How to stop bullying?

What’s the correct way to handle bullying? My ten year old daughter has been telling me that three kids are constantly making fun of her Physical appearance. Calling her names such as “fat” “hairy legs” you get the point. I have had talks with her on how to handle it herself but she’s still coming home in years. Any suggestions.


I’d go to the school and talk to the principal about it.

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Is this at school? I would speak to the principal of the school, most schools have an anti-bullying policy

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I would talk to the school . I’m so sorry :disappointed:

My mom once told my sister who was being bullied at the time, if she didn’t go to school and take out the gobbiest one there then she’d be the one in trouble. Needless to say, she was never bullied again

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If her trying to handle it herself isn’t working, I would talk to the school. I also think that the other girls parents need to be informed. They more than likely won’t be making fun of her anymore once their parents find out about this


Go to school administrators next! Bullies are the reason these 8-20 year old kids are killing themselves! Or take her out of school and send her elsewhere. There’s always
Gonna be bullies. But it needs to be brought to the schools attention too!
Also, I know she’s only ten, but maybe teach her how to shave if you haven’t? It seems young but with girls getting periods earlier-maybe this will help her a little? Just a suggestion :woman_shrugging:t3:
Orrrr let her sock a little fucker in the
Mouth after you take it up with the school if it happens again! But don’t yell at her if she does lol.

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I would talk to the principal or school counselor. I was bullied pretty badly in school, too so I know her pain. Ignoring it is so difficult if it’s relentless like it was with me. Just make sure you always tell her she’s beautiful and that you love her, that those kids don’t matter. Make sure she knows you are there to just listen to her cry if she needs you to be.


So sorry this is happening to your daughter. I would contact the school but in addition to talking with the principal I would also email as to have a paper trail. These things can escalate


Can you contact their parents?

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I would talk to the school principal and set up a meeting with the students, that are doing the bullying, and their parents


Take it to the school. If the school refuses to do anything about it, tell your daughter to punch the biggest one in the mouth! If the school tries to discipline your daughter for that, take it to the school board. Make sure you record what is said when you take the issue to the school, that way they can’t say you never let them know of the problem. You have to put an end to it, if the school won’t and your daughter needs to let them know she won’t have it and a solid punch to the mouth will do just that. Good luck!


In my experience the child who gets bullied is the one who suffers when it’s reported to the school…kids DO NOT LIKE coming home and telling their parents or anyone for that matter that they are being bullied…most of the time kids will take it and be silent until it’s too much. Mind you I was a sophomore the first time I was bullied…it got so bad I had some dark thoughts…needless to say instead of following thru with those dark thoughts…I pushed them out of my head…and I found them one by one and punched them in the face. NOT CONDONING VIOLENCE BUT if my child was bullying someone…and I found out about it…I would not only punish my kids but I would also tell them that I hope they get the shit kicked out of them…BECAUSE I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE MY KIDS COME HOME WITH A BUSTED NOSE AND A FAT LIP, THAN FINDING OUT THEY CAUSED A CHILD TO HURT THEMSELVES. I have also explained this to my school aged kids who are: 8, 14 and 15. BECAUSE REPORTING IT TO THE SCHOOL GENERALLY ONLY MAKES IT WORSE.

honestly not the best advice but my boyfriend and i both got bullied until we started beating asses, it stopped :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

Look online on the schools website for their bullying…or rather anti bullying policy. Copy and paste it.
Highlight where they are epically failing.
Point out the huge safeguard concerns.

Email fao the head teacher. If you have already spoken to them before and they’re still failing…then copy in the governing body…so over here in the UK that would be OFSTED.

Email for the paper trail. Plus every complaint in writing goes on file correctly. Verbal one’s don’t. X

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Talk to the pricipal…the teachers…go there and make them talk to you. Dont sit back and allow this to happen. Its great that u are teaching her to stand up for herself, but shes a 10 yrs old kid. It hurts. If there is a no bullying policy,then those kids need to be delt with. The other kids parents should also know about what their kids are doing. They might have no idea.

