How to start potty training?

Moms that have had your children potty train later: any tips?
Our daughter will be 3 soon and she has no intrest: she knows she gets a treat for using the potty.
We have little potty chairs in 2 rooms in our home…we haven’t pushed her…but ask her a couple times a day if she would like to try. She might 1x a day.
Several local programs including the prek require her to be trained to attend.

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If she understand you and does try. Go ahead and do the switch make it a big girl day. Take her to pick out her undies and throw the diapers in the trash.


Put her in underwear ?

With my daughter i tried a treat box thing… i filled it with head bands, hair clips, nail polish, little toys etc if she did all her wee’s on the potty that day she got to pick one before bed if she did a poo she got a chocolate or lollie with it.
I also tried going out and letting her pick her own undies and one day she wore them, wet herself once and obviously didnt like the feeling and was good from then on.

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My son played the Daniel Tiger potty game. It peaked his interest in the potty and from there we did treats. We also let him run around butt naked, I think that helped a lot

My daughter was tough to potty train. She was and is still very stubborn, almost 15 years later. I had to let her go completely bottomless in the house so she would use her potty. For whatever reason it worked. No panties. Just a shirt. She peed one time on the floor but after that she began using the potty.

Put her in underwear and set timers. Every 2 hours we sit for five minutes. I read to two of my kids and the third was just afraid to get Dora wet (I would make Dora stay off the tv if she potty in her panties for the day) treat every time she goes even it’s just a few drops in the potty. And a lot of patients

Sorry but SOON going to be 3 IS NOT later!!! That’s actually normal. Later would mean 3.5/4yrs

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Throw away all pull ups/diapers completely and just go straight to underwear even for nighttime. Take her to the potty every 30mins to an hour. DO NOT put pull ups on her, it will just confuse her

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Get rid of diapers and pullups

Don’t force but do help her understand that this is NOT a choice. And go straight to panties! No diapers… use a plastic bed sheet under her sheets! It worked like a charm for my 2nd daughter! (My 1st daughter was super interested and easy, my 2nd has been so stubborn from day one) You know if your child needs that extra push… also let her know she’s capable and she can do this!

You do realize your the parent right… 🤦 Make her sit on the toilet every 15 to 20 mins for a few mins, keep her in underwear not pull ups. do this continuously for 3 days straight without going anywhere


I didn’t train. It’s neurological. He just decided a few months off 4 that he was ready.
He was completely in undies both day and night all on his own terms

I believe the child has to be ready. That’s how it was with our kids. Didn’t matter what I did. It happened when they were ready.

That being said, don’t give up on it. Are you using a child’s potty? We both kids had one that the kids never used. Once they were ready, they went straight to the toilet.

I bought a kitchen timer and set it for every 30 min and put him in underwear . . . More laundry but after 3 days was doing great

Put her in undies. This worked for my daughter. She was four.

My daughter didn’t train until she was 3. She actually showed a lot of signs at about 2, and then her dad deployed and she got a baby sister and any potty training i treat evaporated. About 6 months ago she just decided it was time. She been trained ever since. I tried pushing and encouraging and that blew up in my face. It worked so much better and was so much less stress for her and for me to let her tell me when she was ready. The only tip i really have is that using the actual potty as opposed to the little one worked better. She wanted no part of that and will only use the “big potty”

Put her in underwear.

Don’t ask me. Mine will be 4 in October. We JUST got her potty trained during the day. She refused, cried, and screamed. Then one day it just started happening. I bribed her with a big treat, whatever she wanted, if she would go poop and now she’s super excited everytime she goes. She’s been day trained for a month. The last week she has woken up dry in the morning, so I may try panties at night soon, instead of pullups.

Don’t use pull-ups. Only underwear and/or being completely naked. Also, we never used treats or candy to reward going to the potty. 3 is the average age. You’re doing just fine. Don’t over stress it, or she’ll pick up on that and going potty will be stressful for her, too.

She will train and do it when she’s ready. It’s like a light switch for a lot of kids that are “late” with potty training.

Every kid is different. It took me about two or 3 weeks and it was rough. Cleaned up lots of messes. He was 2, almost 3. I made him go naked from the waist down for 3 or 4 days. Then once he was going on the potty for everything everytime without underwear, I introduced underwear. Then it was another week or two before it clicked with the underwear. This was a year ago. He’s almost 4 and he’s barely had any accidents day or night. Won’t hurt to try and if it doesn’t work, that’s ok because my kid isn’t your kid. Just wait or try something else. I was desperate because I had a new baby in diapers and it was expensive.

My daughter didn’t learn till she was almost 3 it just came naturally she wanted to be a big girl like everyone else !