How to safely co sleep?

I need tips on how to safely co sleep with a baby that is very mobile. I usually wake up to her very quickly when she’s in her crib. It’s just been the last few nights that she’s been in my bed with me for part of the night. I’m hoping it’s just a phase. She went from sleeping on my chest, to sleeping in a rock n play, to sleeping in her crib, and now this. She’s 9.5 months old. I have a couple foam tops on my mattress right now that I’m probably going to be taking off. Is there some kind of siding I should get for the bed?


  1. I am not married so those of you who claim I am neglecting my husband… well you know what they say about assuming.

  2. My sweet baby is teething. She usually sleeping in her crib just fine after I have rocked her to sleep but has just wanted her mom 24/7 since her first tooth broke the skin.

  3. I didn’t ask for horror stories or judgement. I asked for advice. If you don’t have any, move along.


No you need to put her back into her own bed. This is a really hard habit to break.


you can get a guard , to prevent her from rolling off the bed, they have them at Wal-Mart you just stick it between your mattress & box spring , they have them at Wal-Mart , my LO is 9 months & she sleeps in her crib but when she’s in bed with me I use mine

If you’re okay with her sleeping with you, there is railing you can put on the sides of your mattress so that she can’t fall out.

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i have my bed up against the wall. he sleeps between daddy and me, or me and the wall.

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Our bed is against the wall so on the rare occasion our 3 year old gets in the bed, i put her on the inside.

My oldest slept with me till she was about 8 and my now 2 yr old sleeps with me and will NOT sleep anywhere else…me and his dad sleep on the edges of the bed of our king size bed…not sure this helps with your question but just something to think about lol :rofl::-1::yum::sweat_smile::thinking:

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We always start my daughter in her own bed. If she wakes up we’d bring her in bed with us. We would put her in her own bed if one of us is awake. She’s 5 and comes into our bed almost every morning. Some people don’t mind. I really don’t. I only have 1 child. So I’m fine with her coming into my bed forever :heart:


Depends how she sleeps. If she is up and active every few hours get a rail. If she is rolling around in her sleep get a rail. My son slept in his crib and his own bed up until recently but he’s 4 lol.

My very wriggly 2 year old will roll all over his bed but when he’s in the bed with me he doesn’t move at all. He sleeps in between me and the side of the bed that has his bed on it. He’s never fallen off. When my 4 year old used to co sleep with me she slept in between me and the wall cause I had the bed pushed beside the wall. She fell off like one time cause she somehow wormed her way to the bottom.

If you want you can take one side off the crib and put it beside your bed so that way she’s still in her own space kinda but also near you. There are also rails you can put on your bed.

My son sleeps next to the wall, I also bought the bed railing things just for an added piece of mind. I’m a single mom, so he’s co slept with me since day one, he’s 4 now.

I had my bed against the wall and a body pillow between us and he knew he had to stay on that side. He had his on blanket etc so that worked for us.

I’d be putting her in her own bed. never safe to cosleep, just be persistent and consistent and put her back… Hard to retrain them to sleep back in their beds where they should be when they are older…

Yeah but if she goes to sleep in her crib wakes up in middle night. Change her and whatever put her back in her crib. Why put her in ur bed then?. I’m just one dont like co sleeping with LOs. Unless they sick in my bed then when better back to their bed.

All my boys sleep with me and my husband off and on. They take turns. It’s never all night. I’ve heard pool noodles work

My 8.5 month old is also super active and moves constantly in his sleep. He sleeps in his crib half the night and between my husband and I the other half. If you don’t have another body to use as a bumper, maybe try moving your bed against the wall or a railing for your bed :slight_smile: and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for cosleeping! As long as it’s done safely, it’s completely natural and normal for an infant/child to sleep near their mother.


Every night I sneak out of my bed leaving behind my 3 and 4 year olds . by morning they have both found their way to my spare bed . sleep isnt ever peaceful. If I could do anything over itd be the bed sharing. I loved to cuddle but I get no sleep and i miss my man

Take your bed off of the frame and put it on the ground against the wall that way they do not fall off the bed and hurt themselves. Do not put any plastic covers on your bed or memory foam anyting on your bed including pillows because they can accidentally suffocate event at 9 months old

My daughter was in her crib for 1 night before she was so fussy that i let her in my bed for 1 night she was 3 months old… Shes now 2 and still sleeps in my bed she wont sleep anywhere else. They have co sleepers at target and walmart i would get one of those. And i pushed my bed against the wall and put a body pillow against the wall so she stays warm. My daughter is very active but these beds work

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My son slept in his bassinet until he was 3 weeks then ended up in bed with us. He refused to sleep anywhere else. He will be 1 next month and sleeps in between us and we are on the edges. If it is just you in the bed just use pillows or put your bed against the wall. I honestly sleep better with him in bed with us that way I can wake up and see him breathing.

