How to reduce swelling during pregnancy?

Hi, I’m 29 weeks pregnant, and for the last week, I have experienced severe swelling in the feet and ankles. One more so than the other… what have you done to help with this? I’m hoping I won’t be put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy, so I want to try everything else first. Thanks


Walking, lower salt intake, elevating feet, but it really depends on why they are swelling. There could be lots of reasons. Talk to your doctor.

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Call your OB. Swelling of the legs/ankles was my first sign I had preeclampsia. They’ll probably see you to check your blood pressure, check your urine. If you have a blood pressure cuff check it now if you can. Good luck

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Call OB ASAP dont play with this swelling can be very dangerous


Yes, I would call as well as this is how my preeclampsia started!


Be very careful with all the advice because your doctor really is the best person to ask for the sake of your baby but in my case mine swell more when I work long shifts so putting my feet up above my heart helps with the swelling and also not eating so much salt helps

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I’m on bedrest and I swell on occasion still. My doctor told me to prop my feet up and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. And you can take fever reducers to help with the swelling. Just don’t walk or stand as much and take it very easy.

Yeah get ur BP checked asap…if that’s ok hydrate hydrate hydrate I know ur so sick of hearing drink more water lol at least I was but fr it helps a lot with so many different things it helps high BP too!

Water and putting your feet up

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Call your ob. Swelling is a cause of high blood pressure. I was a week to my due date. Went in for a regular check up stayed for 45 mins cause my BP was high and wasn’t getting better and I was told to go straight to hospital and get induced. Please don’t risk asking for advice

Cold water on your feet :grin:

TED hose helps a lot

Soaking feet in cold water, drinking lots of water and avoiding salty foods, and put your feet up/get them elevated above your heart basically as much as possible. If your doctor is aware of your swelling they should be checking your BP often or have you sent to a specialist. I had high BP with my 2nd pregnancy and with my 3rd they automatically labeled me high risk but I advocated for myself…bought BP monitor and checked/recorded it 3 times daily and took my log to my doctors so they believed me and didn’t make me take meds and do extra appts 3 hrs from home just because my 2nd baby was high risk.

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Severe swelling needs to be discussed with your doctor immediately

Yes back off salt put feet up above heart level…if that don’t help call ob…


Drink plenty of water and elevate your feet

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Compression socks! They help my swelling so much

Compression socks, saved my feet and ankles

Drink plenty of water, rest your feet. Add ice pack as they rest!

Nothing helped me and I did not have high BP, gestational diabetes nothing I was just swollen. My dr even had to give me a water pill after I had baby bc the swelling wasn’t going away.

I recommend keeping hydrated… while you call your doctor and discuss with them

Lay on your left side for 15 minutes, works really well!Watch salt intake and drink your water

You need to talk to doc

Drink more + more water, Elevate your feet, relax, and I would notify your doctor

First you need to narrow down WHY they’re swelling then address it accordingly. It could be a variety of reasons, some more severe than others, like high blood pressure. Mine always swelled if I ate too much salt that day.

Talk to your Dr asap! That happened to me and I ended up developing pre-eclampsia

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I had preeclampsia and they delivered my baby at 35 weeks due to severe swelling and uncontrollable blood pressure Issues. I was in hospital for 4 weeks prior to delivery on bedrest from about 32 weeks on.


Elevate your feet higher then you hips drink plenty of water try to stay off your feet as much as you can

Drink lots and lots of water

Call OB! This is how my pre-eclampsia started! Right around the same time!


Water with lemon juice helped throughout my whole pregnancy.

More water elevate feet and get checked out by your doc or midwife as it could be a sign of preeclampsia

Call your obgyn that’s how my preeclampsia started and around the same time

i know many have stated above to see your doctor but please do i had preeclampsia and it’s awful and scary and i developed postpartum preeclampsia as well and then postpartum cardiomyopathy! take care of yourself and best of luck to you! praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery

Drink an insane amount of water, elevate your feet when resting, wear compression socks, try not to be in your feet for long periods of time. Also mention it to your doctor because it can be a sign of preeclampsia.

If it isnt preclampsia I wear compression socks and that helps a lot!!

I’m 25 weeks but I’ve also been boarder line preeclampsia since like 21 weeks I usually just try and keep my feet elevated and try drinking lots of water but if I was you I’d call your dr just in case bc usually lot of swelling isn’t good could be sign of preeclampsia