How to prevent shaving bumps?

How can I prevent the after shaving bumps? I get them on my legs but mostly on my “bikini zone” I usually just use shaving cream and that is obviously not working. It always burns after and it’s getting annoying. Is there a cream or something for it? I dont want to do waxing.


I either shave with coconut oil or use it right after shaving, seems to help a lot


Use regular powder deoderant on it after!

You should absolutely try Coochy by pure romance. I am a pure romance consultant and would LOVE to help you! I used to get the irritation from shaving until I switched to Coochy shaving conditioner. And you can use it to condition your hair!


At the intimate treasures where i live you can buy this stuff called coochy cream and i swear by it! Since i have been using it i haven’t gotten razor burn once. It is quite pricey but it works amazing!

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It sucks at first but usually if your consistent it stops irritating it.

I started buying razors for sensitive skin- and using shave lotion instead of cream- and then using a after shower lotion that has cocoa butter or coconut oil in it and it’s helped me so much but sometimes it still does bother me so on those occasions I instead of shaving use a buzzer and just trim the bikini area until it goes away again

I also have bottles in my inventory, so you dont have to wait for it if you dont live too far away!

Exfoliating before shaving helps and use coconut oil after getting out!

Coochy shave cream is amazing! And you can buy it at any adult store so you dont have to go through the headache of a consultant!


I use coconut oil every day after washing. Also don’t shave every day.

Save with conditioner and apply deodorant once dry

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One thing that really helps me is to exfoliate any area I’m about to shave right before hand.

shave regularly (whatever that means for you personally) don’t shave against the grain and use witch hazel after you dry your skin. I used to get them bad!!! If I neglect shaving and go back to it, I have to deal with it all over again.

Crema shaving balm is so amazing!! Also rub deodorant on it right after weird but it works.


Stop Shaving and go natural be a Real human

Coochy shaving cream is best


I use hair conditioner it softens the hair and moisturizes the skin.

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Bikini zone it wonderful!!

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Coconut oil or deodorant works for me

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There is also a spray that you pray on after you shave to prevent it

And shaving side to side and not up and down helps a ton

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I always shave with the hair not against. I used to deal with that till I learnt it.

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I’m a Pure romance Rep. you should 100% try “Coochy” by Pure romance.

It’s a conditioning shave cream and it helps get rid of them red bumps and helps keep hair away longer.

If you’re interested you’re welcome to PM me!!

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I always used a bit of conditioner and there’s stuff called bakini zone after shave gel that helps with the redness and bumps it’s fairly cheap at Walmart
But as someone previously said, shave with the grain, and it does get better the longer you keep up on it

After shaving I pat dry and use an alcohol wipe on all areas I shaved and let it air dry.

Don’t overuse razors, exfoliate right after shaving as well as the few days after, lotion while skin is still wet (but use sensitive lotion for bikini area)

You’ll probably think im crazy, but I saw this in a magazine. BEST shave ever!! You put deodorant on bikini area. About up to 30 mins before. You have to use the white kind. But I mean I never get razor burn under my arms so it made sense.

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Only shave the direction the hair grows

I use home brand conditioner instead of shaving cream n I do my bikinl line n don’t wear any kind of underwear for about 8hrs after now no rash

Try shaving with baby oil instead

Conditioner instead of shaving cream!

Johnson baby shampoo it’s a dream fr :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Just trim her down eh. Its healthier then using products that can mess up your PH downstairs <_<

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I just wait until it’s long enough for it not to happen if you shave too much it seems to cause this problem

I use nair or veet on my private area. Dont leave on long or you’ll get a burn. It leaves the skin smooth afterwards. I always lotion up after too.

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Don’t waste your money on Coochie. Just use plain ol conditioner. It’s the same thing. Also, I use coconut oil afterwards or deodorant.

Try hair conditioner. Works for my husband and I.

I shave with conditioner, shaving creams burns my skin.

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I use arm and hammer medicated body powder on it after i shave for a few days and that works well for ne

Borrow your boyfriend’s Gillet shaver! :v::+1:


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I use my body wash when I shave everything :joy: I hate shaving cream… Let the warm water run over you before you shave to it opens up the pores and causes less tugging when you shave… also I use men’s razors

I know you said you didn’t want to do waxing, but you should really think about it. I was dead set against it, until I tried it. Now, I’ll never go back to shaving!

Exfoliating before hand is a major help!!