Talk to the principal and parents
Tell your daughter she is so beautiful and so loved and not to listen to what those kids are saying.
I hope this gets resolved

Kristen Sternberg I totally agree. My niece is 10 and was having the same problems with the hairy legs/under arms and my sister taught her how to shave that took care of that problem tho. But the bullying shouldn’t be happening in the 1st place… I hate that kids can’t be kids anymore they start getting judged before they even make it out of elementary now :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, take it to the school. However a lot of administrators with “no bullying” policies rarely enforce them. When I was in 7th grade, some girls were being awful to me, to the point where I thought suicide was the answer. When my parents found this out and brought it to the principle, she said she didn’t want to “make too much of a big deal out of it since it was so close to the end of the school year anyways”. Those were her words to my family.
If the school doesn’t do anything, talk directly to the girls and their parents. That’s what worked in my case. Most parents don’t know their kids are bullies.

Email the principal your concerns so that it is documented that you voiced your concerns and ask the principal to respond via email too. You can never be too careful and kids are too quick to escalate nowadays. Always, always document communication through email so if you’re not satisfied with his response, you can contact higher up.

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My little sister was always bullied and I was always the one to fix it. My mom always told us if we didnt stick up for each other we was in trouble. And if anyone hit us and we didnt do anything about it she was gonna whoop us. But she also taught that words cant hurt you. And those people or kids in this situation is just jealous of what they dont have. Ps maybe teach her to shave her legs?

I would be going to the school asap

Speak to school thats dreadful at 10yrs old…

Let her bring a bat to school cause the school system is t gonna stop it


My grandson went to new middle school was also bullied after talking to principle an teacher they didn’t know he had iep he had been in that distric 4 yrs. He didn’t get the couseling he was suppose to an they kept bullying him being excited at first middle school within a couple months he was getting off bus in nearly tears because of it. We changed school districts an hes doing great!!!

Sorry but my kids were taught to fight if need be , boxing lessons? Kids need to stand up for themselfs :muscle:


If the school already knows about it, there isn’t much else to do until things actually get physical. But I’d say start teaching her that words are words. Yeah they sting, but they can’t do anything that she doesn’t allow

He needs a bodyguard friend as she is outnumbered.

Talk to the principal and maybe the parents. If that doesn’t work then go over their heads and talk to the superintendent


I’ve pulled my 11yo son out of school to homeschool him for this same reason. Talking to the teachers, principals, and counselors will only do so much. Kids who are bullies, don’t even listen or respect the adults and what they say anymore. It’s sad. Good luck Momma.


If she is telling the teacher and nothing is being done then it’s time to set a meeting with the principal. I’m telling you as soon as my daughters bullies seen me walking into the school they knew right away this momma bear does not allow bullying period. She has not had even a tiny problem since and it’s been over a year know.

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Go to the school and talk to a administrator… I’m going through a similar situation right now. Where I live in Alabama they don’t play with it. The consider it a 3rd degree a fence

Teach her how to shave properly & teach her to fight… 99% of the time a bully will leave u alone if u punch them in the face 1 good time


Id go straight to the parents and ask why their kids think its okay to bully my child. Thats unacceptable behavior on both the kids part and the parents part.
The old me wouldve just showed up at there houses and knocked their teeth into their throats but, im a changed woman. Lol communication is key in an event like this.
Maybe sit down with the kids and explain to them why what they are doing is wrong and how it would feel if the tables were turned and kids were making fun of them.
You never know the reason behind someones doings until you confront them.
Kids included.
They themselves could be being made fun of, or beat up or anything is possible.

Go to the school get her to point the kids out watch to see them run to there parents then go tell them sort it or u will sort them it worked for me that is ur little girl that’s that I don’t stand for anyone bullying my kids I would seriously go on psycho if the teachers don’t listen and the child is too vulnerable then it’s us mommas that have to step up it’s our job

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They can’t do anything if they don’t know. Normally the principal will not have the bullies in his office with your daughter. You get suspended for bulling in my school district.

