How to start potty training?

Do any of you momma’s have experience on potty training an 18 month old? I think my son is ready to potty train, he constantly takes his diaper off. He also shows alot of interest in the toilet when he goes into our bathroom. Where should I begin on potty training and what’s the best method?

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No advice. Just following my little is the same!

They are ready when they are ready, have a little potty sitting out and see if he shows interest going on it

With my little girl she was 18 months and wanted to sit on the potty! We would let her pick and choose and ask her a few times here and there if she wanted to if she did we took her if she didnt we didnt force her! She tried a kid potty once and when her pee hit the plastic bowl she freaked out and didnt want anything to do with it! We just let her tell us when she wanted to sit on the potty and we would use a toilet seat ontop of our reg toilet for her to go! When she started using it more frequent we went to pull ups but we noticed if she was playing or doing something “more fun” she would just use the pull up so we switched her to big girl underwear and would take her every so often after 2 LONG years she is finally potty trained and rarely has an accident during the day or night! Good luck!

My daughter was at that age

I let my son run around without a diaper and pee on trees lol it worked tho


My daughter was 13 months old did amazing and then had an accident in the bathtub … Well needless to say diapers were reintroduced

I would recommend a potty seat to start off with and see if he is interested by it!

Take Cheerios in put them in his baby toilet and have him shoot them as he pees… this is the best way I have taught my boys … It literally took with in a few days.

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Ask him if he needs to potty everytime you go. My boys did better peeing outside. My grandson never used a potty he used the toilet & peed out side - off the porch. If he’s ready it want be hard to do.

My 18 month old son just started sitting on the potty chair when we go to the bathroom he hasn’t actually used it but hes showing interest in it

Put his crapper in the bathroom with y’all’s so he knowes that where we piss and shit my sister made the mistake of putting the crapper in there room/ living room akd it took us forever to brake the kids from dropping there pants in the living room squatting and either pissing or shitting infrount of God knows and everybody