How to reduce swelling in pregnancy?

Hi, I’m a first time mom. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and my feet are starting to swell my left one isn’t that bad but my right foot is swollen really bad. I’ve been trying to get ahold of my dr, they are suppose to open at 8 but are never opened at that time and I’m panicking please help.


How is your blood pressure?

if my feet starting to swell i would put them up on a pillow and lay down

Put your feet up. Try to relax and wait for dr

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Put your feet up and keep up

Swelling is normal Unles it gets to an extreme.

Call your drs office and ask to speak to the on call nurse or doctor…

Lay off the salty foods, drink lots of WATER, elevate your feet and try not to do too much. Monitor your bp and try a good soak in the tub with your feet propped up. Being pregnant, your body is changing, A LOT, and I’m 16.5 weeks with my 2nd and if I sit down for too long and get on my feet, my entire legs swell. Im also high-risk but just try to relax and call your Dr.


Go to the EMERGENCY ROOM if you are freaking out

If only one leg is swollen go to emerge you could have a DVT!

If your really worried go to the hospital

my right foot also did this they looked my leg over with a scan ( which hurt like hell when they mashed it against my bones ) and this is what they told me it was. below. It was never my left foot just the right.

It is not normal to swell at 8 weeks due to your pregnancy. There are a lot of other things to consider as in blood pressure have you been traveling and riding in a car do you have a job that requires you to sit all day and of course salt intake that maybe something you need to look at as to why your feet are swelling congratulations on the pregnancy


For now put your feet up n try to just relax n call Dr when they are open

My feet swell but I’m also 33 weeks pregnant I never swelled up early and I never swelled with my daughter when I was pregnant with her. My doctor told me drink water stay off my feet as much possible (my daughter 3 now ) this pregnancy is different from my daughter so everything I’m experiencing is new to me (my daughter didn’t make past 36 weeks inside emergency csection) and I never got big like I am with my son so he just told me to stay off my feet drink water lay off salt food if it gets worse go in

Your feet don’t typically swell that early into pregnancy. You should visit an ER or another clinic that’s open. Do you have any other symptoms?

Yes your not that far alone for that. Go to the doctor or hospitol.

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Feet up, lower your sodium intake and up the amount of water you drink

Cold Epsom salt water is good for swelling .soak feet often .
My feet swell due to AFib and I use this !

As far as what I’ve heard, swelling at such an early stage might not be normal. I would call your doctor or go to the ER and have it checked immediately.

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Put your feet up honey. It’s probably just fluid

These ladies got you covered. I just wanna say. Maybe look into a different dr. You’ll want one your 100% comfortable with that you know you can rely on. If you feel the need, dont EVER be afraid to change dr. Even when babys here if you dont like theirs, change.

Go to the er that is not normal at 8 weeks. Quit reading and just go hunny. I promise you will thank the ones telling you to go…

My dr said I needed to call my primary because it’s not my pregnancy causing it and i called my primary and they are closed today so after school imma go to the er

I would see your GP may be some thing .

Put your feet up and relax. Get some compression socks those will help with circulation

Elevate your legs as much as you can. It’s not really abnormal when you are pregnant.

Normal but keep eye on it … watch what your eating and don’t be on your feet too long