How to start potty training toddler?

Any tips on toilet training a boy? My son (will be 2 May 29th) tells me when he needs to poop before he does it. So I take him to his potty the big toilet with his seat. If I put him on the toilet, he Just wants to twist around and continuously flush it. If I put him on his potty, he just wants to get right back up. After about 5 to 10 minutes of sitting on one of those, I let him up to go play. And THEN he poops. I don’t get it. I’m not particularly in a rush to potty train, but everyone I talk to tells me that when he starts telling me when he HAS to go, I need to start training.
Should I just wait, keep doing what I’m doing, stop altogether, or what?

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Keep doing what your doing, but don’t force it! One thing I learned with my son is the more I pushed him, the more he resisted lol


We did treats: stickers or gummies.
Our 2nd has no intrest yet. But it worked for the oldest :wink:

Bc he likes to turn around give him dry erase markers to draw on toliet seat. Kids loved it. But he is only 1.5 so don’t try and rush it.


Both my sons were not fully ready to start trying until 2 1/2. My oldest was done by 3 and my youngest was closer to 4! What worked with my oldest was just putting him in underwear and asking often.

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You’re doing it right! Intruduce and encourage, he will get it! Something that helped my kiddos was character underwear - buzzlight year did not want to get pooped or peed on :slight_smile:

I let my 2 year old sit on the toilet for 45 min haha

My daughter did better when i left the door open just kinda baby proofed things and let her go on her own and it worked I quite asking and she just goes herself (it can be stinky with poop when she doesn’t tell me but hey)

Get the book Oh Crap Potty Training. And say enough good things about it! Worked for us

Try to stay home for 3days and keep him in his underwear. It’ll be messy but it usually works. Also reward him with something he likes when he does go

Thats how my son started …telling us when he was going but wasnt into training then he stopped so did we hes now 3 and we r potty training he was playing with his yellow learninf chair and out of no where was like potty potty trying to pee in it so i took him to the big potty and he went

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My 2 year old son does the same thing, he’ll go in his diaper then ask to go on the potty and refuses to be changed till he sits on the potty, I’m not rushing it he’ll do it when he’s ready, my 5 year old didn’t potty train till he was 3.5

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I just keep trying with my son, hes 2 and a half and wont tell me at all, I Sk him if he needs to go and usually he says no, it occasionally he will say yes and run to the bathroom, I let him do it on his own speed since hes still 2.5, hes not super interested in it, least not using it regularly. The only think he gets punished for is when he takes his diaper off to deliberately pee on the floor , other than that, just keep trying, and also underwear, I’m about to buy my son some of the thick training underwear, he doesnt like sitting in it that’s why he takes his diapers off, he gets punished for going on the floor though so I’m hoping eventually he will just stop peeing his pants cause he doesn’t like the feeling or on the floor cause he gets in trouble for it

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That is a really young age, but if you think he’s ready - maybe try a training potty and go pantless for a weekend. I have read that there’s an early window of awareness that you can catch, but I think it all depends on the child. It sounds like he’s linking playing on the potty to the urge to go now. So, when he initially recognized the urge, you put him on the potty. Now, he sees that feeling as an opportunity to play. Getting him on a training potty will remove the distractions and then I would offer an incentive if he potties in the training potty. If he’s as aware as it sounds like he is and you remove the distractions, going pantsless will cause him to worry about pottying on the floor and encourage him to put it where it belongs. I would do a few sessions on the training potty, tell him about his stickers or whatever that he gets if he pees or poops and then switch to pantless after that. You get him used to the rules and then give him a chance. Pick a couple of days where you are at home, stay in a room that has hard floors for easy clean up and put the potty in the middle of the room. Tell him “we go pee and poop in the potty” and show him that it’s there. Once they potty themselves a couple of times, they’ll learn to get to the potty pretty quickly if they’re capable. Keep it low pressure, stay calm if he has an accident. With an older child, I would recommend the help you clean up any mess but this child might be too young for that?

