How to spice up a marriage?

I want to know if sex toys have helped spice up sex in marriage? How do wives feel about it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to spice up a marriage?

Yes they do I have a vibrator that we use together.


This question seems like it would be for the person you are with.


You need to talk to ur husband or wife


It depends on you and your partner. Everyone else can say “hell yeah it does!” But their experience is not yours so it could be different. Talk with your partner and try it out if you both agree :black_heart:


FFS some things not for Facebook


Some guys are offended with toys so ask or take him to the store with you.


No bc my husband stole it and used it on himself lol weirdo


Yes, try a sex swing!

Depends on the person youre with. Maybe go to a sex shop together and pick somethings out. Even just walking around looking and talking about if thats something you want to try or not.

They can yes, but all couples are different (as well as the individual) and this is something you need to ask your partner about. Bringing sex toys into your sex life can either be a pro or a con, or perhaps both. Just keep in mind that bringing up the subject to a partner and suggesting it can sometimes make the partner feel inadequate and insecure, like they aren’t doing enough or doing a good job. So if your partner is sensitive or already is insecure about themselves and/or performance, try to think of a way to ease into the subject and be sure to reassure him/her. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:

I would definitely talk to your wife about it.

We have vibrators that we use but the whole thing can get boring when it’s the same routine. I’ve bought bondage stuff like bed ties etc but he has never used them, I’m sure most men are just clueless on what to actually do😂 it’s like we don’t want to tell them but if we buy the stuff then they should get the idea… but no🤷🏼‍♀️ my advice is talk about what you both want in the bedroom and surprise each other.


it depends on your partner, if they enjoy sex toys and want to use them then go for it. if not, then don’t. ask them what they would enjoy, maybe they’re feeling the same as you and think it needs a spice up… if that’s the case then it would be better to speak to them and talk about what you would both like to do.

Some times we do I think my husband does an amazing job that there not needed but can be fun at times

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Yes and use them. They arent competition they are enhancements


I think it would spice it up but does your husband like toys too?

Little lingerie outfits, dolling up and taking control never hurt nobody :sweat_smile:


Maybe speak to your partner about it. Everyone will have different opinions. There are actually some men out there that don’t like that sort of thing, but then there are plenty that do. It is down to the individual. We can all give you our opinions on the topic, but we won’t be able to give you a definitive answer, only your partner can do that


We got a whole ass locking treasure chest under our bed! :drooling_face::hot_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::kissing_heart:

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To to spouse and see if he up to it I personally love it

An$l sex lol or I was just ask them do they want something more in your sex life? Like I would just be very open communicative like hey my needs aren’t being met. Are your needs being met? How do I help you with that? What would you like to try? You? Want to try role-playing etc. I think those very honest conversations like my husband had a boring sex life until we started having honest conversations, sending dirty texts and different things and guess what. We’re feeling a lot closer intimate wise

Yes and dressing up.

My guy calls toys his tag team partner :rofl: They can definitely be fun


Sometimes not always just depends on the couple and the type of toys

Get some his and hers… last time i checked out they had some fun stuff!

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Sex toys, porn. Watch 365 days together & watch the magic after :heart::joy:

Never tried them. Could try sexy lingerie.

It’s not just about segs it’s about fore play too. You have to work upto it and don’t be selfish either, it works both ways lol. X


Honestly, it depends on your partner whether they’re male of female it doesn’t matter. Nor will it matter if they aren’t into it. Best bet would be to talk to her about it

Me and my husband love using toys. It definitely keeps things interesting. 

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Me and husband use them and love it!

I go to the adam and eve once a month and pick out a new lingerie set, its the best🥰

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They can as long as the guy doesn’t feel insecure about them.

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Yes. Its so much fun

No. Sex toys are mostly self indulging. Real Spice it up is investigating every little thing with your partner, asking, trying, evaluating.

Oh it’s good if they are open to it my current partner doesn’t like it which is a bore he prefers dress up which is also good but after a while gets boring so I tried role playing he wasn’t amused​:roll_eyes: I’m open minded he’s closed minded not a good combo :thinking:


My husband and I don’t use toys that often but we do have play items! And now I’m pregnant so you see …it works :rofl:

Don’t get her one if she can’t use it without you or she has to hear you accuse her of “liking it more” or some dumb shit like that… That’s for sure.

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Marries 25 yrs - we use all of the above and enjoy it. Not every time (gets tired quick) and I don’t dress every time but once in a while I’ll surprise him or he’ll bring home something- boy part rings he likes to shop for himself and I don’t get any toys that go inside-I don’t like those - more like remote control panty vibrator or the rose, etc… the little inexpensive fingertip vibe is an all time favorite.
Talk to partner and don’t assume that toys mean a huge pool noodle sized monster to insert- huge turn off- maybe visit together while you talk it out over a glass of wine or beers :beers:


We use toys all the time!

I call mine pandoras box lol its a box i have in my wardrobe it has kinky outfits vibrating toys hand cuffs whips knee high pvc boots collars everything sinful lol
Start your collection

As long as there is open communication about what is comfortable for each of you, then yes it can spice up your marriage :wink:

I have issues with muscles that are too tight so having a natural/Intercourse orgasm is near impossible for me. Having a toy helps me achieve this the. Fun time with both of us. Sometimes I am alone, sometimes he joins In. We do what is best for us

Oh god we love Toys. My husband orders stuff from Adam and Eve all the time to surprise me

No partner is jealous of them. Like their an intruder in our relationship :joy:

Sex toys can be fun also dressing up in something that makes you feel sexy and excites him can also help

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Toys are great and brought out some spice in my hu.sband neither of us realized he had. He used to be so nervous and against anything not “vanilla”.
KEEP IN MIND: there will be awkward moments, but just know getting through them can open up a world of excitement!

Yes. The answer is yes.

If u are both okay with them and into them yes! They will definitely help spice up your relationship but your SO has to be ok with it. Some men feel threatened by toys

Some people like them, some people don’t. No way to know unless you talk to your spouse.