How to reduce stress?

Well I’m at the hospital, but I’m stressed to the max. Is there any way I can reduce my stress? I’ve been really uncomfortable during the night too, only running on two hours of sleep. I’m so used to sleeping beside my fiancee, the baby’s father, and cuddling with him at night that now that I can’t I feel like my heart is being torn from my chest. Also I don’t handle pain, at all. They put the iv in my hand and I yelped in pain. I’m scared that I won’t be able to have our baby naturally, that I might have a c section, which scares me more.


Please just talk to your doctor about concers such as this… Not random people on facebook… We are not Doctors… also if you do have to have a C-section if it doesn’t make you any less of a mother it does not mean that you did not give birth to a child. sometimes they are done for the safety and protection of both mother and baby


I had an IV in my hand for the first time Friday night. I literally bit my husband’s hand trying to keep from screaming. :joy:
If you need to talk, you can always message me. We don’t know each other, so it may be weird talking to a stranger… but talking might help calm those nerves.


I was the same way with my pregnancies (especially my first). However, you will realize this later…most of this is your imagination and fear of the unknown causing you to stress more. Take deep breaths, find something to focus on (TV, book, music), to keep your imagination from running wild.


Breath. Relax. Pray sweetie. ((((((Hugs)))))


Please don’t worry or panic in case you end up having a C section, I had one with my first son and then a natural birth with my second and to be completely honest, I would have a C section over a natural every time, I didn’t have any pain or problems after, fingers crossed for you xx

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Have you attended classes? Do you understand labor and delivery of the baby? Have you planned an epidural to have a comfortable birth? Your nurse will guide you every step of the way!! Everyone in the world was born…you can do this for your precious baby​:blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart::purple_heart:


If you’re stressed baby is stressed. Ask them to give you something to sleep or relax you. I had to use extra oxygen with my last baby. Talk to the doctor about it please.

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I didn’t think I could handle pain with my first. And I was absolutely terrified of having a csection. That when it came down to having an emergency one after 15 hours of labor I had a panic attack, they had to put me to sleep. So I missed everything.

With my second I was awake and I actually loved it.

Just breathe and don’t think too much into it. It can be a little stressful but just try to keep your mind off of it

I’ve had 2 C Sections… No big deal…

Breathe… Your world is about to change in the most spectacular and beautiful way… You got this!!!
Ask them to give you something to calm you down a bit. When they ask how you’re doing, tell them the truth. You have to be honestbor they wont know you need help. Voice your concerns.

I’ll take c-sections over vaginal any day of the year

What ever way you have the baby you’ll be fine…

Breathe you will be fine relax and sleep you will need your energy peace and blessing God bless

You can do this. It is over before you know it. Enjoy your baby experience. Talk to your doctor.

The epidural gave me really bad anxiety that they had to give me anxiety meds! I would ask for something to calm you down since I know something CAN be given from first hand experience.

You got this. Stay positive and just think about seeing and holding that sweet precious baby very soon. It’s the most amazing day and I promise it goes by so fast and will all be over before you know it. Relax and think of Good things and how lucky and blessed you are to have the opportunity to even have your own baby, many women would give anything to be in your position right this second. I was also very nervous but I tell you it was the most Amazing day of my life and was all so very worth it. If given the chance I’d relive and give birth to my daughter every single day for the rest of my life. BEST day EVER!! Good luck, you’ll be fine. You have to be strong for that baby now.