How to schedule a vasectomy?

Hey mamas! I’m pregnant (36weeks) with our second and my husband and I both agreed he will be getting a vasectomy as soon as possible.Can anyone here help me out with the process? We are clueless as how to even schedule it or if his insurance will cover it.I have my induction date January 16th which is approaching quickly, is it possible to schedule his procedure while we’re in hospital or too little notice?


Schedule an appointment with a urologist. Your PCP may need to refer you depending on your insurance. The urologist will go over the procedure, etc and then schedule the appointment to have it done. Our insurance made us wait 30 days between the initial appointment and the procedure date just in case my husband changed his mind in that time. The procedure itself is fairly quick and the recovery time is only 2-3 days. He will have to go back in 2 months to give a sample just to make sure there is nothing “live” in there. My husband never went to this appointment though. He had his vasectomy 3 years ago.

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He needs to find a Urologist in your area, insurance should cover it…all depends on how busy the doc and facility is. He should start inquiring now.

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My husband called his dr from there was referred to a surgeon

Well you have 6 weeks after birth, my husband had his when my daughter was 4 weeks old but we have Kaiser and they had a bunch of steps and he had to take a virtual class and sign documents.