If shes that mobile i wouldnt worry as much about suffocation hazards, and more about the fall hazards.

co sleeping is dangerous. Put the baby in a bassinet or bed by your bed. For those who disagree, ask women who buried their babies and have to live with the guilt of smothering them. Co sleep with your husbsnd. Poor man needs the woman he married.


Do you mean bedsharing? Cosleeping is baby sleeping in their own bed, in the same room. Bedsharing is them in your bed. At 8.5m, baby can most likely roll front to back. Make sure there’s no pillows around babe, no blankets, and that the bed is firm. Move your bed against a well if possible or use rails.


Get a bed rail and put it on the side you’ll have the baby on. Or put the crib in your room and take one side off an put it up against your bed.


I don’t really have advice… I only sometimes cosleep with mine… I would say tho that it could very well just be a phase… my son has slept in his bed since I brought him home. He was born at 35 weeks. He’s only ever slept with me when he hasn’t felt good… being sick or even teething… might be why your little one is doing it. Sometimes they just want comfort. It comforted my child to be close to me when he didn’t feel well. Sometimes I slept with him til he was good and asleep and would put him back in his crib so I could sleep better. Other times I would sleep with him all night… we did sleep in our bed some but a lot of times when we slept together I chose the couch bc it was easier to control movement and feel him when he was moving instead of being in a big bed.

Put pillows on the floor just to be safe also I had him in a doc a tot which he loves!! And a pillow on the other side of him. I always slept with my arm across him so I can feel when he moved now he sleeps between my boyfriend and I.

My daughter is a active sleeper lol she rolls flips, sits up sometimes lol and she sleeps with me some times well most of the time and it’s due to her getting a new crib the other day n just haven’t had time to set it up but any hoot , she sleeps in between me and my husband or near the wall , I wouldn’t want time on anything special , I also have pillow top lol so I just put her near wall , my daughter is 11m old will be 1 in a few weeks lol , and she don’t always Sleep with me she sleeps in her bed ! But right now it’s being put up lol

Idk if u or anyone on here watches diy or on Pinterest but anyway , I seen a very cool idea , u can remove the side off the crib and push it to ur side if the bed and it’s like a little crib co sleeper my sister does it and it’s amazing !! Lol


Just dont do it! Too much risk!!

I have a soft thin pillow in my moses basket as my son likes soft
We both sleep better especially me knowing i wont roll on him.

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I have the big S shaped pregnancy pillows bordering my bed. They are thick enough that it stops my son from rolling and also it comfy for me to cuddle with. My son has slept with me for the last 6 months. He also has an owlet sock that I have Just for piece of mind that tracks his breathing.

My husband and I snored so loudly neither of our kids wanted to stay in bed with us long! My daughter got her revenge by burrowing her head under the covers & kicking us in the head.

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Stop now, or she will never sleep in her own bed

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Just be aware, if you do co-sleep with yours, it’s hard getting them out of your bed, my little guy is eight and even on the nights he starts in his room, he still ends up in my bed by the end of the night lol

I really feel bad for all of you that couldn’t put your child in a crib to sleep…probably because it wimppered just a bit. It’s soo unsafe! And from what I’m reading your kids are now 2yrs and over and still sleeping in bed with you? How do you get “private” time?


Ive been doing it the last month too she wont sleep in her bed I think she just wants her mommy

Very dangerous and a bad habit unless it’s something u want to continue for a very long time. Slept with my kids and then my son during my divorce and it was one of the hardest habits to break because they get used to it then cant sleep on there own without lots of tears and lost sleep. Wouldnt suggest it :-)!

I’ve been bed sharing for 4 years. One blanket, one pillow & push the bed against the wall or get rails. My son & I both sleep better close together. He has had his own room & did just fine transitioning & sleeping through the night for 6ish months at 1.5 years, he came back to my room because I moved in with family & one bed is what works for us. Do what works for you & your baby & do some research to help make your choice.

Put that baby back in the crib asap. I f up and put my kids in the bed they haven’t left yet. They r 6 and 2

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SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

No no Put her on her crib and you on your bed. Teach her right from the start.

Put a pool noodle under the fitted sheet.


Here’s my whole thing. We are the only mammals that try to make our babies sleep alone. But then we go and share a bed with our partner and experience the comfort of having another person next to us. Yes for most kids when you let them sleep in your bed with you that does mean they tend to stay in the bed longer, but we have found it also helps them become much more independent adults. If cosleeping is what is best for yoir baby there are many ways to do it. There are diy ways or things you can buy that many have mentiomed so I won’t repeat all of that. So my advice (as a mom who cosleeps) find the best method out of those for everyone that sleeps in your bed. Then make sure that you provide touch throughout the night as that is the key thing babies are looking for with cosleeping. My son is only 2 months and he is a huge wiggle worm. I have found that letting him sleep on his belly (before people panic he can lift his head up and roll in both directions already) in bed with me helps him stay much more calm while sleeping.


