How to soothe a baby with colic?

FTM here. Does anyone have help tricks or tips for soothing a colicky baby? Nothing I do seems to work for my 5 week old. He doesn’t sleep unless he has a bottle in his mouth and only sleeps for maybe an hour at a time. I’m at my wits end and feel so lost.


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Gripe water…walmart


Change his formula to similac total comfort or enfamil gentleease. Both my boys were colicky and i changed their formula to something that was easier to digest.

Gripe water. This was the only thing I could find that would work on my son.

I have a 7 week old. I’ve learned that the swaddle is a very key component to help your little one sleep. Make sure they are nice and snug. Try velcro ones (I got mine at Walmart), or The Miracle Blanket (more expensive).

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Chiropractor that specializes in pediatrics.

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Change formula baby could be lactose intolerant. Try gas drops and swaddling. Also a swing or a bouncer

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Probiotics. Swaddle to sleep. I had one baby had what I thought was colic, but he was just still hungry!! Started feeding little more and problem aolved

My son (6 months now) was the exact same way. I feel your pain momma. All I can say is hang in there they do grow out of it around 3 months . I tried EVERYTHING I could buy over the counter. He was put on total comfort. It just takes time unfortunately

Four kids in here, with my first I was living with my grandparents. My grandma had me always make my sons bottle using warm water. It’s more soothing. Did this with all of my children and it worked. Just make sure to check temp on the inside of your wrist prior to using the water. My fourth child is 5 months today and has been sleeping all night since we came home from hospital for the most part. Good luck mama, my niece was colicky and my sister almost lost her mind from lack of sleep. If at all possible, have someone help you for a day so you can get a little more sleep.

Put a blanket in the dryer and then on babies tummy, it helped mine

I hope some of these suggestions work for you, my son did nothing but cry unless I walked and bounced/rocked him till he was like 3 or 4 months old :sob::sob: I actually went to stay with my mom quite a few times because I felt like I was going to lose my mind :sweat:

He is now almost 2 and we still are not ready for another :joy:

I wish you and your little one the best of luck!!


Gripe water, and warm baths

Mommy’s Bliss gripe water

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Nutrimagen formula is the best, it’s expensive but wic pays for it with Dr prescription! It helps their body along with soothing there stomach also colic drops you can get at Wal-Mart, they are expensive but they help put good bacteria in there bellies

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My daughter was the same, turned out to be reflux and a milk allergy. We had to try 4 formulas before we were good. Maybe speak to your pediatrician.

Gripr water worked good for my son. I would also use Dr. Browns Bottles to avoid some of the gas.

Have you tried letting him have a pacifier? But yes try a warm bath, after the bath when you put on lotion give baby a little massage too,nice warm bottle not too hot !Swattling might help too

Gripe water and… might sound weird but got this from my great grandma… “burn his milk” So make his bottle as usual but put it in like a sauce pan to warm it up. Don’t burn it like let it get black but… the sides will start sticking and the milk will get brown. Take the milk out at this time, let it cool of course. This helped my baby more than the gripe.


My boy isn’t colicky but I know a bath helps him when he’s fussy. He’s been really sick from reflux and it relaxes him. Also it’s my break. Bc I just sit down in the bathroom with him and it’s so quiet. So maybe try that if you haven’t. Super warm bath. And just chill out . Also on YouTube there is a colic massage . I did it with my boy when he had gas. I don’t know much about colic, but maybe try to lay him on his belly on a boppy or just on his belly in his bed. (Some will frown but it’s the only way I could get him to sleep when he had gas, I was obviously with him when he was sleeping like that) . And at night I have never used them so idk if they work but they have the night time gripe water. Good luck. My boys not colicky but he has major reflux and won’t stop crying ever nor eat. So I also had to take a break yesterday and give him to my mom for a few hours bc I haven’t slept and was about to loose my mind.

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My kid had colic for 8 months. It was bad. The only thing that works is shift work for sleeping, switch up during the night with baby daddy. Try letting him sleep in the swing with white noise in background. Try gripe water, works for sum.

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Rice cereal saved my sanity. At 6 weeks old.

Try Gerber Soothe drops. Our Ped recommended it. Best thing we ever did for our fussy boy. He was a very happy baby after we introduced it.

Does he use a pacifier?

I’m wondering if he’s getting a lot of air by using the bottle as a pacifier.

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Both my boys ended up having a milk allergy. Also, if he’s falling asleep with a bottle you should make sure he’s getting a good burp. I used Little Remedies gas relief and it worked wonders for both my kids

My youngest is a natural insomniac. And slept 20 minutes every two hours. Which was something for me with 4 older children. I found warm baths lotion and a pacifier to be life savers. I know it’s different but that not sleeping is the same.

Soft played classical music…instrumental sleepy time music…rocking patting back humming…warm bath jammies…soothing swing

The best thing I ever learned was when my son was colicky, going outside at night time and just rocking him was the best thing ever! I know it sounds crazy, but my neighbor taught me that. She did it with her kids, and so I tried with my son, and it was pure magic. Something about the night outside just seemed to really bring him a sense of peace.


Running the vacuum cleaner and cradling my son so he was looking at the floor and his belly was pressed up against my arms worked very well.

