How to stop a toddler from biting their nails?

My 2 year old daughter has been biting her nails. She bites them until there is nothing left to bite and then goes for the toenails…she has been doing this for over a month. Has anyone else experienced this with their child? What can I do to stop it?


Can get special nail polish for this issue. It tastes gross

Following my 2 year old daughter does the same but her dad side of the family does it so she must of picked up on it from them .

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Sounds mean but i did germ x with my daughter…she still chews on them on long car rides or when she is nervous (she is 5 now) but it stopped her for awhile

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When she’s chewing Distract her. I’ve been a Biter all my life. (Not toes though) can also help.

I’m 32 they couldn’t break me

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There us nail polish for this…no bite maby. Worked for my sister when she was a teen

Following. My 2 1/2 yo son started doing this a little over a month ago, both fingers and toes. Seems like in just a couple days it turned into a full habit. Even when I distract him he still stops what he is doing to get a few bites in.

I did vinegar on my teens fingers . It helped for a bit . But ultimately ended up having to see a counselor for anxiety.

My 2 year old bites her nails. I bite mine, probably got it from me.

they have nail polish that when you bit your nails taste bad. by dad broke his habit after changing oil then bit his nails never did it again

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This stuff works! My daughter is now 15 and we used it for her and my youngest daughter. One sucked there thumb and the other bit there nails! Stops both habits. You paint it on the finger nails, super easy and dries instantly. Just don’t get it on your hands😂

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Hot sauce? Apple cider vinegar on her nails/fingers? Something that tastes gross to her that makes her not want to bite them? Call her doctor and see what they say

I’ve always been an avid nail biter. Off and on since i was about 4 or 5. The gross nail polish didn’t work for me. What tastes the nastiest in my opinion is nail polish remover. I get that on my fingers i didn’t want to chew my nails for hours.

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Been a nail biter all my life, my grandma would puy nasty tasting polish on and it still didn’t stop me. I would also chew on the back seat of the car, wooden coffee table when I was small. I think it’s from nerves and Dad also bit his. I’ve never had nails unless I had fake ones. It’s a hard habit to stop so start early.

Im a nail biter (not my toes eww) and I do it even more so when Im nervous or pissed off. Nothing not even nail polish has had an effect on my nasty habit.

My mother use to hot pepper on my sister nail she quit bite them may be you should ask your Dr

My daughter was bad with it. Eventually she grew out of it. I tried everything but she wouldn’t stop.

Dab nail polish remover and tell me what happens haha

As a nail tech, I say polish them. Tell her, if you stop biting them they’ll be pretty. And then you mom keep them pretty. Make it a day. It might be an attention thing. It could be a sensory nervous thing. Take her focus off of it. Write it down when she starts and then compare events.

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Please remember that she’s a baby and whatever u do has the potential of going in her eyes, nose, ears, etc. Definitely get to the root of the problem watch and see her behavior before she does it. Distraction is usually the only thing that helps all the time.

Theres a polish I used to help me stop, old habits die hard lol it worked though and no longer a habit. Tastes horrible and lasts about 2 days

Keep them filed very short and smooth

She may have anxiety.


Its an anxiety thing. Sadly I do this and horrible chew up the insides of my mouth. She’s probably over stimulated unless anxiety runs in your family

Anxiety you redirect, go together and get Pedy Manicures. If it bugs you that much. Give her something else to do. Hot sauce, vinegar, something sour, put lotion and socks on her hands. You two do your nails at home together. Best is if you redirect some thing positive replacement behavior. Give her age appropriate chore. She has Anxiety over some thing and doesn’t have words to tell you, you. Need to help her to explain her feelings in words pictures or something. This is early stage of your helping her deal with picky feeling she doesn’t know how to handle if you give her tools she can start building as she gets older she can face that feel and not go out in the world with anxiety.

Put hot sauce on them LOL just kidding she’ll grow out of it it’s just a phase

Go to the pharmacy and they have something for you to give her for biting her nails check it out

My son did this :joy: don’t worry it soon stopped and he’s 5 now. X

I used to do this when i was nervous when i was younger it could be anxiety

Pepper or hot sauce should stop it

My oldest did a few out grew it. I am 29 years old and my anxiety is so bad, nothing stops me. I’ve tried a million ways, a million times.

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Theirs a nail polish you can apply that has a horrible taste to it. Don’t remember what it is called though.

If u find a cure that works let me know. My sons five almost … he does these then more! He just smiles if i distract him…

Theres a nail polish called stop bite. It tastes terrible had to use it with my first child because she was a thumb sucker. And then used it with my son cuz he likes to bite his nails

Nail polish that stops that. Makes their finger nails basically taste gross

Tell her to stop doing that, it’s very dirty. Tell her Dr they may have an idea if why and if its anxiety.

My son is 11 and has always done this too.

My kid is a nail biter and so am i. Get her more active, it may help