hospital provided. My nerves wasn’t really acting up I was just so excited to have my baby.

I did’nt get any stretchmarks just small ones on my uppertigh … actually wanted them on my tummy to claim them as my scars for my beautiful boy :sob: and the weirdest thing … I still have a 4 pack :neutral_face:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to prepare for baby?

If they still give you diapers and stuff.
Charger, shampoo and conditioner, clothes to come home in. Clothes for baby to come home in, car seat and snacks.

Sleep sleep sleep. Make sure house is clean. Pack bags. Wash baby’s bedding. Make some easy meals to freeze and reheat. stock the house up so you don’t have to go shopping for a bit. Wash your bedding.

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Relax as much as you can, have meals prepared for easy cooking.
All baby really needs is you, clothes, diapers, and wipes.
Have a good list of books ready, haha. My second was a contact sleeper, so lots of reading.

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