How to prevent SIDS?

Ok Mamas

Two part question

1- I’ve heard it’s best to have baby in your room until around 6 months when the danger for SIDs has lessened or passed completely. When did you put baby in their own room?

2- HOW do you handle it :weary::cry: I have nightmares about terrible terrible hypothetical situations happening with her in the next room without me being able to get to her and keep her safe and I can’t handle it. Mind you she’s only 2 months old still but oh my gosh I seriously have bad nightmares.


Soooo sleep with your baby in your room? No one says you HAVE to put your baby in another room. It’s about what you feel comfortable with and what works for your family. We have bed shared with our daughter since birth. Maybe not for everyone but we follow safe sleep rules and breastfeed. Do what feels right to you. :two_hearts:


My baby is 7 months and he still sleeping with me, I have not rush on putting him in his room. He will sleep there when we feel ready. I don’t care if is in one year or 2.


Move them when you’re both ready. No shame in that. I understand your anxieties. When you’re both ready you’ll know. You’re doing great.

My son is 3 years old and still in bed with me! It’s all about what you feel comfortable with. He has his own bed in my room but I like having him in bed and it doesn’t bother me. You’ll figure out what works for you.


My daughter is 2 and still sleepa with me

do what you feel is best for you and your baby!! there’s no set rules, but getting a video baby monitor should make you feel better by being able to see if she’s okay!

It doesn’t stop. At least for me it didn’t. My sons almost 2 and when he’s in his room I’m always unable to soundly sleep without watching the monitor to see if he’s ok… we coslept due to living situations for over a year so I was beyond used to him in bed with me (which made things easier) and when he sleeps elsewhere it was very hard to handle. I’d find myself getting emotional over it too. It’s not just them who have to get used to the change

Do it when you’re ready! And sometimes it’s not only convenient to have them so close at that young of an age but it also helps give you piece of mind. If you’re set on moving your LO into their own room maybe get a baby monitor with a camera? I have one (with a night vision camera) and it really is amazing!


Do it when you feel comfortable. I put my son in his room around 3 months but I ended up waking up every couple hours and checking him on the video monitor anyway.

When they outgrow the bassinet is the time for them to go into their crib in their room

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Do what feels right for you? You do not have to put baby in another room at 6 months thats just when the experts suggest you keep baby in your room until but if it scares you and baby is content do what makes you feel safe and comfortable

My 5 year old has her own room and shes currently asleep in a homemade bed in the floor of my bedroom because she asked to sleep with us tonight. You do what you wanna do. And the terrible situations that you think about… it comes with being a good mom. You always worry about your babies. It’s okay. :heart: there are plenty of us. You do what your comfortable with and puts your mind more at ease. They are only babies once… :heart:

6 months is when she went to her own room.

I bought a video monitor to ease my mind.

I still use the monitor and she’s over 2 years old now lol

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  1. SIDS is a danger until 12 months old. Practice safe sleep and get a monitor. We use the Snuza. It’s cheaper than owlet.

  2. The monitor on the baby along with a video / audio monitor.

I understand how you feel. Thinking about SIDS is so terrifying. I just moved my 14 month old out of my room. You’ll know when the time is right for you. We have a great camera baby monitor so I can look at her whenever I need to. Do not let anyone pressure you into moving your baby if you feel like you’re not ready. Go with your motherly instincts. :two_hearts:

I moved all my children into their own room once they were able to sleep through the night. My son is 7 weeks old, sleeps through the night, and he’s sleeping in his own room. My kids sleep in their own beds. I’m not against cosleeping if that works best for you but enjoy time to ourselves and we sleep much better. I do love morning cuddles from my babies though :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I mean my son is almost 3 and I still check on him just as much as his 3 month old sister :joy:

My son was in a bassinet until 4 months, then his crib in our room until 9 months. We moved his crib to his room & he’s been there for 3 months now. We have a video monitor that I can look at when I wake up. It’s helped us all because we don’t wake him up, & if he wakes up, he typically soothes himself back to sleep now instead of just crying immediately.

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If your not ready to at 6 months then wait a yr. Do things that give you assurance- keep the monitor on next to you, get a cam, a dog etc

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I had huge anxiety because of this. I bought the owlet monitor that goes on their foot & it monitors their oxygen & heart levels preventing SIDS.

I dont think u need to stress that much, with all the stuff they have for babies and mommy, but if it makes u feel better keep her in your room in her crip thro.

My new born stayed in my room til they were out of the craddle and into the crib. Hope this helps you.

Its actually recommended to sleep with them in ur room tell 1 years old. I put my daughter in her own room a little of 1 and it was best for all of us.

My son still sleeps in our room but in his crib (until the morning time when he comes to cuddle/nap for an extra 20 mins). I get anxiety as well about moving him to his own room. For now i will keep him close until I am ready.

My daughter is 2 years old and we just moved her to her own room a month ago, she is so independent, and has been sleeping there all night from the first day. Goes to sleep around 10, wakes up at 8am, and sometimes even later. Once I woke up running thinking maybe she was awake doing something in the kitchen or bathroom ( it was 12pm) and she was still asleep. I would say for now enjoy your time with your baby :sparkling_heart: I miss my daughter sleeping with me so much, I’ve been co-sleeping since she was 4 months so it was harder on me than for her.

