How to properly freeze breastmilk?

Has anyone heard of after freezing breastmilk it goes sour?? YES I AM DEFROSTING AND HEATING PROPER. Apparently I should have boiled it before freezing.I had an over supply and ending up freezing a hole wack come to find out Baby completely refuses. What the heck can I do with all this milk. It’s a sin to through it out. Is it really bad???


I never boiled my pumped bags, just pumped-sealed-froze. :woman_shrugging:


You don’t boil breastmilk before freezing it… I’m not sure what you’ve got happening, but that’s not it.


You have high lipase. Scald it BEFORE freezing.


It isn’t sour, though your baby may not care for the different taste.

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Also. Add a tiny TINY touch of vanilla to the thawed milk. It’ll help.

You never boil breast milk. Heating breast milk at a higher temperature than natural body temperature makes the milk lose nutritional content.

If you are storing and reheating your milk for an appropriate amount of time and in correct bags, it might be that your milk isn’t sour at all, but rather you might have a high liapse. This is totally safe for your baby, but does cause milk to smell “off”.


You don’t boil breast milk before freezing it.


A couple drops of alcohol free vanilla extract helped my daughter drink mine!

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some women with high lipase do scald their breastmilk before freezing, please research!


Never boil ur bm ! But its definitely high liapse & ur baby just doesn’t like the taste . my son was the same way sometimes but I would donate ur milk if ure just wanting to throw it out . there are alot of mamas who would really appreciate it :blue_heart:

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so- the milk itself isn’t bad, the high content of the enzyme lipase makes it smell and taste like metal or soap. my girl always refused it… from now on just try to scald before freezing and it will stop the lipase from breaking down the fat in the milk (giving it that horrible taste and smell)… good luck!!! i threw my whole stash away after weeks of trying to get my girl to drink it! My expressed breastmilk doesn’t smell fresh. What can I do? -

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Have you even tasted it to see if it’s sour?

Never boil breastmilk, it takes vital nutrients out of it. Please donate it if baby refuses to drink it.


You cannot boil or heat breast milk in a micro wave, ever. Both will kill the nutrients.


I don’t think you are supposed to ever boil it. I’ve heard that with high lipase milk sometimes baby will refuse it, and it might have a strong smell. If it’s been frozen all the time it shouldn’t be sour. They say you can add some vanilla to make a baby drink it, and maybe scald before freezing to improve it on thawing.

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You absolutely boil milk before freezing if you have high Lipase. It’s common yet uncommon and an exclusively nursing mama wouldn’t even know it’s happening because it only happens when frozen/refrigerated. It smells soapy or metallic almost. I’d throw away what you have and from now on boil then freeze. When ur done nursing you can donate or sell the milk you have left :woman_shrugging:

I think if you boil it you kill everything good. That’s why you heat it back up slowly. I used to refrigerate and then freeze.

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What makes you think it’s bad ? Just because baby is refusing it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily anything wrong with the milk. My baby won’t take a bottle of freshly pumped milk if she is over tired either. Is she used to bottles ? If she doesn’t get bottles often she could just prefer nursing. The guide that came with my Medela pump also said you shouldn’t freeze breastmilk for more than three months because it starts to rapidly decline as far as nutrients are concerned.

Wow never heard of this one.

There are other uses for breast milk. You should do some research on ways to use it for baby. Its good for rashes, ear aches and stuffy noses just to name a few. Hope this helps.

It’s probably high lipase. Some babies will drink high lipase milk with no issues and some won’t drink it at all.