How to relieve teething pain?

I have an appointment with my sons pediatrician tomorrow, but just wondering what everyone’s thoughts and experiences are??
My son is 9 months old and finally cut his first and only tooth about two weeks ago. He’s been pretty fussy the last couple of days and I’m assuming he’s still trying to cut more if not push the one he has all the way out, but he’s also had pretty much straight diarrhea diapers since the middle of the night last night.
He’s not had anything new in his diet, I’ve been rotating Motrin and Tylenol and he’s been chewing on his cold teething ring but he’s also been pulling on his ears. My grandma thinks he has an ear infection and I thought diarrhea is a symptom of teething? He hasn’t been spitting up or anything just super fussy and diarrhea. Did your kids get diarrhea with teething? Or could it be something else?


Teething can cause ear infections it maybe both

ear infection u can get too while teething

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My nephew pulled in his ears when he was teething but didn’t have an ear infection it usually just causes their ears to hurt cuz of the pressure

Diarrhea and pulling on the ear are signs of teething. My nephew pulled on his ears and didnt have an infection.

Mine did have diarrhea while teething. But ear infections are also a common thing with teething.

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My daughter was at the drs. Twice in the past 2 weeks for pulling her ear. It was teething! But I would still take him to the dr. It still could be an ear infection. She’s having diarrhea too, it’s from swallowing the drool. She hasn’t cut a tooth yet :disappointed:

My first born got fever and diarrhea with teething. My second isnt cutting teeth yet, shes a gummer.

My son had terrible diarrhea and even some vomiting for a week when he was cutting his 2 bottom teeth. He didn’t really want to eat much either. I was about to take him to the doctor when I realized his teeth were popping through and once they were all the way through the diarrhea and vomiting was better and his appetite came back. If you’re concerned I would still take him to the doctor to be sure but it is possible it’s just from cutting teeth.

A BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast) is good for diarrhea. Freeze some banana pieces, put them in a washcloth and let the baby suck them through it. Both the cold and the banana will help.

While teething their ears can get fluid in them and that is why they pull on their ears. Also the diarrhea is from teething.

Fever, diarrhea, uncontrolled crying, bad diaper rashes, ears hurt, lot of drooling,Teething can be awful for some babies…

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Mine did…but my middle one got an ear infection every time she cut a tooth!!!

Normal with teething. All of it is.

It could ba something else take him to the doctors

Never really knew when my kids cut their first tooth. No loose stools, a little fussy, . Every baby is different. As for ear infections, very common in infants & toddlers

The only time my son pulled on his ears is when he had a double ear infection, and that’s the only time as a baby he had diarrhea. He never showed any signs he was teething, we learned he was teething by seeing white spots on his gums

Just keep him hydrated
You are going to the doc tomorrow. He’ll answer questions

Teething can cause some nasty diarrhea as well as ear pain depending on which teeth are coming in

Yes babies have diarrhea with teething, it’s also very normal for the pain to go to their ears :sob:

All five of mine had the worst poops while teething, and smelling. But my first two always would get ear infections too so I would get that checked just for piece of mind.

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Have you thought about an Amber Bead Necklace? I put one on my son and never knew he was cutting teeth until I saw them in his mouth.

I was told by a dr that most of what people say are normal teething symptoms are actually NOT. Diarrhea is not a normal teething symptom. It can be caused by medication though. I didn’t give either of my kids anything for teething, mostly because my daughter was never fussy for it, and my son isn’t much either. Neither have had diarrhea issues. Neither have had fevers, which is also not an actual teething symptom, unless it’s a fever under 100 degrees. I would be taking your child to the dr, just to make sure it isn’t serious. And be careful asking for advice online, because you’re probably gonna get a lot of wrong information.

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All my kids had the same symptoms. Sounds normal to me…

Everytime my children touch their ears… my Grandma would say he has an ear infection :roll_eyes:

Sugar free popsicles worked for my kids when they were teething. Didn’t need to buy fancy toys or necklaces, or numbing medicine. :grimacing:

My guess is that an ear infection developed from the extra teething drainage. My son had them often while teething and needs meds to keep them from getting worse.

Not sure if you can get these everywhere but Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders worked wonders for us