How to stop breastfeeding a toddler?

I am 35-weeks-pregnant with number 3, and my 2-year-old still breastfeeds in the morning and evening. How can I get him to stop? I have tried everything, but he will not go to bed without breastfeeding. I need to put a stop to this before the baby is born because I know it will cause issues. How did you wean your toddlers?


Following! Maybe ask your Dr or a lactation consultant?

Sorry pump it off and give to him in a beaker then swap it for fresh milk

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Bandaids on your nipples say you have boo boos


You stop. Like taking a bottle or cup away. Slowly. But in my opinion ONLY offer a cup. If they want a drink they will take it. Honesty a 2 year old doesnt need to breastfeed they rely more on food for their nutrients so if you go the route of just stopping itll cause crying but that’s it


I did it really slowly and just offered milk or water instead


I told him they were broken it took a couple days but then he stopped asking. That was over a year ago. Now he tells me all the time that my chest hurts cuz it’s broken but hey he weaned.:woman_shrugging:

My sister put black bandaids on her nipples and told her daughter “look! They are all yucky!!” And it worked. :joy::joy:

I just told my 2 yr old that my milk was gone. She arguedwith me and finally told me she was sick and had a fever

I told my little girl they were broken and she would not have it so i smothered honey and coffee on top and when she pulled my top up not long after she was disgusted and went off them took me a couple of days to ween her off… :relaxed:


Ah see every two year old isn’t the same right. Going off the mentality of my 2 year old I’d say just stop :woman_shrugging:t2: 2 year olds don’t need to be on boob. Make a story book about boob being passed onto baby and give him a sticker every day he goes without and then take him to buy a new outfit and big boy toy

I’m in a pregnant/tandem breastfeeding group as well as an extended breastfeeding group & just know if you go that route that there is support. Once the baby comes your toddler might start nursing more.


I cold turkey quit breastfeeding my son in Feb when we found out we were expecting another baby. He was 1 year and 7 months and he was exclusively breastfed only since he was born. It was hard the first few days but after a week he learned to fall asleep without it and stopped trying to get it after two weeks.

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apply nail biting medicine

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Start when the signs go into the knees

Tandem nursing doesn’t cause problems. Your milk automatically adjusts for which kid needs the most nutrients, which would be the newborn.
Some women nurse the newborn on one side and their toddler on the other side exclusively and the milk looks completely different from one breast to the other because the body auto adjusts fat content, antibodies, and nutrients. It’s actually pretty neat.


Put bandaid on it and tell him it is hurt. If he asks to try it, put lemon juice on it. Worked like a charm. :laughing::laughing:


My little man was 15 months when I was ready to stop. My lactation consultant told me to leave him for a weekend. It was hard, but I left him around bedtime one night with my hubby and one night with my mom and he never tried again after that. I didn’t stay gone the whole weekend just left til he fell asleep without the boob.

U just gotta stop. Itll be a rough couple days or nights but it’ll be ok.

Just gotta throw the gauntlet and wait it out. You can do it mom.

I had that issue with my first when I had my second . I didn’t ween my oldest before my 2nd was born and then my body wouldn’t produce the right amount of milk for my son and he ended up on formula. I wish you luck because I know how hard it can be

I was 20 weeks pregnant when I decided to wean my 2 year old. He was the same way and breastfed only morning and night and then on his own went to night time only. When we would go to bed I let him breastfeed for about 5 minutes the first 3 nights and would tell him “all gone” and unlatch him and just snuggle him. He would sometimes whine for a few seconds but would end up cuddling and sleeping. After those few days I cut down to 2 minutes for 2 nights and would repeat all gone and then I cut it down to literally a few seconds and then he just stopped asking at night after about a week. (:


You’ll also be in the hospital for a day or two and he won’t get that milk!!

