How to start potty training?

I need help with potty training!! :sob::tired_face:
My son will be 3 in July and he mentally MORE than ready to potty train. But he doesn’t want to!!! We talk about the potty and he’s very excited about it… but EVERY TIME he sits on the potty… nothing. We have sat in there playing and singing songs for 3 hours and he will wait for the MINUTE I put his underwear back on and leave the bathroom to finally pee. He has extremely good bladder control and he refuses to pee on the potty. How do I train this? He’s very smart and knows exactly what he’s doing, but I can’t help but feel like a failer!! Has anyone had experience with this?!


We are 2 and a half and same thing has no want to go near the bathroom . I’m not pushing it . I don’t want to scare him and make it worse

When you find out lemme know LOL we bought my son a little potty that looks exactly like a toilet and he will pee in it now and then but he will not go boom boom anywhere other than his pants


Bribery was my best tool lol

I believe in bribery.

I told my son he couldn’t go to school if he wasn’t peeing on big boy potty. It worked I also put my boys in undies they had a few accidents. Never put a pullup on them either. I did laundry a lot more for a little while lol

Give some kind of physical reward for going on the potty…whether it be a new toy or book at the dollar store, ice cream, or candy, just something to let him know that if he goes like a big boy, he will get a surprise.

We put underwear on my son (and cleaned a lot of pee) and eventually he got it. He wouldn’t use the toilet for #2 forever though, but I knew when he had to go and I’d put a pull up on him. He finally just said mom I gotta poop, and started going in the toilet…I thought I was going to go insane before it happened but they just do it on their own time. We tried sticker charts and prizes/candy and none of that worked. It took months!

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My son has stood, sat, and watched his older brother pee/poop hundreds of times but will not go himself. He will go in, take his diaper off and hold himself down, but will not go. He even says ‘all done’ as if he’s gone. He encourages his brother by telling him ‘Good Job!’ but nothing for himself. :woman_shrugging: I’m totally at a loss.

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My boy was late to use the potty i just took off the diapers and put on underwear . He was trained in like 2 or 3 days

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Sounds like HE ISNT fully ready yet. Stop forcing it on him and wait abit longer. He needs to be ready & WILLING to use it on his own

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Don’t put underwear on him.

Let him wear them wet or shitty pull ups for a few minutes longer he’ll get the message I potty trained mine in the summer outside and even my child with D S WAS EAZY I USED PANTIES SHE COULDN’T STAND THAT PEE RUNNING DOWN HER LEGS TOOK NO MORE THAN 2 WEEKS

We we t together to pick out his underwear. Told him when he was ready to wear them he had to use the potty. Kept him in diapers until he came to me and asked to wear the underwear. We went over the rules. DONE He was 3.

I kept my son naked for 3 days so there was no opportunity to wait for the diaper or his “man pants” as we called them. He was potty trained by the 3rd day at 19mths. He’s now 5.5yrs & luckily we’ve never had an accident. I’m hoping my daughter will be this easy lol

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I used incentives(he got quarters every time so he could save up for his 4 wheeler he wanted) also made it fun put a smiley face on lid (mad the toilet talk using my voice)put Cheerios in toilet and had him aim for them. Also made a small rap song (go (childs name) go (child’s name) ur a big boy u went potty in the potty go (childs name) go child’s name) with a dance my son loved that but Sometimes they do it when they do it

Is it a potty seat or one of the inserts for the toilet and a stool? We do insert and stool, my daughter never ever peed in the little potty seats for training, she saw us go on the toilet, so that’s where she correlated using the restroom. If you have a seat, I would try to get an insert and a stool, and he might understand better! I had my daughter potty trained in 2 days this way.

My is high functioning autistic and hated potty training so we made a game of it. I would throw Cheerios in the toilet and tell him to sink the Cheerios like battle ship. lol For :poop: we told him that when he poops and we flush the potty it goes to the sewer and feeds fish. We would say that they were so hungry and we hoped he could poop so they wouldn’t starve. It worked! lol


Read “Oh Crap” and follow it to the letter. The author also does supplemental videos for extra difficult things (like poop resistance). Good luck and may the potty gods smile upon you!


I used rewards and wee and poo chart. Sticker for a wee and a prize for a poo. It just all of a sudden clicked and hes only had 2 accidents in bed so far. Hes 2 years 9 months. Just stop with nappys or he’ll never do it. I had one of those pottys that actually looked like a toilet.

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Reward him with a treat if he goes.

Try putting Cheerios in the toilet and letting him aim at them for practice

Talk to him and let him know that is the way big guys live. Tell him they dont use a diaper. That might work.

Training potty worked wonders for my 3 year old son. He trained in his room with the little potty when he was 2/yo were he was comfortable then we eventually got him to go on the big boy potty at about 3/yo used a little bribery and some discipline when necessary as he knew better then to go in his pants because he said he didn’t want to stop playing to go!! So yes discipline for the knowing he peed his pants on purpose and saying so and, rewarded him when he went like a big boy on his own. He is now 4/yo and goes on the big potty regularly no problem. It just takes some time,patience,bribery and,a little discipline when necessary and lots of good praise when he went like a big boy.