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Our daughter is coming up one and still in our room. If moving her to another room is needed then I’d recommend a baby monitor. Not sure which ones the best as there are so many, but do some homework a d find one that fits what you need it to do

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You may need to talk to your dr about post partum anxiety

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My son stayed in our room with us until he was able to crawl out of his crib. So 2 yrs old

I keep mine in my room until 1 then transition, I have such bad anxiety about SIDS


There’s no need to rush it. It’s ok to wait until you are ready. I always wait until they’re consistently sleeping through the night and my new baby anxiety has calmed down. We have our almost 7 month old in our room still and I am no where close to ready to move her out and that’s ok. She sleeps in her crib every night and I’m right there if she wakes up or need anything

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Video monitor is the way to go. And hang on to em,you can use em when they become teenagers. Lol

I have a question any Mama’s toddlers have anything like this on their lip my 22 month old woke up like this . I am prone to cold sores bit haven’t had one in months . Any ideas doesn’t seem to bother him except he keeps licking it. Any clue?

Video monitor and angelcare system

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I had the same impending doom feeling about my daughter sleeping in her own room and still miss her being in our room sometimes but honestly after the first week is over you will feel better, the world doesn’t end and there is a relief. Plus with a baby monitor just turn it on full blast and you will be able to hear everything, I can hear my daughter moving or if she chokes I can hear it clearly. But if you aren’t ready or comfortable then don’t do it, we waited until our daughter was about 5 months and now 3 months later I’m glad We took the leap, plus I found she slept better in her own room.

Video monitor and a snuza. My son wore his snuza until he was over 6 months.

My daughter was in her room from the day we brought her home from the hospital. We have a video monitor that I kept on the whole night and kept checking. I could see if she was breathing with no problems. I have heard of something that you put on the babies foot (owelette??) that monitors their breathing/intake…which in all honesty would probably be best cuz whether the baby is in your room or not if you’re asleep it’s not really going to matter where the baby is, cuz you probably won’t hear anything.

I had an AngelCare system for my son. It alerts you if they go more than 30 seconds without breath. My son had a couple episodes of not breathing as a small infant. His AngelCare monitor caught them in time for me to get to him.

oh this is a tough question and I had A LOT of post partum anxiety and depression about this and many other things- I will
share what helped me
cope but honestly part of becoming a mom is humbling ourselves to know that we can do our best and that’s all we can do. i’m not talking about SIDS in particular, but it does come with the territory. being a mom brings on anxieties that are just absurd and it’s hard knowing that in a world of chaos, all we can do is provide our best love and support to our little ones and that is all that we can do- i repeat all we can do is our best. with that being said, if the anxiety is unbearable (it sounds like it has been based on what you say) you may want to check in with your doctor and let them know how bad the anxiety has gotten- hormones are serious and i want to make sure you’re not running yourself ragged (like i did) when medication or counseling may be able to help! I also want to suggest this book: 13 things mentally strong parents don’t do by Amy Morin (chapter 4 and 8 specifically on dealing with our fears and trying to shield our babies from everything)- it may help
in the future!! onto your actual question…for starters, the risk of SIDS actually doesn’t “stop” at 6 mo; the risk drops significantly when your child has control of their body/neck/head, but even past age 1 there can be random complications as with any human but they just usually only
provide one year statistics. it sounds like you are already doing everything listed on these two websites How can I reduce the risk of SIDS? | NICHD - Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and SIDS - Parents and Caregivers | CDC so here are the actual statistics (i hope this eases your mind) Data and Statistics for SIDS and SUID | CDC but honestly it doesnt matter so much where your child sleeps so long as you can hear if they are crying or struggling. many cultures always have their kids in their room until
puberty, some beyond, dont let society tell you how to do that part of your life. there are pros and cons to both having them grow up in the same room and not which we can talk about if you want…just depends on your perspective and what works well for you. my partner needs his sleep for work so we didnt want to wake him constantly- we were rarely all in the same room!

given all the data and if you know you’re doing everything you can to protect and keep your baby safe, and you’re still stressed… you can be like me and get the OWLET is this completely over the top? yep. did the alarm go off a few times and scare me to death? yep. BUT most nights and naps, i slept so much better because i was doing everything i could, plus an extra precautionary measure.

momming is hard, but you’re doing great. i was crazy, i should have gone on medication because i slept next to my baby in her nursery (i slept ON THE FLOOR lol) for over 8 months. but with the owlet i slept more soundly wasn’t checking on her every second. don’t be like me- it was not healthy. if you find yourself doing this, please go talk to a doctor, new mom life is hard enough, don’t let it be harder than it needs to be. i am here for you!!! you’re doing SUCH A GOOD JOB!!!

We moved our son at 3-4 months, but that’s kinda early for some. The 2nd part of your question- you can get an owlet monitor that syncs to your phone

Get a monitor and camera for next to your bed. Baby needs crib…momma needs her bed

Just FYI, sids doesn’t magically go away at 6 months. I know an 18 month old who died in her sleep

My baby was in his own room at 3 months! His room is right next to ours though and I’m a very light sleeper. My oldest was in his own room at 6 months

Move them when you’re both ready. No shame in that. I understand your anxieties. When you’re both ready you’ll know. You’re doing great.

My daughter nursed until she was 6-7 months old, then I dried up because I went back to work so she was in my room, in my bed until she was done night nursing. She would nap in her bed starting at 4 months throughout the day to get her used to her crib and to help ease my anxiety over the transition. Video baby monitor is what I used, and at 8-10months she would start out in her crib at night and when she woke up, I’d bring her to my bed, after 10 months she was sleeping in her crib and only slept with my when she was teething or sick. Now she is 26 months, and if she’s sick she sleeps on the couch with me because she thinks my bed means play time now. I still have anxiety over her sleeping at night, I just check on her multiple times and reference the baby monitor when I get worried

My son is 15 & he still crawls into my bed. Drives me crazy bc my bed isn’t big enough for him, me & the dogs but he still does this. When he was a baby it was cute! But, now not so much!