How to single parent alone?

Needing some advice. Any single mommas with three or more kids?? How do you do it alone? I dont have family other then a brother and a best friend. I need support. Because I feel like they cant relate so much to my situation. I’m feeling alone and hopeless at the moment. Please no negative comments.


You can do it momma! I know it’s hard right now but you can do it :heart: if you need to talk or vent , just send me a message !

I don’t understand why it matters if it’s three or more kids. Being a single mom in general is hard. Doesn’t matter how many kids you have.

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I have 3 myself just have to take it day by day everything will work out for you

I have 3. (About to have my 4th) Have always done it on my own. I just keep pushing and pushing. Nothing in life is easy. But your kids.look up to you just remember that. Good luck to you.

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My friend is going through the same thing at the moment, I’ve told her she’s been there from birth and it won’t matter whether you married or divorced. A mother’s job is to protect love and honour her children, money won’t raise them but your love, attention and pure heart will. A child don’t need material things in life in order to grow but your love is more then enough for them. You can do it you can feel proud about yourself. Yes sometimes you will feel down, but hey look at your blessings to cheer you up. Strongs it will be hard and difficult for the first time but you will find a way… Good luck

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Be grateful and enjoy your children. They will be grown before you know it. I know it’s hard now. Do little things that make you happy, watch your favorite movie, eat your favorite food, buy a cute outfit. Good luck

U got this mum :+1: I got six beautiful lil souls n I get quite overwhelmed on a gud day, but I found asking for help was a blessing there are many support systems in place and I myself use those like I said it’s overwhelming on a gud day but that bit of support even from total strangers was a blessing and no it doesn’t mean anything bad just that u need a breather. As a single mother our struggles are endless. U got this chicky stay positive swing me an inbox if ur up to a chat yeah I know It’s hard at the moment :heart::heart:

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Mum of 3 no family here I’m in a different country …
lists and lists and daily reminders help keep me organized. Face time home and online support groups for Chats and interaction.

Keep yourself healthy mind and body. I workout a lot which keeps my mind positive.

It’s a struggle some days. Always be truthful with the kids that on days you’re a little off track.

Find support in your area reach out xxxx

I am a grandmother now. I raised 8 children in which only 1 was biological. I may as well have been single because my husband was paralyzed I had to take care of him as well. I had step children as well as foster children!
I look back on it now snd smh. I have no idea how I did it all! By the grace of God baby girl. One hour at a time some times.
Sending you love and prayers for stregnth!


I have 5 kids and am alone