How to start a daycare?

I’m looking to start a home based daycare in Ontario, Canada.

I have a business plan set out to teach preschool like activities and nutrition guides and plans as well.

I’m looking for advice for pricing on full time childcare (all day 7am-7pm window) 5 days a week or weekends if needed.

What do you pay and what would you expect in that price?

I’m a very educated and experienced person. Clean background check and first aid and cpr qualified.

A large house with a finished basement and fenced in backyard would be the primary location.

Let me know what you expect from a daycare so I can be the best there can be :blush:

In Nova Scotia people charge between 30 and 40 dollars a day per child depending on what activities and whether food is provided.

I know daycares where I am (Ontario) the price for an infant (1-2 years) is $40 a day typically

Where I’m located in Ontario the price ranges from $40-50 a day.
Check out Daycare Bear to get price points idea in your area.

Have a very open and honest policy book. Offer to send just the book before meeting anyone. Your policy book is like a front cover to you and what you have to offer. And what your program will be about. Trust your gut. It’ll tell you when you’ve found a good family or not. Listen to it. Always.

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Karli any suggestions or advice??