Baby oil gel after while still in shower and skin is still damp… it will soak in and really helps. The cocoa butter one is my fav but theres also like aloe and plain I think

Coochy from Pure Romance

Tea tree oil. I put it in a little finger sprayer (found in hygiene section at walmart) shave and spritz it all over and beautiful skin after. I use it for legs, pits, face, EVERY WHERE I SHAVE! Then I use baby oil gel, I have super sensitive skin and break out in serious razor burn. It works so well for me but everyone has different types of skin

Get a good sharp razor !

I use the men’s stuff for razor bumps. Works great and I use billy jealousy as shaving cream from Ulta

Bikini zone cream afterwards! Trust me, this works like a charm!!!

I don’t use any razor with less than 4 blades. I shave with hair conditioner. Rinse with cold water. Dry and wait a little bit then lotion with Aveeno dry skin relief. Since using a better razor and doing these steps I never get bumps on my legs anymore, plus they’re ridiculously smooth. I’ve only done this a couple of times with my hoohaw area, i would still get bumps but not as many as I used to.


Conditioner instead of shave cream and deodorant after you shave

I stopped using shaving cream and now I never get bumps. Just water and a sharp razor

Stop pressing so hard and use a brand new razor. They go away after a day anyways.

I use to get horrible bumps and rashes nothing fixed it so i tried waxing and never went back to shaving. Its not that bad

Dollar Shave Club Premium razors and their Shave Butter!!! They are very inexpensive.

Go up a razor. Say your using 3 blades, switch to four, I never have that issue.

Best razor I’ve used n my life. $10 @ walmart

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Exfoliate before. Use the chalky deodorant after for a few days

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Which way do u shave ur suppossed to shave the way ur hair grows so shave down instead of up

Have to use a real good (expensive) razor

It’s the razor I use Schick Intuition ( it has the shaving cream on it ) as long as u use it in the shower u are good ! I never get cut … it’s just alittle big but u get used to it quick …


I just use water and a razor and don’t have any issues.

Soften your “area” :wink: with a fragrance free lotion after shaving with nothing less than 4 blades… also, if you have thick hair, you are generally prone to “bumps”

Coochy cream from pure romance worked wonders for me. I use it on my legs too :joy: sounds weird but it’s a shave cream.


Use a men’s 5 blade razor, like Gillette or the Walmart version. Idk why tf men get pants with pockets and good razors while us women don’t :smirk: totally ridiculous!

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There is some kind of cream that prevents bumps it’s for people of color but it’s suppose to work they sell it at Wal-Mart

Try conditioner. Reapply as needed. They say baby oil does it too but I don’t like having to try cleaning the oil off the blades so they don’t ruin

This will sound cray cray but I used to get razor bumps too until someone suggested using olive oil before and after shaving. IT WORKS. I’ve never had razor bumps since. Try it. It is amazing.

I love using COOCHY SHAVE CREAM with mens 5 blade razor never have razor bumps or nicks and it helps slow the hair growth… the more often you shave at first will eventually lessen. I went from every other day to once a week. Better than nair and less painful as waxing

Soothe Regimen from Rodan + Fields.

I use Nair on everything lol

This stuff works wonderfully. I just apply after shower and shaving. I burns a little but it works q

hair conditioner works well

Shave with conditioner an put deodorant on after. Friend of mine told me this an I’ve had no problem since.

Pure coconut oil. And ya smell good too

when ur done shaving your vageen rub deodorant on yr bikini area! works wonders!

Shave with conditioner instead of shaving cream or soap. Rinse with cool water after cleaning and shaving to close pores

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Try letting your skin soak in warm water for a lil bit especially if takeing a bath.if not time for that use a warm wash cloth on the area for a min then lather with conditioner

Wait longer between shaving I know it’s not the prettiest option but it’s how I prevent razor burn also I use conditioners instead of shaving cream it’s a closer shave and softer skin

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I dry off really well. . Then use a tiny bit of dove white deodorant. . For sensitive skin

No bumps for me. . I learned it from an exotic dancer. .

I heard that there’s a beard cream, like nair, and it works better than nair lasts a few days…

I just use the deodorant though, lol

Shave when areas are very wet with hot water and gentle soap, maybe in tub. Pat dry. Use gentle unfragranced lotion.

Hand sanitizer and savlon

Veet hair removal cream

Shave with hair conditioner

Soothe by Rodan & Fields

Try using conditioner… or if you have the money, the coochie cream from pure romance really helped for me.

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Use boy razors. I found out the moisturizing strip was irritating my body

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there is literally a shaving gel called “bikini zone” at walmart or amazon that you use a very small amount of and it works great! Its blue btw.

Dry off really well and use a stick of deodorant