How to sleep while pregnant?

I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and falling asleep at night is the hardest task I take on all day. Any mamas have any remedies to help sleep easier when pregnant?


Me too :frowning: I’m soo tired I’m 33 weeks and cant sleep

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U can Take unisom it completly safe but me i smoke the green

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Unisom or Benadryl is safe to take during pregnancy. Call your Dr first to be sure they advise you taking it

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I used to drink “sleepy time” tea. Worked like a charm for me. :blush:

U can take unison. Get some pm tea and try it also

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Pillows. Pillows. And more pillows. Under the stomach, behind the back, between your knees, and under head and arms. Benadryl. Sleeping sitting up partially. Winding down before bed. Not eating right before bed. Warm tea.


A body pillow saved me at this point in my pregnancy, unfortunately it didn’t help with having to get up every hour to pee :joy: I tried to look at it as my bodies way of getting me used to no sleep once the baby came

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I used all natural sleepy time tea. I am not a tea drinker, however it really helped. Also a warm bath before bed to help relax. I wouldn’t take unisom or anything without checking with my doctor

I am 23 weeks.My doctor told me I could take a lose dose melatonin every night.Just take it enough for a few days until your body gets in the routine.I took it for 4 days and on the 5th night I didn’t take it but I noticed myself getting very sleepy about the time the melatonin kicked in previous nights.I still don’t sleep a full 8 hours but that’s part of pregnancy unfortunately lol.But I do sleep at least 5 hours now.

Warm milk worked a treat for me

When I can sleep I have crazy dreams and only sleep an hour at a time​:unamused::disappointed_relieved:

My doctor had me on phenagrin (however you spell it) for my nausea. And i would take one at night and it helped me sleep.

My midwives suggested natural calm magnesium supplement. I use the watermelon and then add juice to cool it down and tone out the sour taste. It helps with sleeping, constipation, restless legs, cramping(I had severe leg cramping), and high blood pressure(the reason it was recommended). I love it. My kid is 10 and I still buy it and use it as needed. It helped me sooo much after I had my daughter with using the bathroom. Now if I have a headache, I go drink some and it’s gone. Here is a link for the website, but you can find it at natural food stores and GNC. Natural Vitality CALM® Products

When I was pregnant, I realized eating right before bed helped alot or it may just be me because I was obsessed over food lol and a body pillow helped.

PILLOWS!!! ask your doc what they would suggest!

My doctor told me to take benadryl 25 mg

So many pillows. My entire bed was full of pillows and that was the only way I could fall asleep :joy: