How to start giving your child CBD?

For the ladies that give their children CBD for their ADHD diagnosis, how did you ladies go about starting that process? Did you inform their doctor about it, and they approved it, or did you just start? And how much do you give your child for the day? Thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to start giving your child CBD?


I just started . It can take a little longer to notice bc it’s natural but my daughter took it for a year and we def noticed a difference. I did let her dr know , I just didn’t ask their permission to do it


I haven’t done cbd… but I started giving my oldest coffee… and that has helped

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We just started. I told all of his Drs afterwards. I highly recommend the medterra CBD/THC full spectrum gummie. It has made a HUGE difference in our son who is 6. We started off with half of a gummy per day and worked him up to a full gummie after about a week.


You don’t even have to ask him but do tell them. It will show up on blood and urine test

Like any other supplement
Educating yourself and kiddo about the endocannabinoid system first can help everyone understand what to expect better.
When using CBD you’re supplying the body something it’s got a deficiency in. It will take time for the body to adjust to this - I suggest people give themselves 2 weeks to absorb and then start to expect changes weeks 3-5
After that - if you feel like not enough is happening then you can up the dosage
I wont offer Product recommendations - but if you’re opting for CBD products there will be ones made with Isolate or full spectrum - the full spectrum will contain small (federally legal) amounts of THC and can compound in a system to create a positive test result - so for that reason, when it comes to minors (non epileptic) I usually err on the side of caution and opt for an isolate based product.

Hope y’all get the relief for kiddo :green_heart::v:t3:


so you are just going to give it to your child without their Dr’s approval or recommendation ??? And if they have a daddy & you are not with that daddy, that daddy, just might be able to take that child away from you !!! Just a thought


I’ve done CBD in the past for my kid and myself so here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Not every kind of CBB oil/gummy ECT is going to be of the same quality, strength, or strain. This is a HUGE factor in finding one that will “work” correctly for your child. We found two that worked…and we were only able to get them if we traveled 2+ hours.
    And strain matters as well.
  2. Some of the ingredients can and will be counter productive to treating ADHD. Anything with dyes and sugar can actually exacerbate ADHD symptoms.

When we tried CBD for our child it was sort of a hail Mary type of thing. We were hours away from home with plans to go to the zoo and we’d forgotten his medication at home.
It was too hot for coffee and I wasn’t sold on giving him an energy drink at 5.
We had CBD for me that we broke up and gave to him. We got very lucky that if worked (I have ADHD and anxiety)

But in general I would say that I would personally discuss this with your child’s doctor first.
I would also wait for a period when you’re able to monitor your child and watch for any reactions.

I only informed them i would be using a cbd oil since we are not in legal state I did 1 drop for the first month. Then 2 the next month until he said he felt better (4 was our answer 2 at night 2 in the morning

Always inform doctor. Get one that is on the same page and supportive. Start low and slow.

When I was a kid and went off my adha meds my doctor suggested a diet mt dew a day


I know someone right now facing abuse charges for giving their child CBD. It’s not like melatonin hence why there’s an age limit to buy it. Without a medical card do not give them CBD/THC and I highly err on giving them CBD at all without a doctors consent because again it’s not meant for children. I would change my kids diet and it utilize caffeine and meds from the dr before I gave them CBD because it’s still pretty fully unregulated market on top of not a lot of research on what it does to children


You’re asking the wrong people. You need to be asking a CBD specialist for the correct dosage. And you should always always get the go ahead from your child’s doctor for something like this. Then you need paperwork from the Dr saying your child can take it


Consult pediatrician

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You talk to a doctor not social media


The only problem I’ve had with caffeine to treat ADHD is that caffeine inhibits the bodies ability to absorb calcium, and if you don’t drink it in moderation you will ruin your teeth. But as someone else said too, I can drink caffeine all day and straight up until bedtime and fall right to sleep lol.

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Or you could just parent them and get them on meds that are made for ADHD instead of something that wasn’t even made for kids.


Ashley Michelle, read this post

Our pediatrician sells it in their holistic section! You’ve got a lot of great advice here I won’t echo it.

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Follow for I’m wanting to do this for my 14 year old son seems the medication isn’t working

Research Charlotte’s Web CBD.