All else fails, go to the parents. Always give the school a chance to fix it first.

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go to the school, be reasonable until that doesnt work. then use any and all resources available even if that means using the media to out the school, the kids, their parents. keep encouraging your babe, let them know something is wrong with her bullies that makes them want to hurt others. mama bear, mama shark, whatever inner mama beast you got, use it.


I am so sorry :cry:
I would talk to the principal, teacher and/or parents. Basically make everyone aware of the bullying.

PS: if it was up to me, I would allowed my son/daughter to punch them in the nose but since he/she might get in trouble, a martial art class will give him/her some confidence :wink:


I’d talk with the principal and teacher, In the same room. Tell them you’ve had enough and be firm. Do not be miss sweat heart. Lol… they need to do something and they need to do it now. Make sure you have the names of these little :poop:s as well.


Anything is better than what my parents did, which was nothing.

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Talk to the school. Not sure if all schools do it but my daughter’s have a bullying plan. My daughter was bullied by a girl. Now the school has something in place that keeps them apart. They’ve even started counseling both my daughter and the bully. Since this was put in place, my daughter has done really well.


Have a meeting with the parent, kid, teacher and principal. If all else fails, put her into Brazilian jiu jitsu, and that’s to be used for self defense only


Report the lil jerkface assholes. Teach her to fight, just in case. Tell her even Jesus had haters. All the good people do. She was made on purpose, with purpose, and she is perfect. :heart: :+1:t3:

I went straight to the kid, I had to chase home down by going house to house till I found where he lived I let the kid know that touched my child and then stole his sim card from his cell phone that if he touched my kid again there will be problems and also he’s lucky I didn’t call the cops for assault and theft… Now all his friends and others think I’m crazy and not to mess with my child … Would of spoke to the parents too but they of course weren’t home at 8pmat night


Start with the school. Talk to the teacher and principal. If it continues then demand a sit down with the school and the other parents. Document everything

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Chloe Schechinger when my twins were being bullied on the school bus in the 5th grade - the principal wanted to move them to the front of the bus, where the kindergarten kids sit and also what the bullies wanted to happen. I refused to let them be moved and after several arguments and threatening to go to the schoolboard and the news papers they finally moved the bullies and gave the 2 biggest bullies ended up with inschool suspension for several days. Be persistent and take it as high as needed and the threat of going to the newspapers - just months after our school was written up for participating in a new anti- bullying program - was effective. Please keep telling your daughter how beautiful and special she is and sometimes just hold her while she cries and tell her how bad this whole thing sucks and that you’re right beside her always. Good luck and much love. :hugs::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

In addition to the above suggestions on how to handle true bullying, spend time every day teaching your daughter about self love, believing in herself and being a body positive role model for her. Teach her that all people all beautiful regardless of their body type of whether or not they shave their legs! Read books, watch shows and movies with positive messages… get her involved in positive activities, sports, dance, cheer, groups of kids who help lift each other up! Help her foster a self image that’s strong!

Me personally I think schools never deal with these issues properly or promptly I’ve been here with my daughter who’s very timid and was running in the roads in front of cars to get away from going to school which broke me in two I had every single one of their parents and let them no if it carried on and they didn’t sort their child I would be approaching them again but not to talk… Sometimes that’s what it takes &also let the school no if it’s not dealt with they do not want me to pick my daughter up because all hell will break loose

With my son he’s completely opposite to my daughter and has learning difficulties when it happened to him his dad took him school when he first started years back made him point out the boy wha was bullying him and stood there while my son punched him up and that was infront of the kids mom too and let him no he won’t be taking his crap anymore and everytime he does something to him he will do the same and it stopped he never had an issue again…
I always always taught once u hit a bully they don’t wanna no and move on

Start with speaking with the teacher, ask if they have noticed any odd behavior with your child and interaction(s) with bullies, next step bring it up to the principal, next step the super intendant, keep going up the ladder until something is done to make sure bullying doesn’t happen. Along the way also speak to your daughter and try to boost her confidence so that way words like that won’t sting as much. These are obviously things she feels insecure about herself and the bullies have picked up on it.

