How to qualify for SSI?

I’m in the state of Maryland, I really wanted to focus on my son well being, my son is ruling out to have an ASD when he was 2. he is non verbal hyperactive kid, he is 3 and a half now and still hasn’t spoke any words. He is qualified to get IEP at my current school county, also has a report from the doctor that he is under the spectrum, is there any mom out there has the same situation like I have and tried to apply for SSI? do you think he will also qualify for SSI? Thanks for all the response!

Call your insurance company they will tell you if he qualifies. Mine did for my youngest. We are in the process of getting approved.

Yes he will qualify… all u have to do is call social security or go to your office close an get the paper work an fill them out an file them it will take some time an effort but he should get something…

You should apply. My son’s issues weren’t as severe and he was approved. Either way you have nothing to lose by applying. There are agencies out there that will help you with the application.

You should apply. My other suggestion is get another opinion. I was told by one Dr that my son was just delayed that it’s common in boys. I didn’t believe him and took him to a neurologist whom did diagnosed him with autism!!

My son is high functioning and also qualified

My grandson is speech delayed and has been since he was a toddler and was qualified as a toddler, was recently diagnosed with ADHD along with still having speech and other learning disabilities

I know in PA he would qualify hands down. So if Maryland isn’t much different he will.

You have to get him properly diagnosed though with actual child behaviorist doctor they will do lotsa tests and properly diagnose him no ssi or ssdi without it