How to stop charlie horses?

Any moms have any tips on getting rid of Charlie horse’s? Fast. I had what seemed like the worst one of my life last night. Lasted a long time, and seems to be trying to come back every time I relax my foot and leg. