How to shrink belly fat after a c-section?

Momma’s I’m 23 one C-section. I have a TERRIBLE apron belly. I do good on a diet than fall off… what are your tips and tricks on losing it or at least shrinking it I’m not so much worried about loose skin as long as I can get the fat to go away what are some of the best workout machines exercises etc?


As hard as it is, you have to take in less calories and move more. Try to avoid carbs completely and your weight will come off quickly. I’m a 2x c-section mama

Breastfeeding works wonders

The only thing that fully, effectively and permanently loses fat from anywhere in the body is to find what your calorie intake needs are and eat in a deficit of approximately 500 calories a day. With that though you can not pick and choose where you lose weight, your body loses where it chooses and when. Any exercise you do will help as it builds strength, muscle and endurance while burning calories helping to ensure you are in a deficit. What ever you do please do not fall for any of these fad “diets” and " diet" aides. They harm your body and take your money. Just lower calorie, carb and sugar intake while increasing protein and fresh veggies.

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Do exercises for your transverse abdominis. Meat heavy with veggies will have you losing quicker. The not falling off though, that’s mindset.

Everyone is going to have a different opinion here…
If you can’t stick to your current diet, what are the odds you will stick to an even stricter one? slowly alter your lifestyle, make achievable goals, and track what you are doing so you are educated and can better choices. You also can’t target areas of fat loss (muscle gain yea, but not fat loss). So find an exercise you enjoy or at least don’t hate so much that you’ll find every excuse not to work out.

I listen to the free podcast “Losing 100 pounds With Corrine Crabtree”. Her story starts with 15 min walks in the gym and putting ice cream in a bowl instead of eating out of the carton.

I also lean Sean Casey on TikTok. His video today was about how you don’t need to spends hours in the kitchen and $100 on one meal. He grabbed a couple Greek yogurts and a banana. And about how if you know you can’t open a bag of chips and have a handful, then just buy the freaking small bags.

Disclaimer: they both cuss like sailors. But great folks.

I use the Jillian micheals app ($16/month) for workout programs and C25K for running