Its better than any type of stimulant, I will say that. Start with a small mg, maybe like, 5 and see where you’re at. Actually, I’m not sure how old your child is. My 11 year old, he’s a big boy, takes 5 and 10mg is too much. Not everyday either. Just when he seems to need it.

find a local business that deals only in cbd specially w/o THC. This buisness should be able to explain everything you need to know about CBD. They should have multiple products for you to choose from and should be able to direct in what is going to be best for your situation. DO NOT JUST BUY AT GAS STATION AND GIVE. Also like others stated always speak with the dr. about it prior.


This post is crazy lmfao I could never give my kid an equivalent to meth or stimulant if they had a disorder like ADD. I’d definitely go the CBD way any day of the week if I could


Ask ur doctor not a bunch of people who don’t know ur child or their needs on Facebook that would be a great start :+1:t2:


The people at Haleigh’s Hope can help with dosage and any questions you might have. They can also provide lab reports on the quality of their products.

Best thing is probably to move somewhere it’s legal so you don’t have to worry.

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Because this is where You go to for medical advice …


Cbd doesn’t show up in any drug tests if that’s what your worried about when it comes to the dr but their are different strands of cbd just like thc to look into for your child

Rather get a natural supplement thats for ADHD. I would never give my child drugs.


My 9 year is on it…I talked to several cbd references …daughter seems better!!

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You can google these cbd charts for pediatric dosage. As long as there is not THC it’s a very safe alternative.

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I would check with a dr about a recommended brand.
Some brands are literally not even real CBD yet they still sell them at a crazy high cost.


Ive been trying to research alot about CBD lately. I have a child that has ADHA, OCD and sensory processing disorder. We are currently getting him tested for a form of autism. Ive been super back and fourth with giving him meds, as he is so young and a lot of meds for his conditions are addictive. From my experience, bring it up to your child’s doctor they will either be against it or for it and will give you a place to start your research.
Don’t let the judgemental perfect moms scare you into not doing what you feel is right for your child. In my experience some of the most judgement parents, have children that are bad examples. 💁


I had looked into cbd for my 9 yo that had ADHD. My research led me to getting a psychiatrist because cbd helps more with anxiety than adhd. She’s on desvenlatroxine (don’t know if I spelled that right) because it doesn’t cause chemical dependency. She’s doing great!

U start low and increase slowly until u reach a therapeutic dose.dosing goes by weight .I would be careful and research a good company don’t just buy from gas station . Also need to be careful if taking other meds .


I have used Harmony brand CBD for 7 years

My daughter is 11 and has an ADHD diagnosis along with anxiety disorder. She can be very behavioral and struggles alot with emotional regulation. The dr wanted to put her on adderall and i said no. But she was struggling and it broke my heart. I spoke with multiple CBD experts and read hours of articles to educate myself as much as possible. I gor CBD oil and put it in a drink or just under her tongue and it made a difference. And she does way better than she did on “real” meds. There are many strains so it might take a bit to find one that works for your child. But honestly i feel better giving cbd than i do giving amphetamines to her. But don’t let anyone judge you. Its your child. Stay strong mama


We bought 100% thc free cbd oil from a local cbd store we tried it 2 times but it gave our LO a headache so we didn’t try again.

Speak to sapphire clinic, they have clinicians who prescribe cbd oil. They do assessments based on the needs and decide if you qualify. My husband has used them for his mental health and he’s off all meds so it definitely helps xx

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I just want to say that anyone saying that ADHD medication is “legal speed” or “legal meth”, need to do some more research rather than surface level looking at ingredients, seeing amphetamines, and flying off the handle. I’m not saying it’s the correct option for all young children, but it is beneficial. Making it out to seem like people on stimulant medication are just using meth, is extremely harmful to the ADHD community. As an adult that wasn’t diagnosed until my 20s, I suffered a lot. My medication makes me feel normal, not high or like I’m on speed. I fully respect peoples opinions on whether or not to medicate, but I urge everyone not to make harsh judgments when it comes to medication as well. It literally helps me just live my life. When someone has ADHD, they are not getting high, they are finally starting to feel normal/better. If it makes you high it’s usually because you don’t truly have ADHD, you have a neurotypical brain and the stimulants are having the opposite affect. I’m not going to tell anyone to do one thing or the other because I think everyone should research for themselves before making a decision. But it makes me sad to see some very ignorant responses regarding medication that is beneficial for so many people.


