How to relieve teething pain?

I don’t know what to do with my teething 9 month old son! I can see his top 2 teeth and 2 of his bottom teeth are going to pop through any time now…We are on night 5 of very little sleep. He is up ever 30 minutes/hour crying and screaming. I have given him Tylenol, baby teething gel, cold teething toys, rubbing his gums, extra hugs and snuggles, letting him comfort nurse etc and he still is screaming and crying. Currently my husband is trying to console him because I’m so exhausted and don’t know what to do…I already took him into the doctor because I was worried about him and he is congested as well… they checked him out and his ears, nose, throat, and lungs are clear. Doctor said it’s just teething…. I seriously don’t know what else to do… any advice, tips, tricks, words of encouragement are appreciated!!!