Put bandages on your breast and anytime he wants to breastfeed pretend it hurts. IT WORKED! And my 2 year old doesn’t really talk much and he was able to understand. He still nurses at night and I’m ok with that at least I have freedom throughout the day

I have two VERY stubborn kids. I literally had to go cold turkey. Was a rough couple days but worth it in the end

I have breast feed all 7 of my children one set of twins and one special needs toddler and a newborn at the same time it won’t hurt either of them to nurse both but if you really want to quit do it cold turkey and explain over and over the new baby needs the baby milk (booby milk) take toddler to store and let them pick their own favorite cup and snacks holder

I brush his teeth and tell my 1.5 years old son that after brushed, he can’t eat or drink except water. He was annoyed and sad only for 2 nights and it works well.

My son was 2 when I stopped bf because I found out I was pregnant. I put bandages over my nipples and told him they had “owies” . He wouldn’t even get fussy he would just help me . He was very attached to bf for comfort but it only took a week or two to ween him completely !

Aw I’m on the same boat my 2yr old still feeds mornings and night can’t get him off

Shelly Rogers some good tips on here cuz

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I knew someone who put something on their boobs. I think it was some sort of cream or Vaseline and it made them stop

You don’t need to wean at all. Join these two groups if you want help learning how to tandem feed.

Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding Older Babies and Beyond

You could tandem feed if that’s something you would like to try, a lot of mamas are successful with it.

If you are set on stopping, your best bet is to stop cold turkey and don’t give in. Your little one might give you a rough couple of days over it but you just have to stick with it.

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From my experience, I weaned my 16mo old while I was around 20 weeks. Tha hardest 2 weeks of our lives. Fast forward to when I’m at home breastfeeding my newborn and she used to cry her heart out watching me feed him. I just gave up and breastfeed the both. Hes now 10 months and is ready to stop while shes going on 3and far from ready :woman_facepalming:

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I didn’t, they weaned themselves. As they eat and drink more variety they no longer need the milk. But, they do need the closeness. Introduce an alternative to nursing at those times, perhaps a pacifier and a massage with lotion or a story or a toy for only that time. Or let Dad do something with him that becomes their routine. As he gets older and sees baby nursing reinforce BABIES nurse, big boys use cups, etc.


It doesn’t necessarily have to cause issues. My two year old was breastfeeding when my son was born. It worked out fine.

I used a binky and still put her in the same position on the boob. Try to slip it in without him noticing and still do the same cuddles same way

Maybe try a weekend away when you come home just dont offer it

Just stop breastfeeding simple as that. Get the baby tired before bed,a nice warm bath,night book stories and prayers off to sleep.


My husband is a blessing.

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I do a research on the web and I found that if you put some tape with gauze in your niples that’s work. In my case I did and it worked. When she try to touch my breasts I told her that my breasts hurts and I’m in pain. Then she understand that she can touch mommy’s breasts. I hope it can work for you the same way it worked for me.

This is kind of one of those tricks passed down from Grandma 🤷 but I rubbed vinegar on my nipples with my middle kiddo So they tasted awful and just told her they must have gone bad :flushed:

I don’t really have much to offer except to say good luck mama. :heart: And congratulations on your new arrival.

Cut out the morning feed and only nurse before bed. Do this for about a week then stop nursing before bed. Instead of nursing before bed, try giving a snack with milk in a sippy cup and tell him big boys drink milk in a cup and nursing is for babies so we have to save the breast milk for the new baby. That’s what i did and it worked way better then I would have thought.

