How to stop a toddler from getting into everything?

My toddler is going to be 2 soon. How can I get her not to get into things without her crying?


Shit mines 3 and i still dont know lol

Child proof your things. I hear distractions help.

Redirect her attention

It’s the age… my 19 month cries all the time when you tell her no and redirect her… I laugh cuz she gets so dramatic

:joy: let us know when you find out


Sometimes you just have to let them cry a bit

Just give it to her lol

My youngest daughter who’s 22 months just got over this…she would cry when I’d take her away from things she’s not supposed be in she’d cry when she would fall onto her butt…just ignore it and they’ll eventually stop

That is nature. She only knows what she is taught. Put breakable out of reach. Teach her what no means. She will cry, that is her defense. You are the parent and you can not allow temper tantrums

Put things away, out of sight out of mind

Welcome to the terrible 2’s. Lol

Child proof everything. And be patient before you know it they move on to the next crazy phase

Prepare yourself…it’s gonna be a wild year!

Redirect and put up anything you really care about. It is easier than seeing your lil one and you in tears.

Let her cry and throw a fit but dont cave. I tried not to give it too much attention and eventually they learn it doesn’t work. For mine it didn’t happen overnight but it happened and then we moved into the next phase

Part of being 2yr old. And just wait get 3.

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Beat that ass haha :joy: im joking. But do redirection and just tell her NO in a firm voice and if she cries then so be it. Dont cave in.

Find a doctor who does elective amputations? :joy::rofl::joy:


She’s a toddler, she’s gonna flip her shit over anything. Just remain calm and try to redirect or ignore

Act silly and redirect attention, not always possible but it works. I agree, 3 is way more challenging than 2 lol

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My son will be 2 in November and is the exact same way! Lol it’s just the 2s, I have 13 nieces and nephews oldest being 16 and youngest being a month older than my son and it’s safe to say they all were the same way :joy: it’s just a stage they all seem to go through.

Wait another 3 years! :rofl: honestly, I have 7 kids and nothing worked at that age.

It’s developmentally appropriate for her to do that. Let her be and let her learn. Stop trying to take away the curiosity of a child please

Welcome to toddlers, you put your foot down and let them scream. Kids this age are testing you to see what it takes to get you to give in and let them win, it’s your job to show them you’re the boss and not the toddler. And so you’ll know this stage will reappear when they got the double digits and the tantrums can be bigger so be ready.

When you figure it out…please let me know!!

Consistent redirection.

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Baby proof your house

put things out of reach or locked

Wait until she moves out. At 11 my daughter is still overly emotional. Those hormones…:joy:

Welcome to toddlers Let me know when you figure it out .

Two year olds get into everything put everything up and away. My son will be two next month and even climbs on counters. Every thing has to be put away all the time

You don’t. Lol. Its a toddler thing. They are learning what they can and can’t do. They are figuring out what everything is. Its what kids do.

Give her something she can have. It will distract her.

Lock up the cupboards you don’t want her in and moving thing lower that what she play with and not break like Tupperware