How to stop breastfeeding?

How do I stop breastfeeding?


I’m also asking the same question :raising_hand_woman:t3:

I put cabbage leaves in my bra and took Claritin allergy medicine.

Replaced the cabbage leaves quit often.

The less milk you pump/feed your supply will get use to it and eventually dry up.

Wait, how to stop breastfeeding or lactating? If you’re talking about nursing- Most babies self wean. But if you want to stop sooner, if you have help, Every time you’d normally nurse your child, your partner should take the baby and feed them with a bottle or rock them to sleep. Out of sight of you. Worked for me 3 times. On my 6th child and we’re letting her self wean cause shes my last. And she only nurses to fall asleep now at 2yo. Or if she gets hurt and needs extra comfort during the day🫶