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I had this problem…10 yr old boy bullied for 2 years…did the school thing…principal…teachers…told my son to warn him next time that if he keeps it up…he is going to get hit…the last time…he hit him…its a start…good one…suspended 3 days…but i went to battle with principal…told him that we told him to do that…he said…fair enough…

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Our school has an anti bullying policy, my daughter told the vice principal that a kid called her fat & another name. All he said was you aren’t know aren’t right? She said I don’t know. It ended there. I’ve told her to ignore it or tell them to talk to their parents that way. We talk about it constantly and try to build up her confidence.

Going to the school & parents is the right way but sometimes they do nothing to help I’ve been there so I took it into my own hands & told the bullies ( they was 14-15 ) if they so much as looked at my child ( age 6) I would beat the - - - - out of them even if I had to go to jail & I meant it . It ended the bullying

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Talk to the teachers, but it will probably still happen. You need to teach your child not to let the opinions of others bother her. I was bullied non stop from reception to year 10. It doesn’t get better. The names just get more creative. I decided in year 8 that I just didn’t care what people said about me anymore, and the bullying didn’t affect me as much as it had throughout primary school.

Teach her how to shave, and if she has a weight issue just talk to her pediatrician for help on losing weight for her.

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Unfortunately I just had to deal with the bullying stuff this year when my youngest started kindergarten she was bullied for weeks in school and even though the whole anti bullying policy did not help her and I went all steps I talked to the teacher, principal and kids parent but unfortunately nothing worked. I kept teaching my daughter how to love herself and know that no matter what some ignorant child said that she is beautiful with a beautiful soul and huge heart, it’s not easy having to deal with it at my daughters age but we have made it through… I hope that find the answers in everyone’s comments and the bullying stops for your daughter

Teach her to take up for herself. Let her break bad on them.If she’ll fight back just one time it will scare the others.

Talk to the teacher. If that doesn’t work, talk to the principle.

Bring it to the school first & get a hold of the parents… That’s the short answer

You must be her advocate.
You must let the teacher know whats occurring…if ahe doesnt end ir, then you have to go to principal…keep being involved until its resolved

I always have to wonder where the teachers are when these horrible comments are being made. I know they can’t be everywhere, but you can’t help but wonder if they pay any attention at all sometimes. My son was bullied for years. It is so sad because it takes its toll and changes who they are.

Go to the teachers & principal at the same time. Give them one chance to get it stopped. Tell them if u have to come back, they will need to bring in the other child’s parents. If that happens, let it be known to all of them that the next child that bullies your own, that your child has your permission to take up for herself in whatever way she needs to & that she will not be suspended or punished in any way if it comes down to that.

So not cool hope your daughter hears your words over theirs. But if you have to get the school board involved

Get The school & the Parents! All in one setting! Too many kids are committing suicide now a days because of bullying. Be firm! & If it continued & were my child I would cuff a charge!:facepunch:t5: Rather than bury my child because bulling! Thats what mama bears do! we protect our children! Hope everything works out!

My grandson was bullied for a year in front of the teacher in front of the principal and they did nothing the last day of school my grandson had enough the bully started on him again he turned around and he decked him so hard and knocked him down teacher told him you’re going to be suspended on the last day of school? My daughter went up to the school she told them you try it and we’ll see what happens I’ve complain to the principal I’ve complained to the assistant principal I’ve complained to the teacher these things happened in front of you and you did nothing go ahead and try to suspend him and see what happens nothing happened to him but he took care of it

Talk to the teachers, if that doesnt work take her out,

Go to the school and of the school doesn’t resolve it go to the education department in your council and make a complaint about the schools anti bullying policy it will get dealt with