How to stop bedwetting in kids?

I’ve posted many times before and got a lot of feedback! Well our 5 almost 6 year old still wets the bed. We cut off liquids at supper time (2 hours before bedtime). I am making sure he goes to the bathroom before bed. I don’t know if he’s not emptying his bladder. Because he does that during the day. We have talked to his doctor about it and she didn’t help any. I am doing laundry EVERY day. We even have extra sheets and blankets for him because since we live in an apartment with only one set of washer/ dryer I have to do it after he’s in bed (at 8pm). Sometimes if it’s open if it’s available. So I’m wasting about $50 a week just on washing his bedding. Ive also tried those disposable mats but they don’t stick that well on the mattress. And move or gets to wet and leeks on to the mattress. I’m at a loss. What else can I do?


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I’m in the same position with my daughter who will be 6 next month, she’s still wearing pull ups though, some nights if she doesn’t go to the bathroom before bed her pull up will leak through and get the bed wet, so we make sure she goes before she goes to sleep

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My brother was an extremely hard sleeper and wet the bed because of it. It is also more common in boys! He used a monitor similar to this one to help him know he was starting to wet the bed and it helped. Maybe instead of letting him sleep in undies use overnight for him to cut back on laundry? He is PT during the day so him wetting his undies vs overnights isn’t really doing any good other than frustrating you! He will outgrow it with time. Maybe see a pediatric urologist to see about the possibility of overactive bladder as well. Good luck mama❤️

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Try puppy training pads on the bed, they will absorb so much more


Girl use ur bath tub!!! His sheets r small enough!!! And its better to get pee out by soaking it in oxyclean.

Also normal normal normal!!! Some kids cant control bladder at night until 10-12. Totally normal! Keep up what ur doing. He will figure it out.


His body may not be ready. Or he may be constipated. My son wet the bed occasionally until he was 10 years old. Docs took multiple xrays and always found that he was severely backed up despite having a bowel movement daily. Ask for your doc to do an xray to check it out.

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Sometimes bed wetting can be a sign of an underlying issue and sometimes it’s just vitamin/mineral deficiencies;you may also want to cut out any unnecessary sugar intake as our bodies urinate more to try to get rid of excess sugars.
There are a lot of herbal teas you can use that help


My nephew is 8 and still has this problem … doc says it could be something traumatic that happened or it just could be the hard sleeper in him. The good nights sleepers work wonderful! It’s frustrating as a parent but not much can be done unfortunately

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My oldest son had the same issue. We contacted a company that gave us a mat for his bed, whenever he peed, an alarm went off, he was to get up, turn off the alarm, change the cover on the mat, clean himself up and go back to bed (all with supervision of course). It worked, took a couple months. This was a long time ago and not even sure if there’s a company that still does this. There was a fee but I can’t remember how much…

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Wake your child up around 12 or 1 am to potty then put the child back to bed. That’s how l did it.

Pull ups and maybe start waking him up before you go to bed to go to the bathroom.

I would see a new dr to be honest with you…

Medication. My oldest wet the bed until he was in 6th grade, and after trying the mats and alarms and everything else available we tried medication and the problem was solved immediately. He took the medicine about a year and we’ve never had a problem since.

My son is goung through the same thing. Also 6. We have him in goodnights so i don’t have to do laundry every night

It’s a sleeping disorder.
Please dont punish the child. He will eventually grow out of it.
I know first hand how irratating it can be.
The child probably inherited it. Just put a pull up ok n him and a rubber bedsheets on the mattress. Everyone will survive.

If all else fails, how about adult diapers at night??

My little sister did this until she was 8. My parents woke her up twice a night but it didn’t help. They did a sleep study on her and turns out that she is a very heavy sleeper at night and didn’t get the sensation to wake up. She is 17 now and has said sometimes it’s like a mad dash when she does wake up to make it on time. They say two specialists at cheo before they recommend the sleep study because there was nothing wrong medically to prevent her from going. She had been day potty trained since she was 18 months old. Maybe your little one is a very heavy sleeper too

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My friends oldest daughter wore pull up/overnights until about 7. Sometimes we have to accept our kids aren’t where they “should be” or other kids are at their age. Since it’s only at night maybe try a pull up.


Pull ups diapers at night till he grows out of it. Kids sleep hard and dont remember to get up to pee. He’ll grow out of it


Also, overnight pull ups, Walmart brand work great too

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put him in goodnight . my daughter wet till 8… its a brain development and genetic thing… sometimes you just have to wait it out

I’d be washing them in the sink and hanging outside to dry every day before I spent $50 a week washing them. Get pull ups!

Do NOT ridicule him. It will only make things worse. Invest in chux and then you might not have the frequent laundry problems. He probably will not want to wear depends. That would be too demeaning. Let him know that you understand that he can’t help it. Don’t stress him out of you can exasperated the problem. Good luck.

I wet the bed until I was 9 and my two sons did too. I know from experience that you just grow out of it. My grandson wears a pull-up at night. My sister and her kids did not wet the bed, nor does my granddaughter. But her brother does. I make sure there is no shaming, talking in front of others or making fun of anyone in our family who has had this problem. My oldest son was put on medication to help him quit but I worried so much about the “drug” that I took him off of it. It wasn’t working 100% anyway.

I would wake up in the morning dry, half asleep I would dream I was going to the bathroom and wet the bed.

Patience and protection at night is the best. There are “night pants” for any size.

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Overnight pull ups but continue with the no liquids as you are doing. Also put a pair of underwear over the pull-up so he thinks he’s in underwear.

