How to relieve constipation in babies?

:exclamation:OP has been advised to ask the childs doctor but is asking to advice in the meantime​:exclamation:

Hey mommas, first time mom here of a 1 month old baby boy. Any tips on how to help with constipation or gas discomfort. He is breast fed, I’ve done leg exersizes, tummy time, massaged his belly, warm bath, and even given him the Gas Drops. But I have not been able to give him any relief.
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Dark Karo syrup!! My doctor had us put it in my daughters bottle when she was about 2 months because she was extremely constipated

Gripe water helps. Also try a bland diet, his little tummy is getting used to eating from you and what you eat. I had to stop eating/drinking anything with an acid like tomatoes and milk until my lo was 3 months old.

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Remove dairy from your diet. My son had this same issue. As soon as I stopped eating or drinking dairy, his tummy got so much better.


It’s all about what you eat

I gave 1 oz baby apple juice and 2 oz water once a day.

The windi can help temporary gas but like what was wrote above in the original post take the advice from your doctor- it’s probably something in your diet causing a little discomfort- you can try eliminating dairy and gas causing foods (id google “gas causing foods while breastfeeding” Bc there’s actually a bunch) but it’ll take 2weeks to clear out if your system when you start so it can be hard to potentially figure out the actual culprit

Some breastfed babies can go up to 10+ days without having a bowel movement. They just absorb everything. Also DO NOT use Karo syrup


Gripe water you can find in baby isle and check what you eat

You have to eliminate the foods that are gas causing from your diet since you are breastfeeding.

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Gripe water definitely helped my little one!

I have to give my son marilax. I got the ok from his doc for it. Half teaspoon, sometimes a full teaspoon.

Mine had a really hard time and the pediatrician recommended using less than half and only doing it 1 time a week. She said it was normal for them not to use the bathroom, but my baby was miserable.

I was going to say infant gas drops, but if you’ve already tried those, Idk

I also breast fed and my pediatrician suggest that I drink some prune juice…it worked like magic!!

Try burping him a couple of times with each feeding, when you switch breasts

Gas drops saved my life!!! But in your case maybe he needs soy products

Don’t know what gas drops you tried but my daughter was extremely colic and had bad gas Oval was my life saver and as for the constipation it’s a matter of diet or maybe a pediatrician could recommend an x-ray as a precaution. Just to rule out anything other than diet.

When my son was constipated we had to cut suppositories in half (length wise) and give him one. Our pediatrician recommended it.

Watch what you eat… ! Vaseline lubed thermometer in the butt…

Prune or apple juice helped my little one. If you are afraid introducing a bottle will effect her ability to latch get a medicine dropper. I gave my daughter. 1 oz in a days worth of premade formula. It helped her a lot. But dont do it every day. They will end up needing it to go potty. You just wanna aid her not do it for her. Also be careful with the apple juice for acid reflux prone babys. It can cause flare ups. I found apple juice to be a bit milder that using prune. And prune seemed to increase gas for my lil one but start out small. Like 2.5ml mixed with 2.5 water. If that helps then do that if its not enough do double but avoid more that 1 oz. Their bodys arent ready for things other than formula and breast milk and too much can cause other issues down the road

Is ur baby pulling his legs to his chest n grunting/crying in discomfort?

Probiotic drops, gripe water