How to prevent SIDS?

Someone told me giving a newborn a pacifier helps prevent SID?


Yes ma’am (or sir) it’s true.

Some say it helps to prevent SIDS but apparently there’s no evidence/not enough evidence to support it x

Yes it does my doctor has told me this

It can I guess help calm down the baby I wouldn’t necessarily say it prevents sids but it can calm the baby down so maybe the won’t roll or wiggle around as much. The equivalent to a baby sucking on his or her hands or pacifier is as much pain relief that morphine delivers.

I believe it does.
The sucking reflex their bodies to to breathe so the pacifier stimulates them.


I have heard this also. I don’t know how much it helps but read that it does help.

That’s what the nurses at the hospital told me

Pacifier doesn’t allow for them to fall into deep sleep because they are sucking.

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I gave my first son a pacifier and I plan to give my other son on the way a pacifier.

What they’ve found is the sucking action reminds them to breathe. This along with safe sleeping conditions greatly reduces the risk of sids.


My son won’t keep it in his mouth

Makes sense, my baby never took to it I ordered 10 different ones and none.

We didn’t use them on 4 only on 1 and we threw his out. Caused problems with nursing for us.

True but mine didn’t want one after 3 months. He’s all about the thumb.

None of my kids took a pacifier and my son only took one the day he got his circumcision. No hate yes I circumsized my child I went over everything with the dr.

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Sorry but just another fad. My doctor said that there is absolutely no evidence and that it was a parents choice whether or not to give their children dummies or soothers.

My kids used one, and that baby I’m expecting now will use one unless baby decides not to suck it or keep it in its mouth! The hospital told me that the sucking motion reminds them to breath! However just using a pacifier isnt going to prevent it just like safe sleep practices are not guaranteed to prevent it! However these are things that you can do to lower the risk!

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I had mine until I was 4 so

My 2 girls of 3 didn’t have one my 3rd one did though.

Wow that’s interesting!

Supposedly but i know of people who used one n still lost their baby

It doesn’t prevent it. It reduces the risk.

Never heard of that but neither of my boys even liked pacifiers

It does. If your baby is sucking there’s no possible way for them to stop breathi.g.

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I think the thumb does the same thing my.son never kept a.paci he loves his hands.

We were also told this by our specialist they asked if my son used them and explained the idea behind it all and at the time we hadn’t found one that he really liked but then one just stuck and became his favorite.

I don’t think it prevents it.

Look up SIDS rates in other countries… specifically Norway or Sweden. Babies sleep in little boxes with thick but firm mattress pad… no blankets and just a warm coverall that’s fitted. They hve very low SIDS rate… it’s a fear for most if not all parents… but do the best you can to keep crib clear

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Some research shows that it helps, but introducing a pacifier before breastfeeding is fully established can cause issues! Usually suggested to wait 4-6 weeks until giving them one.

My sisters twins were prem and hospital recommended them…Said something in brain reminds them to suck so its helpful with sids

No…doesnt always work my cousins baby is proof of that. Lost her first at 4 month 2nd at 7months. Her 3rd is the only one still alive hes now 5years old


My grandson died of sids and he had his passy in his mouth. I found him like that. So no passy doesn’t help.

They don’t even know the cause of it so… idk about that

It is true… It reduces the chance… Keeps airway open yes… But also keeps a baby that can rollover on stomach from cutting off oxygen if face pressed against mattress

7 kids none of them took a pacifier

sids is sudden infant death syndrome. doesn’t have a real cause, it just happens. with or without a paci at night, following the ABCs for safe sleep, etc. the best you can do as a mom is follow your gut and do what you think will be best.
also, not all babies take pacis.

SIDS is unexplained death, i believe it has environmental and physiological factors on it happening because it doesn’t happe. at just one age, sudden unexplained death of a person happens to adults also and older kids too.

it is a matter, to my understanding, that depends on what triggers and when on if anything happens.

My first son, stopped breathing one night, i woke up and got him going again and it hasn’t happened since and hoping it doesn’t he is now three, He was sleeping in our room next to the bed. had he been hin his nursery no telling if I would have woken up to check on him or not. he was 3months old

NOTHING can prevent sids
There are some things that can decrease the chances of sids though I’ve never heard of a pacifier being one of them

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