My almost 11 year old was diagnosed with ADHD 3-4 years ago. Never in a million years would I ever give her CBD nor was I ever recommended too.


Which ever brand u chose should and if a good company will provide dosing not all products are the same

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Honestly I’d say CBD would be a better option then prescription meth!!! I was given medication for my ADHD and hated it. But was forced to take it DAILY!!! Idk what is said about CBD and ADHD. But if it works, great!!! It’s better then the prescription shit the drs. Pass out. But definitely talk with your child’s dr.

We’re very big supporters of it, tried it for our 6 y.o. but we didn’t see a difference in him unfortunately. I know it works great for some though!

Yessss! I love seeing a mom going this route!


I tried it for my 8 year old but I didn’t see a difference:( but every single person is different what didn’t work for my son my work for your child

Why would you give any meds or chemical to a child without consulting a doctor?


My doc told me there is no actual research and nothing to back up CBD for adhd


Well it’s fully legal so I didn’t ask my doc :poop:. Didn’t work for my son tho


Just a heads up although they said CBD oil doesn’t contain THC. After awhile of being on it, the child will fail a drug test for THC. There are traces in all CBD oil. But! I’d choose CBD oil over the “meth” they give kids medically


Also you can try coffee as well to see if it helps at all. It helps some, not all.


Beautiful earth organics


I use THCA for myself. No THC. No side effects and it does wonders in the drop form if yiu want to look into it.

I would talk to your pediatrician first and get a recommendation from them and then go from there. If they don’t approve, you should find a pediatrician knowledgeable about CBD who can advise you.


Just started!!! I really wish this was around when I was a child I went to every known pill for ADHD and they all made my feel like a zombie the medication made me feel anything but normal I was constantly wanting to sleep and never wanting to eat.

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If it’s legal in your state, consult with the distributors on site pharmacologist on how much… start out small. Try it for a few weeks and document it and the positive changes or none at all whichever occurs - then go in to your child’s pediatrician hopefully with positive results and let them know the CBD is working wonderful. That’s it enough said and the doctor is less likely to prescribe conventional meds since it’s noted the CBD is your current preferred method.

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I would definitely talk to your child’s Dr before giving your child CBD. I know CBD is not harmful in most cases, but different things work for different people and their specific diagnosis.

I asked my son’s pediatrician and she recommended l-tyrosine first. I got the ‘Kids Focus’ from solaray. It also has a few other things to support healthy nerve function. He can self regulate much better when he takes it and it’s chewable and grape flavored so it’s easy to take.

Y’all know it messing with y’all kids brains.


Call your local dispensary, find out your states criteria for obtaining a medical Marijuana card for your child, Once you get it their pharmacists will help you w doseage , strain they will educate you on all things cbd. It will be in their hands, you can tell your child school and pediatrician if you choose to but you will be covered no matter what. People can say and make whatever comments they wish but legally you will always be in the right! And you won’t have to worry about all the close minded peoples comments and such you will be covered and most of all your child will be safe with the right dose and the right Education as well. Coffee does help but can also cause pro lems legally believe it or not.


Our pharmacy just started selling it. Pharmacist’s are schooled in this. Call them.

We offer virtual coaching for families from healthcare professionals at

How about kids with really bad anxiety , does CBD help?

WTF talk to your doctor before you give your child any substance that should go without saying mate. It shouldn’t matter if it’s legal in the state why ask Facebook when you need professional advice

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Marie Welty this might be a different option for Adrianna too

Does anyone have experience with taking cbd for adults who have severe anxiety? Does it help? And what kind is safe?

I would sure check with a Dr. first. If something happened o your child and CBD was found in their system - you could be charged with child abuse and they would be taken away.


I highly suggest researching CBD and ppl who produce it. Not all products are good. Some brands may not work as well as others.
You can discuss it with their Dr but expect pushback.