Try letting him sleep in the swing. I always did that with my son if he didn’t sleep well. Even tho he wasn’t colicky. My husbands daughter when she was younger was REALLY colicky & the only way they got her to sleep was bouncing her in a bouncer with his foot or putting her in her car seat n swinging her in it

Blessed to not have a colicky baby but I suggest also trying a chiropractor. I’ve recently learned just how beneficial they can be for babies! I took my son at 9 days old.

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Have u talked to the dr yet?? Might need different formula, car ride after an ounce of sugar water is what worked for my daughter but, times have changed, there also used to be a prescription for it too, then they took it off the market too. Gripe water depending on age might work also

It sounds like you may need to try a different formula. Swaddling may help. A swing might help.

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The only thing that worked for my daughter was to take her to a very trusted chiropractor. He used his thumbs and adjusted her and it was like a freaking miracle! She slept for two hours afterwards! It literally cured her.


Baby fennel tea helps, it calms down the stomach. If you use powder formula instead of mixing the milk with water mix it with tea. If not give him tea in between (not a whole lot). You can start that with two weeks. Also baby heating packs…

I come from a hardcore mexican family & what worked for my some was chamomile tea with corn syrup, not to much just sweet enought for baby to drink it. I would give him about 3 oz. we would even make his bottles with it & it always worked. I wa also taught for gas relief mix lard with baking powder h put it on babies tummy cober it with a washcloth. I mean it all worked for my little one! & now he LOVES his teas lol

My 19 month old was colicky and projectile vomiting. She needed to be put on Prosobee, soy formula, and medicine because she has GERD. Ask your dr.

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If you breastfeed you might need to change your diet up a bit. If you formula feed you might try to switch to Similac Alimentum, that’s what worked best for us and took several trial runs with Gerber, gentlease and similac sensitive. My second was colicky, fussing and just never content unless on me or on her tummy. I was a solo parent at the time, my husband was deployed. I wore her majority of the day to be able to run our household and take care of my oldest. We tried the Mylicon drop and they worked for a bit, gripe water did nothing. Eventually we had to get an RX for Zantac and that was our saving grace.

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Gas drops and find a song he likes. Africa by Toto was the only thing that soothed my colicky kid. 9 hours of crying without it. He’s 6 and he still loves that song

OMG, talk to your pediatrician not facies!!

White noise I put mine in a swing with a vacumn running

Gripe water worked well for us

Girl Taylor Swift was my life savior! No lie find her old music. And hold that baby and bounce. Gripe water too

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Music. Outside. Football position. Looks every time.

I remove the iron formula and switched to no iron.

Football hold. Thats one of the very few things that worked for us. My daughter would cry for hours at a time because of colick and her uncomfy tummy. Holding her like that butt slightly more elevated than head would just let it all out and she would fart herself to sleep finally comfortable and at peace. Sure holding her like that for hours was hard, but it gave her relief.

Bicycle kicks, warm tummy massages and the football hold. Those were my sanity savers.
I hope your LO gets some relief and you get some peace of mind mama.

1 oz chamomile tea worked the best. Also try Gripe water, tummy rubs, push legs into tummy. Don’t let him over eat. My son had horrible colic amd kept wanting to eat to make himself feel better but it made the condition worse

Try the Five S’s from happiest baby on the block.

Alimentum formula will change your life :two_hearts:

try a different formula, i tried everything with our last son and turned out he had a milk sensitivity

I put my youngest on my lap on her belly and rubbed and patted her butt/back it helps them burp or fart to get the gas off their stomach make sure you swaddle him too it helps

Gripe water and maybe switch to a sensitive formula, that’s whats helped my daughter. Best of luck mama​:yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

you could try cocyntal, I used it with my son, and it worked really well, it’s good for up to 6 months and it’s homeopathic, it comes in single use doses too so it’s very easy to use

After trying every possible over the counter treatment, with nothing helping, i read about GERD, aka acid reflux. Its miserable for infants, so i talked tk his pediatrician about it and got a prescription. It helped a lot. However, its not a cure all because the way they lay/sleep needs to be at an angle as well. Some hospitals make these foam beds specifically for gerd babies. They work well, if not available, i used the rock away bed. Pm me if you want specific name, you can buy them at walmart. But i also found the vaccum to calm him, hair dryer, loud fan, loud white noise, etc… its hard, theres no doubt about it. They usually outgrow it around 1 year old.

Only thing that worked for us was tea. Just an oz or two made from yerba Buena and star anise. It was pretty amazing

Run the vacuum. Worked for mine

Chiropractor and ovol drops

The only experience with colic ive had is when I had my “baby think it over project” in high school. Lol So my advice is to just turn the key back and forth. Lol (sorry I can’t help but I thought a smile could help)

Prayers. I went through the same thing for 5 months. My son screamed every single night from 5pm-1am. I bought every colic medicine there was and seen many doctors and specialist. Nothing helped. Nothing made it better but cat nip tea. Hang in there.

Do you have a bouncer or anything that vibrates? That can help

Setting him on a working dryer or a stroller-walk supposedly helps. It’s the vibration that does it.