How to safely send photos?

This is my first pregnancy. I’m 35 weeks, almost 36. Me and my husband both agreed that we don’t want any photos of her to be posted on social media due to all the human trafficking and creeps online. Not all of our family is able to see her in person, however. Does anyone know if Messenger or texts are safe to send pictures? Is there any other options?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to safely send photos?

Get a Polaroid?
Perhaps hire an artist to draw pictures?
You could carve them in stone on a cave wall?
Maybe just tell your family to use their imagination :thinking:


Normally, the creep is within the friends and family circle. When you’re out in public there are literally cameras everywhere so she will have her picture/video taken way more times than you realize.


Nothing is safe nowadays. Doesn’t matter where you send the stuff thru honestly. They can save the photos and send them to whomever you want. You don’t know who’s a predator and who isn’t.


All I can say is good luck and I hope people respect your wishes. In my experience they don’t give a flying F. I literally had a family member announce my previous pregnancy on social media even before I did…


I feel bad for anyone who is this distrusting that has to ask this question :thinking: If you don’t think private messaging is safe, then nothing is ever going to be to you. Sorry to break it to you​:woman_shrugging:


We send over messenger and through text! But we’re very adamant that any pictures of him be removed from posts, or his face be covered with an emoji (the picture edited in photos, not on Facebook because hackers can remove those if they’re skilled enough.) If family isn’t willing to put an emoji over his face then they can’t post him, and they might lose picture privileges all together if they repeatedly ignore our rules. We also do photos where his face isn’t even visible at all, so his feet, hands, the back of his head, or pictures where he’s turned into us so that you can’t see his face, but you can see a bit of his ear. It’s tough because ofc you want to show baby off, but not at the price of their protection so you gotta get creative with them. :blue_heart::heart: Best of luck to y’all and the baby!!


I would take pictures of her. And mail them. Anything that requires the internet isn’t safe from predators.


You can limit your photo album of photos on Facebook to certain people. There are ways to control privacy on photo albums.


More than likely strangers on the internet aren’t going to be interested in a random child that isn’t famous (too much work) It will be someone in your inner circle that you know personally. They put themselves in a trusting position (Teacher, pastor, family friend, babysitter) with the family to get close to the child so they can groom them.


I do the same thing. I do not use cloud storage for anything, and I don’t put my daughter’s face on social media. I text pictures directly to the people who I want to have them, and they know that I don’t want them spread around. All my family/friends have been respectful of out wishes, so far, and my daughter is 4 now. I only had one incident when she was an infant, but it was cleared and haven’t had any issues since then.


There is an app/platform called Tiny Beans, I think, that you can post photos on, kinda like Instagram or whatever, that you have to be invited to view. Granted no piece of software or program is 100% safe from hackers but it’s not a public forum at least


If your family respect your wishes it works great. My kid is 11 and has no pics on internet.
I have mailed and texted them to relatives that live farther away.
Good luck with your baby :heart:


Anyone could hack your Google account and just steal your info and photos and know your whereabouts from the location. Good luck finding something safe


Sorry for all the negative comments. The family album app is a great way to share photos with your family and friends. Just send them an invite and they can see all your pics. This way, only the people you want to share your little ones picture with are able to see them! Good luck!


i hope ur family respects your wishes. i tried to do this and within a hour of her bein born her picture was all over social media. i wasn’t even out of the recovery room


If you take pictures with your phone, technically they can be put put there if your phone gets hacked. If you are so concerned with this buy a Polaroid camera. Don’t even use the mail because they could be lost or stolen. The problem with this is if you have a house fire or natural disaster you could loose all your pictures. Good luck.


There’s cameras everywhere. Take them out in public and there will be more videos and pictures of them than you’ve taken yourself. Except the ones in public were taken by strangers and can be hacked. Anything can be hacked.

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You can create a shared album in the cloud. There are many different cloud sharing services. Google, Amazon to name a few. Apple is really simple to add a shared album if you use an Apple phone. My DIL did this with photos and videos of my grandson until suddenly she decided not to share photos of him with us anymore because she’s divorcing my son. Breaks my heart, I didn’t do anything to deserve that.

Nothing is “safe” anymore. There are literally camera’s everywhere. So unless you live under a rock and never take the kid out then you will never be OK. Text and messenger are not a safer option at all. Best bet would be print off pictures at home and then mail them.

I’m of the opinion that anything can be hacked. All you can do is try your best to keep safety parameters up (keeping the account private, only friending people you know, no nakey pics, etc) and then hope for the best imo.

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Old school take pictures get them printed and send them priority mail so it has to be signed for so you can guarantee they are received by the intended person

So I only use Facebook for family and close friends but the best bet is keeping kiddos off social media

I love the app Family Album!! Best way to share photos of your babe with friends /family that only you approve/add!


You could do a private album or group chat on fb & just have a select few people included?
However most ‘creeps’ are someone you know (not always but it happens)