If you try this for a day or so and you’re not seeing any progress, just keep using the training potty and rewards for potties and use diapers / PullUps again because he’s clearly not ready. If he poops in his pants, talk about how poops go in the potty, take the diaper to the potty and dump it in to illustrate this. For most kids, I would recommend you put it in the big potty and let him flush but since that has become a distraction for him, doing that would only encourage him to poop in his pants so that he can play with the toilet, so in your case dump it in the training potty and dispose of it later on your own. Good luck! Potty training is a game of its own :joy::joy::joy:

Floating some cheerios as targets in the bowl will turn urination into a game and as children are born explorers and everything becomes a game until they are bored with with the process and just want to finish up to get back to something more interesting… If he is just flushing the toilet and not blowing up the house… be patient and let him get bored with the game… :smiley:


Keep doing what you are doing!

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Get a treasure chest and put prizes and candy in it and reward him each time he goes potty

Put a potty in front of the tv with his show on it and just let him sit and watch tv plus make him go potty every 30 mins/ every hour

Just keep doing what your doing. And if possible let him pee outside! That’s what really helped with mine was letting him pee off the porch or on trees or truck/car tires.


Don’t stop…what ever you do. 2 is a perfect time to start just take it slow and he will get it. I gave my kid a pad or a book and had his potty in the living room

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Just keep at it my son will be two in April and we’re still working on it he does little things that tell us he has to potty or just did lately he’s been going in and sitting on his potty with diaper on and going pee then tells us potty afterwards so it’s a start put him on potty when you or Dad goes it really helps our son when he sees daddy

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Keep at it! He will get there! Dont quit trying

Bribes. Boys like bribes. Also pee on trees. Lol. Summer in the back yard is a great time to train. Boys take longer then girls.

My daughter used to hide to poop. She especially loved to poop while daddy and I showered so whenever she would dissappear from sight we’d tell her to get on the potty. And during showers we sat her down and asked her to try to poop. You gotta be patient and know what they like and also what the do when they poop so you can catch the early signs

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Rewards work wonders. I used suckers with son and popsicles with my daughter.

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Wait longer? I know somebody that potty trained their kids backwards on the toilet so they could use the toilet tank as a table top for coloring. Kept them still and seated until they did their business.


Offer a small reward every successful visit. And encouragement. Tell him every time that big boys and daddies do it . They always want to be like their male role models

Get some dry erase markers and turn him around so he can color on the lid. It will distract him and it wipes right off when done…

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Put him on backward n color on open lid

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Oh same thought as Regina Garrand

Pay attention to this pattern for awhile & you will soon see how long it is after he has his meal that he poops . That will answer your question . That is the time to put him on the potty . Good luck .

Your doing great, maybe give him a v toy while he’s on the potty, like a man with a magazine lol, take his mind off the potty, don’t rush it.

Rewards worked for us. Hotwheels are super cheap and fun!

What I did was let my boys walk around the house with no diaper on (of course when there’s no company). My son’s are 1 1/2 and 3 and both fully potty trained. Sit them on the potty every hour as well.

My daughter potty trained my grandsons herself & in th coolest way! She put Cheerios in the toilet, & they’d “aim” @ them …worked every time,:hugs:

Kids in a diaper squat to poop, so it’s different when they have to sit, I wish they made squatter potties.

Turn him backwards with an expo marker . That way he won’t constantly flush and will go to the potty

Best thing…when he wakes up from sleeping all night…take him to potty chair have him sit there till he does something…feed him breakfast after he’s done sit him on the potty chair…every 2 hours sit him on the potty chair… after lunch put him on the potty chair…after dinner put him on the potty chair…stop drinks by 8 p.m …put him on the potty chair before bedtime…repeat for 2 weeks…or longer but should be doing it on his own by then…take diapers off at night too…n no more diapers/pull ups…once you start…big boy undies…putting on diapers/ pull ups confuses them…