How to raise teenagers?

How in the world do I raise a teenager? It seems like ever since my daughter turned 13, she wants nothing to do with me, and I never do anything right in her eyes…I am at a loss here…


Children become more introverted as they age. (Ours are 18, 16, 15, 14, and 10)

Sorry, but get use to. It gets worse, sometimes alot worse, before it gets better.


Girls are hard to raise I’ve got ,3 it’s probably just a phase let her know you :heart: her but her behavior is unacceptable God bless you


Mine are 18, 17, 16, 15, 13, and 6. The joking side of me suggests a lot of prayer and a little tequila…

Reality is, it’s tough, draining, and emotional. There is no manual that we are given. Just keep loving them. Teach them boundaries and MAKE SURE they know how to enforce their own boundaries with others into adulthood. Rumor has it that this will settle down. Many…many…many years from now :roll_eyes:

But this is the job we’re given and the hardest we’ll ever have. Chin down, gloves up. You’ve got this. Be patient with your child AND yourself. The tequila and prayer ain’t bad advice, either. :wink:


Just know it will get better :heart:My daughters are 14 and 20. I went through this phase with my oldest and currently going through it with my youngest . My oldest and I made it through!! We are soooo close now !!

I’m sad already and my daughter is barely 4 :pleading_face:

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It gets better slowly. As I have 17,15,14,12, 6, 2(×2)My older girls r helpful with each younger one as myself we do as much as we can for them but always let them know you love them and that ur always their for them

It’s so hard! I have a 13 and 16 yro old but they are boys and luckily they haven’t started pulling away from me to much yet but the attitudes and the thinking they know EVERYTHING :roll_eyes:

Girls are the biggest pain in the ars. Just gotta lock them in the closet


It gets better with age I promise, my 19yr old and me went through hell from 13-17… now we are best friends!


Girls are miserable at that age. Just ride the wave, she will come to you if she needs to. She will start becoming human again around 19. Good luck!

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When my daughter was that age I figured when I heard “I hate you” multiple times a day it meant I was doing something right.


*Following because I definitely need help. My daughter is only 11 but she has been like this for about 2 years. She’ll be 12 in June. I’m at a lost cuz the “Grown Woman” attitude is killin me.

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As hard as it is, try not to take it personally. Children’s brains are not fully developed; they have less impulse control and less regard for long term consequences.

So when an “I hate you” or “You’re the worst mom, ever” happens. Excuse yourself and tell her you need space because your feelings we’re hurt.

It’s hard to do, but it will resonate with her that she did hurt her mom, and you’re removing yourself from the situation before it escalates and you say something you may regret.

As adults, we have a difficult time regulating our feelings and emotions. As children, its worse. So know, it’s not you and this is a something that will pass in time.

Let her know you love her and respect her and can respect her boundaries. But also let her know, you are her parents and she needs to also respect yours.

Lots of give and take, but it will be worth it in the end.

Good luck! :heart:


It is all part of them being a teenager. Literally EVERYONE goes through it. :joy:

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I am going through the exact same thing right now with my 13yo and I have 2 older that were not as bad with the attitude!

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It’s a faze. They outgrow it. Shes 13. This isn’t unusual

I currently have an 18-year-old who will be 19 in July one who just turned 18 2 weeks ago and one that will be 16 on Sunday and then a 6-year-old. I was in your shoes I had no idea what to do and sometimes I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. My best piece of advice is to keep trying but you have to learn when to just let some stuff go. I mean sometimes when they have attitudes I just have to ask them is it something that somebody in this house did and if they say no I walk away and let them deal with it and I will come back a few hours later and normally they’re ready to talk at that point. Teenagers can be the worst. They don’t mean to but they will hurt your feelings with the quickness.


Hang in there momma. I’m a mom of 4 boys and my oldest is almost 14 years old. He can sometimes be unbearable with some bad attitude but I’m still so happy and blessed that he still kiss me before he leaves to school and once’s he’s home from school and before he goes to bed. I just hope he never becomes embarrassed to do that.

Teenage hormones. Just be there for your kiddo and show you care while not being too overbearing and don’t take it to heart :heart:

Sounds about right. It’s normal. A lot of, if not most, teenagers go through this. Try not to take it personally.

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Buckle up it gets worse before it gets better.


Honestly, I was the same way with my parents. I felt like now that I was a teenager I was an “adult”. I would straight up tell your daughter she can do her own laundry, cook her own food and start doing things herself if what you do isn’t good enough.

Don’t let her intimidate you. You always are right and tell her you are. The moment they think you’re scared of them then it’s over.