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A lot of women feed both now, it’s not so taboo to feed two children :woman_shrugging:t4:

Your the moma he is the child your the boss he is not talk with your other half tell him you going to have to help that means you help bring him into this world now you have to be strong for the both of you fix the child milk in a cup that dosent leak fix him warm milk or chocolate what ever kind fix his bed talk to him gown tell him your fixing to have a baby brother or sister and you have to save milk for him or her because she not a big girl or boy she want have teeth like him so tell him no boob tonight his your blanket a cup of good big boy or girl cup you may let him pick out a new cup his only and put him to bed turn out the lights do what ever else you do at night to get him to sleep read a story what ever than do what ever you do like go to bed clean up kitchen what ever just dont give in to him or her make him stay in bed and also if he cries its only strengthening his lungs do not give into him if you do then he will know he can push you over and you will give in thats why you need your spouse to do this with you first night will be hard and it will take couple nights but i promise if you stick to your guns night 3 should be easy

Get you a farmers almanac and go by the dates in there for weaning. Also put cabbage in your bra, it will dry your milk up.

You just stop dude. Tell them no more boobs or milkies or whatever phrase you use and then don’t give them boob. Everyone’s different and not every 2 yo is on the same level of course I’m going by my own 2 yo maturity level. He would cry sure but just bc you cry doesn’t mean you get what you want. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just stop giving it to them. Put something bitter on them. Yeah your child will cry n try to get them but you need to be firm and say no and give them a sippy cup of milk or water or juice. You’re the parent


Hahah you dont. Ive been trying since 18 months, even tried harder at 2 and now she is almost 3.5 and still gets babies for bed… She didnt drink milk, juice etc except water when we tried. They will let you know when theyre ready, but you can always start by cutting out feeds and every week cut out another. Night time weaning will always be the hardest so save it for last.


Stop cold turkey or cut out feeds. I’d imagine he doesn’t have that many now? Maybe do morning, noon and bedtime. Stick at it. Distract him, find what works for you. My little girl was a sod for it, she still tries get ‘booby cuddles’ now and she’s 4!!

I took birth control pills and my milk dried up.

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I didnt get my last weened until he was almost 3. It was a comfort thing to him. So he did cry when I told him no nurse. He did however find comfort in my holding him in a blanket and reading to him and he really loves books now. There will be crying but I would recommend not taking that cuddle time away from him and find something he enjoys while cuddling.

Try introducing different foods your toddler likes during meal time. That is healthy, but they injoy. My son loves bananas and grapes. So usually he’ll get one or the other, with something meat related. And some pedicure. To insure hes getting all his nutrients he needs. Its very difficult at first. My son is a boobie boy at heart. And turns 2 in October. After I got him his own table. He sits every meal time, and eats his food. He typically will snack and play with what he has to eat. Then when its time for his nap, ill offer the boob. Wear tight fitting shirts. I cant explain how difficult the first few days will be. Its hard. But worth it. When you just get your toddler to have the boob during naps and bedtime. My son has gotten to the point where he gets it when he’s tired. So he’ll fall asleep quicker. And when he’s ready for bed. Try to get your significant other, or someone you trust to come over for to stay the night for a few days. And step out of the room after you give your toddler their food. So they’ll have to eat it. Im sure the table my son has, has helped him feel more independent. And I highly recommend it. I woukdnt reccomend cutting your toddler completely off the boob. Thats all they’ve known. :heart: keep your head up. Its hard. But worth it.

It’s hard to do . I have tell my 2 yr old mommy is out of milk . Wear a bra and a shirt that he can’t lift or pull the top down . It’s hard. I’m there with you .

Pump ot and put it in a soppy cup tjat he picks out. Start out with 100% breast milk. In a fee days add a bit of 2% to it and keep doing it ever so often until he is on 100% milk

My kids got off bottles as soon as they could hold it and got sippy cup then once they hit 1 they got 2%

Most of my friends literally cut cold turkey

Yes it’s a process that takes time. Give him a bottle a cup and wear tight shirts so he can’t lift them. Like a sports bra. He will have fits he will scream and it will feel like forever but soon enough he will let you be. Meaning that he needs entertainment in other ways like playing. You’ll feel like at first you can’t do this because of the fits but in time if you say no and give him a bottle or sippy cup he will understand that you mean business. As always good luck and god speed ahead

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I know this may sound harsh but I used lemon juice on the nipple then after a time or two he stopped lol