Keep him in just his training underwear, no clothes other than those and put his potty in a comfortable place like the living room. Give him a treat every time he uses the potty. It worked for my daughter who just turned 3!

I dress them in oversized shirts and they walk around bottomless. They get treats if they use the big potty

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Sit him backwards and let him use erasable markers to draw on toilet lid. But underwear on and a pull up on top, he’ll feel the wetness but no mess for u, other then his undies! Or let him run around the house naked. Dollar tree toys for prizes to go on the potty, with stickers an reward chart. M&M’s for going pee.

Boys want to stand up like dad. They do have urinal type potties for boys.

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My son was the same way, till this day he still has trouble using public toliets but he will if its an emergency but he has alot of bladder control

Never ever start him with incentive potty training or activity potty training please. It will be tough but using the toilet shouldnt be rewarded.

Only thing that worked with my son was to embarrass (however u spell it) him, but each kid different, what works for one won’t always work for another

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If he’s making a mess, he needs to clean it up. It won’t kill him.
My daughter tried this and I made it a point that if she wanyed to watch her show in the morning, she had to use the potty.
When we were out and she would say, “Mommy, I want…” My reply was, “When you do what I want and use the potty, we’ll see.”
It took a few days but sje got that I meant it amd she just started using the potty and running to tell me. Lol

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Only thing that worked.

The way we did it with my nephew (we lived in the country like deep back in the woods) let him start outside. He loved it! And he got to pick his own undies out. But it won’t help much if you live in the city lol good luck! My girls were easy but they were girls and it’s a little diff for them lol

My son just turned 3 and is the same way lol so stubborn

Get a bullseye toy for the toilet and have him try to hit it …get him a secure step stool for him to stand on to reach properly give him a little treat every time he hits the bullseye

Have patience momma! I thought we’d never get there with my daughter (turning 3 in just over a week) and all of a sudden last Wednesday, she started telling us when she needed to go potty and was wanting to go. We’ve not pushed it on her nor have we forced it just let her lead. Best thing we could’ve done! I have a potty prize box full of toys from the dollar store that she picked out and she gets to choose on accident free days or days that she’s just done exceptionally well. I also have a little book that she gets to put Mickey Mouse stickers in everytime she goes potty. She’s not pooping in the potty yet but as far as peeing goes, she’s doing amazing! Just have patience and don’t force the issue otherwise you just prolong it and stress everyone out.
As a side note, I worked in childcare for 8 years before becoming a mom and potty trained numerous children. We never forced it and let the kids go at their own pace. We never punished them for not going potty but definitely made a big deal out of it when they did (think lots of cheering and excitement).


And if you wait until 3 or after they just seem to get it more. As soon as I let my son stand though he was all for it

Use the toilet some boys find it easier to stand and wee .

I give my son gummy bears every time he goes pee on the potty. Sometimes when he doesn’t want to I’m all like “come on you don’t want any gummy bears. Mmmm guess I’m gonna go eat all the gummy bears.” Then he goes pee lol.

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Never push it on them. They will do it when they’re ready. My daughter is 3 next week and she’s still working on it. She does the same thing. Won’t go on the potty but as soon as her pull up is back on-boom-she potties.
But think about it, kids that age LOVE to continue doing things we tell them NOT to do. It’s why reverse psychology works so well with kids.
Tell him you DON’T want him to potty on the toilet. That it’s only for big boys. See if that works.:wink:

My son is 3 and he finally is potty trained I highly suggest the frog potty that u put on ur wall like a kids urinal. It’s like 12 dollars at walmart. My son had a regular potty and that and now he just pees on the big toilet, he did the same thing your son would do. Pee as soon as underwear were on and he even pooped on the floor. Patience and walk away when u get frustrated because u will :joy:

I just got this book and the advice in it is so simple but different than anything I’ve ever heard. It teaches kids to recognize when they have to go. I haven’t done it yet but it had great reviews.

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Put blue dawn soap in toilet when he pees on it it will bubble up he can make bubbles

I live were we have no one living close so my boys loved going outside and peeing

Put froot loops (4-5) in toilet water and make a game of it. And it teaches aim.

Had the same problem with one of my son’s. A friend was at my house for a visit and said to my son that he should act like a big boy now and go potty like daddy. Pull scales over beside toilet and stand up to pee. He told her OK and never wet himself again. He was around two to two and a half. Don’t know if this will work for you but my son felt like a big man then and that was that. Good luck!!!

take him outside! let him pee.on the fence!

Same here, Maisie just sussed it surprisingly quickly.

Put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and let him use it as a target!

my dad took my son in to go potty - told him they were going in to make bubbles - dad showed him how easy it was - only took 1 time- good luck!