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I’ve heard of plastic pants (kinda looks like a diaper) and sheets for the bed. I’m thinking about doing this for my daughter. She is gonna be 4 next week :sob::sob::sob::sob: and at my mom’s boyfriends she can go all night without wetting the bed but as soon as shes home…she soaks the bed. Makes no damn sense.

I agree with most of the post my son did the same thing. You can go to the doctor for the medication it did not work on my son. So I just waited till he finally grew out of it

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It could be a medical thing. My sister did it until she was 12, her daughter did the same. Just buy some pull-ups until it stops. It may be years.


My son is 5.5 and still has to wear overnight pullups. Some kids take longer because their bladder msucles aren’t strong enough, yet.


It’s a lack of a hormone that most of us make while we sleep at night…ADH/arginine vasopressin

Use a term for the pull-up that isn’t demeaning. Night pants, pj pants, anything that doesn’t sound shameful. We treat the night pants casually, like brushing teeth. It’s " go get your night pants on and brush your teeth". It’s a normal part of the day.


It is not his fault and there is nothing you can do. His bladder just isn’t maturing as fast as his body. You can find some night time pull ups until his bladder matures. Remember that it is not his fault and that this is something he cannot control. Use terms like night underwear, not diapers or pull ups. He is likely very embarrassed about it

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You can take him to a urologist who works with the bladder and would know more some kids wet the bed because their bowl is full and compress the bladder at night causing them to wet the bed I would see a urologist who can help more with the problem

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I went through this and I feel for you. It’s frustrating! Get an extra set of bedding so you can use in rotation. We also used nighttime pull-ups. I tried everything and then suddenly at almost 8, we didn’t have any more issues and he was able to wake up and go during the night.

The bladder is lined by muscles, it expands and contracts. It take time to strengthen it. The average age to be fully might trained is 6-7. If it’s not medically an issue, it’s just something that will take time. My daughter has a “weak” bladder and she will be 6 in November. We still use good nights… some morning she wakes up dry and others it’s like the floodgates let out in the middle of the night. If we wake her up she is dry, if she wakes up on her own she is wet. We use the big washable bed pads that you see in the hospital under her just in case, they are so much easier then washing sheets and big mattress protectors. Personally I would try a midnight bathroom routine for a couple of weeks, waking him up in the morning and taking him straight to the toilet.

Take him to a urologist. He may have a problem

Plastic mattress cover

My son wet the bed till he was almost 8…some kids have smaller bladders and just can’t help it…get nite time pants and mattress pads…eventually they outgrow it.

My 6yr old is the same at night. Maybe 1 night a week she won’t have any accidents. But still wears pullups. Going to talk with her dr since there is a med that’ll help with overnight bladder control.

I’d be having him wear a diaper until hes grown out of it, which should be anytime now!

My boy has been potty trained for 3+ years (he’s 5.5) and will still wet at night sometimes. Something we’ve found to help is we stop drinks at 5:30 or 2 hours before bed if it’s a late night, and then I wake him up to pee before I lay down for the night (after he’s been asleep a few hours). If I wake up in the middle of the night and see he’s restless I will get him up to pee again. We have a lot less accidents if we stick to that routine.

Has he got checked for diabetes?

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Get big kid pull ups until hes dry for awhile

Question. How does he behave after he’s wet the bed?

Some kids just can’t help it. Eventually,they outgrow it.

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Get a plastic waterproof mattress cover. Try cutting liquid and hour or so earlier. Have him go several times before bed maybe every 30 mins after drinks are cut for the night.

Look on Amazon for a potty training device. It’s about $25. I’ve heard amazing things about it. I know 3 people personally it has worked for. Good luck.

Omg please get him tested for Type 1 diabetes!! This was the 1st sign for my son.

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I have a 7yo who does the same thing… we stop liquids before bed, have him pee 3-4 times before bed, had his tonsils out, wake him up before we go to bed (doesn’t help bc he’s a crying disaster and can’t relax to go pee). We had him in night time pull ups but found out he’d be laying on bed awake and still pee in them :expressionless:.
So now, he is striping his bed of mats, sheets, blankets and washing them all only to put them back on to do the same thing.

His dr says he will out grow it, which i sure he might. But medication may be an option.

You could try puppy wee pads too. He will grow out of it. My husband attmitedly wet the bed until he was 6. He has a “very active/proficient” kidney so he pees a lot. He grew out of wetting the bed eventually

Some kids wet the bed. Just buy the pull ups there is nothing I can do

Buy some goodnights, it’s not a big deal. If you are concerned you could get them checked for apnea. It’s often a sign but not always the case. The kid has no control over the bed wetting :blush: Also get one of the plastic mattress protectors, they are at Walmart for 5 bucks and the entire mattress gets zipped into it.

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Thier things u can get to put in thier under wear its kinda like a pad to help him or her not to wet the bed. It happens to alot of kids, they will grow out of it. I took my daughter to the doctor and he said sometimes kids bladder dont catch up with the rest of thier body, plain english, its just weak and my doctor said just wash your beddling, cause the child cant help it. And my doctor was right she grew out of it.

First of all, you stomp right back into that doctors office and demand tests. If there is no behavioral issue going on, then testing needs to be done. Urine test to check for uti, ultrasound to check the bladder and kidneys. The doc has to rule out medical issue first!

My son (human) had this problem until he was thirteen. I tried everything Dr tried everything. I went to Sears and bought one of those aluminum pads with sensors attached. The instant one little ďrops on the pad the buzzer goes off. It was immediate…broke the cycle. He was sleeping too soundly. He is 47 and it has never happened again.