How to relieve pain when you stop breastfeeding?

I’ve recently stopped breastfeeding and it’s been a really painful process. Any tip on how i can relieve the pain?


Cabbage leaves in your bra. I’m not kidding, I have tested. Do not use unless you are certain you want your milk gone!

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Cabbage leaves then wrap yourself in a ace bandage then wear a sports bra!


Freeze cabbage leaves and stick them in your bra! It will help the pain and stop milk production


Also you can hand express just until the engorgement goes away, that will stimulate your body to stop producing.

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I’ve never done the cabbage thing but it sounds effective and probably less expensive than most anything you would get at the doctors/ pharmacy

I had to bind myself really tightly, used ice and took tylenol. Other than that not much you can do until you start to dry up.

Try and express some a little at a time. Eventually you’ll stop producing

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I would get in a hot shower and express just enough to take the pain away

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If you are completely done and want your supply gone take sudafed with psuedoephrine (required ingredient) in it for a few days.

Cabbage leaves really work. Make sure to keep changing them. They feel good too frozen or just refrigerated.

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Cabbage leaf in each bra cup. It honestly works.

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Warm baths and showers. I took a lot of CBD when I stopped.

Cabbage leaves message in a warm shower a warm cloth on your breast also drink peppermint tea

I used cold cabbage leaves when I stopped breastfeeding both times. I know it sounds crazy but I had no redness or discomfort and I dried right up in a few days.


Cabbage leaves helped a lot for me. I literally wrapped them around my boobs and wore a tight sport bra. Good luck.

Hand express to relieve pain and discomfort. Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Ice packs. Benadryl and other antihistamines will dry you up.

Cold cabbage leaves! Sounds insane but it work all 4 times I stopped! Goodluck x

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I second frozen cabbage leaves or if you’re desperate even lettuce leaves. I used all sorts :joy::joy:


Frozen cabbage, smells gross but i swear it helps. Tynenol. And only pump when super engorged, only enough to relieve pain. Also hot showers and sage tea. Benedryl at night. Worst week ever but after a week of constantly doing this. It got so much better

Yes,cabbage leaves ,it works,but u must put them in the freezer for a while ,

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I’m on the tipping point of going through this process myslef and I’m scared shitless. My last baby I got awful mastitis and it has made me so scared to do this again. Baby is currently almost 1 and I think its time to begin weaning. Reading all your comments has given me a bit of a game plan, so thank you all!

It really shouldn’t hurt. I would take it slower if it does. I lessened the pump minutes until it was 5 mins or I felt I could skip and kept doing that until I was done with all pump sessions. I was done in 2 weeks. Helped a lot. I also took suddefed from the pharmacy and that helped too. Never was I sore though. That isn’t a good sign

Drink sage and peppermint tea :slight_smile: and don’t pump out your milk, it increases the production. You can express (with Hand from side to middle, down to middle and up to middle) to take the pain and make the swollen spots away.

(Hope you can understand this weird English :sweat_smile:)

what worked for me cause I was a massive over producer pumping every 3 hours I slowly started weening down to pumping every 3.5 hours then 4 and so forth then I got to where I pumped 3 times a day then twice then once a day and onward it helped slow my production down and I didn’t have pain or anything it was amazing and helped a lot

I had no pain. Nursed them less and less as they started eating food and they weaned themselves. Easy and painless.

Hot showers to get the milk out if you are not pumping. If you are pumping ice packs and the softest bra and shirts you can find.

Wrap an ace bandage around them firmly. It will help to decrease your milk supply quicker.

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gradually wean. limit the feedings per day. it will gradually lessen the milk supply. then when full, dont pump, hand express a bit to lessen the fullness then warm compress.
whenever you’re full just express a bit to release and give ur self little room for relief, it will make your body think that you kid is weaning and need only little supply.

Keep fresh cabbage leaves in your bra. They will dry up the milk. Worked great for me.


I heard cold cabbage helps. Put a few leaves in the freezer until frozen then place on your breasts


I used ice packs and ibuprofen for the pain and warm but not hot showers also wear a bra that supports your breasts

I took Sudafed and it tried me up immediately and stopped the pain

Frozen cabbage leaves. Put the head of cabbage in the freezer and pull off full leaves and put them on your breasts, really helps. I put the inside my bra.

there is medication you can take. Reduce your fluid intake also.

Cabbage leaves in your bra will dry them right up

Go to the dr I waited to long and got mastitis horrible. Just go to the dr and see what they will give you.

Wrap them up as tight as you can handle it 5 days worked for me

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Hot showers push on them and get some out.


should have tapered off milk would have been less and less.

Bind your self tight as possible. Cuts the amount of time in half


I slowly weaned my boy off, did hot showers followed by expressing

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Fresh cold cabbage leaves. Amazing!

Cabbage leaves I thought it was crazy but it really works

:frowning: hand expressing but leas than usual

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Try a nipple shield. They sell them at Walmart

Water tablets from gp

Warm compression, hot showers… tylenol.

A hot shower…but dont squeeze your breasts…and cold cabbage

Keep using hot water and a comb.

Binding, and ice packs

Frozen cabbage leaves

I didnt do anything :woman_shrugging: I just stopped

Go see your doctor and he can give you a shot that dries it up quickly

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Contact a lactation consultant

Take cold cabbage leaves and place them on your breast. They can dry up your milk and help with the engorgement of your breast

Let your baby nurse for a few minutes, it will help to relieve the pressure, if its engorgement that is causing the pain

Use cabbage leaves, warm and cold compresses, pump just enough to relieve some of the pressure, and take an anti-inflammatory.

Cold cabbage on my breast is the only thing that helped me. It’s painful for sure. Hang in there.

I was fine as I got my daughter down to one feed day, then it was alot less painful