My youngest slept in my bed til she was seriously 1 and a half. I was breastfeeding and we would pass out. I would be semi propped up on pillows with her across me and we would just sleep like that not by choice. Then I stopped breastfeeding and had her in her pack n play then she got sick and came back in bed with me for a couple months. I would say just be persistent. Start s little earlier than normal bedtime cuz if your super tired you’re gunna cave lol. Good luck momma you do you and dont listen to the haters. Yes bad things can happen but you also know yourself and sleep habits well enough it sounds

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I had a 2 toddler railings on my bed when my boys were babies!

Don’t get scared of the stories, both my babies co-sleep/slept
Don’t have access blankets, or pillows, always give baby one side of the bed,
(Your natural instincts keep you from rolling into baby)


Why in the hell are there so many judgemental moms on this thread?? For fuck sake if you dont do it or dont condone it then dont comment she’s not asking for your kind of “advice.” If you dont like it great dont do it but this is her child and her life she was simply asking for advice from mom who do co-sleep.

My advice- if you can push your bed against the wall and have her sleep between you and the wall. And only keep 1 pillow and 1 blanket on the bed.
And ignore all the ones saying they’ll never leave your bed. They will eventually but why is it such a horrible thing to have your child sleep with you when that is where they feel the most safe? Just keep doing your own thing momma it’ll all work out :heart:

I co sleep with my son 7 mo old and he cradle him in my arm so he can not roll all around the bed (i am very much aware of him when i am sleeping) people dont need to beed telling you anything negative obviously your trying to keep her safe and happy. (I personally think its better for my son to sleep with me) you can also put pool noodles around the side of the bed so she cant fall off (like under the sheets) Dont worry momma its probably a faze dont listen to the people telling you that she will never go back into her own bed my gma co slept my mother co slept and i co sleep. They will go into their bed in due time.

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Apparently some of you can’t read too well… first off, she clearly stated she is NOT married. She also clearly stated that she didn’t want and criticism or horror stories and if you don’t have any constructive advice to move along. Seriously, she’s just trying to comfort her child while she’s teething and wants legit advice. Get a grip.

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I co-sleep with my youngest. My husband goes to bed hours before I do and is up for work by 4 a.m. so co sleeping with the baby isn’t an issue because my husband doesn’t sleep in bed with me anyway. most nights I breastfeed the baby until he falls asleep and then I put him in his bed and then he wakes up about 5 a.m. wanting to nurse in bed with me

With my first I slept on outside of bed while other side was against wall. Then he couldn’t roll off. My second prefers to sleep in crib

My 15 month old is breastfed and she coslept with my Husband and I from the beginning, but I have a small home daycare so she slept in her crib during the day after nursing and being rocked to sleep. No issues. About a month ago, she started working on her first molars and she refused to go down in her crib during the day. No matter how long I rocked her, and how asleep she was, the minute I stood up she would start kicking her feet and screaming as I put her down. She also got more clingy at night, nursing a lot and staying close. I finally just gave up and held her for her naps while the older kids played. Now that the teeth have broken through, she slept in her own bed for nap today! I tried it because I noticed she was back to sleeping in the middle of our bed at night or snuggling up to her Daddy.

So, my advice is to ride out the storm doing whatever you can to get through it. I just lay on my side curled into a “c” position like this picture. I do have a pillow though, I just have my arm straight across instead of angled up like hers is and the bottom of my pillow is level with the top of my arm if that makes sense?? That way, it can’t go below my arm and onto her face. I wear a sweater to bed so that the covers don’t come above my waist.

If you’re in the c position and you’re a light sleeper with no alcohol / sleep medications/ drugs in your system, you’ll feel them move. I do. I had a pack n play for if I had to go to the bathroom or something. You could put your bed in a corner against the wall, they make side rails you can get but they’re not usually the full length of the bed. You’ll just want to make sure any cracks are completely covered or filled in because you run a risk of them getting stuck in them. Some people go to a mattress/ air mattress on the floor?

Also, I don’t know if your child is breast or bottle fed, but baby should be at your breast level either way. Bottle fed babies are usually placed up next to Mom’s head and on or next to her pillow and that becomes a big risk so either way keep them in that c position.

I did cry the cry it out method pretty early on I think around 6 months. and she’s been sleeping on her own every sense and she’s now 4 years and two months old

For me my first stayed so it was simple
With second she wouldn’t stay in one spot and even with pillow forts she climbed I’ve them so sadly she had to stay in crib for safety . I would hold her or feed her out of the crib but she had to go back in it

If you haven’t pushed you bed against the wall yet maybe try that and if on a frame take frame down for now

Important to consider your body heat and added heat from any covers when dressing baby for bed.

I’ve been co sleeping with my daughter since she came home with me from the hospital…she’s 4 now lol I have always had her sleep on my arm (kind of just cradling her) and unless you are a heavy sleeper (I’m not really since becoming a mom) then this has worked amazingly… although now I’m just trying to get her in her own bed lol

No no no its not safe for you or your baby, pull the crib near your bed. That’s the safest. Nothing else

Maybe get a doc a tot type thing or put a couple pool noodles under the fitted sheet to keep her contained