How to stop a cold quick?

What can I do to stop a cold quick my son woke up this morning with some congestion and a lil bit of a cough what can I do as of today to help it to not progress


eating salt & vinegar chips cleared up my sinuses, as long as I can breath I’m ok lol

Garlic covered In cloth wrapped on his foot

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Local honey with A bit of cinnamon for cough

Colds are viruses- you may be able to lessen the symptoms and the length of time but you’re not going to stop a virus. They run their course and then on to the next victim

Sit him in the bathroom while you run a hot steam shower, vaporizer, lots of fluids.

Literally, nothing. Ride it out and treat symptoms as necessary.

My kid takes airborne. I swear ever since I put her on those she rarely gets sick. People also do emergen - C I haven’t tried that one yet.
But both help with immune system and have other vitamins in as well.

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Definitely recommend using steam to break up congestion…
Vicks on his feet for the cough…Vitamins…Plenty of water helps too


Kinda too late to stop it at this point :woman_shrugging:t2: elderberry syrup helps with duration, and relieves some of the symptoms. Honey (as long as he’s over a year) is good for a sore throat. But it’s a virus, kinda just has to run the course now :woman_shrugging:t2:


Zinc has been proven to cut colds short. Zicam is also a great option and has worked well for my husband and I in the past!

Vitamin C? I dont think you can use Zicam on him if he’s under 12

Slice potatoes and put a slice o the feet and cover with sock over night.

Cut an orange put in microwave with little salt for like 1 to 2 mins and squeeze all juice out add anoiytle honey and drink up

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Zinc and vitamin C. Zinc will shorten the virus

It depends on the age of the child they do sale EmergenC for kids and zycam and airborne are great to but not on young children…a very warm bath/shower can help…boiling water on the stove…using a vaporizer or humidifier in the room when they sleep…and hot tea with local honey and lemon are great…I also always use Mucinex

Hot shower/bath, children’s Mucinex, and Vicks vapor rub, fresh air and lots of liquids

Liquids, rest. It’s a virus. It just has to run its course. Warm liquids with honey can soothe a sore throat.

It’s already within his system it has to run its course. Hot tea is underrated. Mullein leaf tea will help expell mucus. Marshmallow root tea will coat everything and moisture the throat. Raw honey good as well. Or buy a multi symptom cold medicine. I don’t think you can stop it but you can lessen the effects of the cold or virus, it will still be present.