They lose there way at that age. I have 2 grown girls now. As soon as they got in there 20’s they call me now and ask how to cook chicken​:rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

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Aww it will get better I promise…
Stand your ground… my eldest son was the same at 13/14. He is now 17 and likes me again :rofl: :heart: xx

My son is 4 and I’m feeling that now. Past week all of a sudden he’s not loving on me the way he usually does and always wants daddy. Might sound stupid but it sucks!

Just give her space then she will miss you and catch up to it… teenagers hormones are worse than women adult? :sweat_smile:

I completely understand how you feel and mine is only 4years old now… not looking forward to the next 16years of being the ‘bad guy’.

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That’s normal lol my mom used to cry on her way home from work everyday cuz i was so awful

My teenage daughter was an absolute nightmare and just turned 18 …we don’t speak :broken_heart: it’s very very hard to be mom…hang in there and go easy on yourself

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Welcome to the club lol. This is how teens are. They want nothing to do with us until they want or need something and they think they know everything and are always right. But trust she does love you. Just remember you are her parent not her friend so don’t go out of your way to kiss her ass just so she likes you. She has plenty of friends and only one mother.

Always be the parent before you’re a friend. She has reached the confusing age. The word “teen”. Makes the feel like adults. Just hang in there. And never give up.


I feel this in my soul, ny son is 13 an I feel hes a totally different child anymore


It’s gonna be like that till she’s about 22

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Welcome to the club.

Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree.


Teenagers SUCK!!! We have 4 girls 18,17,almost 14 and 7
We are not having fun yet!!

I agree trying to parent teens is hard. My oldest(a boy) will be 16 in October then I have a 14 yr old girl and a 12 and half year old girl and my youngest son is 6. Some fazes they have out grown but it’s almost instantly that they are in a new faze and each one is more and more trying. Hopefully it gets better like I’ve heard. Good luck!

Doing it for the 4th time, its not fun at all… I feel like I need to pack my bags and run away…

Hmmmmmm let me see…I went through thiis with Nancy… Jamie…Sarah… Taylor …Scotty…a little with Bailey. I’ve survived and couldn’t be loved any better. It’s a stage we all go through.

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This was daughter…grand kids and great grand kids…Jak and Olliver now.

My son is 18 and I’m almost positive he hates my whole soul so I don’t have any advice unfortunately but I get it, it’s tough.

Doesn’t matter what u do it’s going to piss them
Off… but don’t give up


I have a 19,14,12 and 3 year olds. My 19 year old was not nice till her senior year then we become best friends. My 14 year old is driving me made and my 12 year old thinks I’m a boomer who knows nothing.

She still loves you and the behavior seems to be an age. See what happens in 10 years. My daughter is the best woman in the world but the teenage years were tough.

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Stop trying to please her just take a step back and wait for her to reconnect

You are in for a ride with the mood swings girls are not fun. She’ll like you again when she’s like 17 they come back around. But also be careful it could also be from other things happening in her life.

My 2 oldest girls are 29 and 26
2 yougest girls are 14 and 16
i’ve been there done that, so my 2 youngest already know don’t even go there :joy::rofl:

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My son is 11 I don’t think I will survive it.

Mama your doing fine. This happens to all of us at some point. Stay strong. Show love but stick to your rules when she pushes hard. Everything will be just fine


Theyre horrible you just got to roll with it sometimes cos its illegal to choke them​:rofl::gun: i told cyfs to take my one cos i was sick of walking the streets for hours looking for the cow …they said “we dont just take kids like that”
I replied “bullshit i see yous do it on tv all the time,whats wrong shes not little and cute no more is that it??”.
Long story short they said i was a good mum and i had to take her home with me​:sob::rofl: … you just got to hope she learns the right and wrong of things and grows up to be a better human then the horrible monster she is now

I have a 13 yr old daughter who I want to trade in on the daily. Eye rolls when she walks by for no reason. Every time she’s told no I get the death glare. I know absolutely nothing according to her. And apparently I embarrass her just by talking in public :joy: I just hope we both survive her teenage years!

I’m not there yet. But my 7 year old ready acts 17. So I’m already on that roller coaster ride that just ain’t close to ending yet. Pray for me as ill pray for u.

Take her out and talk about her feelings .

Brace yourself it gets worse…I have 3 girls and they nearly drove me nuts…with the eyerolling door slamming ……think 14 to 18 was the worse. And no they don’t want to know you…your boring…but they spend hrs talking to their friends…not much you can do except make sure they are respectful and know the house rules…they return to humans again eventually