How to prevent pre eclampsia?

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Currently found out I am 4 weeks pregnant. Gave birth almost 9 months ago to a beautiful baby boy. Developed gestational hypertension at 28 weeks which then turned into preeclampsia at 33 weeks had him delivered at 35 weeks. Any words of wisdom for me as I am terrified to develop preeclampsia again?


I had it with my first but did not with my second. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy!

I had it with my first but had the easiest pregnancy with my second!

Prayers for a healthy pregnancy :footprints::butterfly:

Take it easy. I had PIH at the end of my second pregnancy and my entire 3rd. Rest as much as you can. Mine never developed into preeclampsia but I was closely monitored at the local University for awhile. Sending positive vibes!!

I also had it with my first and not 2nd. I may have been a bit more active the 2nd time around but didn’t really change anything. Unfortunately it’s not something you can control. Just try to be as healthy as you can and pray for the best

Alot. Of. Timrs. All that. Happenss. With. First. Born

Watch your stress! And watch your sodium intake. Sodium can mess with you BP and preeclampsia can have something to do with high BP. PRAYERS for a safe delivery! Just try to take it easy and drink lots of water! Water can also level out sugar and salt intake too.

I developed preeclampsia and gestational hypertension, my Dr advised with my next pregnancy to take baby aspirin to help prevent it.

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Watch what you’re eating and drinking

I’m so sorry. Just take care of yourself. I got surprise pregnant 7 months ago at 40 years old. I have developed Cholestasis and Gestational Diabetes. I get the stress about it. But take care of yourself and baby will be taken care of.

I delivered my first at 33weeks due to severe preeclampsia. Currently 34weeks with baby#2 and havent had any problems with bp or protien or much swelling thankfully my ob had nr taking baby asprin up until last week.

Just make sure that you monitored your weight gain and will eat plenty of healthy foods and have a regular exercise, you’ll be fine

Try keto. It helps everything

It will most likely happen again, sorry mama. But don’t stress, as long as you manage it well, it should be okay

My first born was born at 26 weeks because of severe preeclampsia and my placenta ruptured in 2016. I just delivered my second this year and delivered full term and I had a Vbac. They’ll have you go on low dose adult aspirin your entire pregnancy, to try to prevent preeclampsia. I was worried to but doctors know exactly what to do. People will tell you to watch what you eat and drink but there’s nothing to prevent it from happening. You can be as healthy as you want it wont change anythig. Sooo with that being said…enjoy your pregnancy, don’t stress, eat and drink whatever you want. Stay hydrated.

Worry is the seed of weeds. Positive thoughts help things grow and prosper. Laugh, love, find beauty whenever and wherever! This feeds the soul and the body. Best wishes, you can do it! :hugs:

My doctor told me that just because you have it during one pregnancy doesn’t mean it will happen again. I had it with my son. Had him early bc of it but didn’t with my daughter who is a 1y younger than him so I literally got pregnant right after having him.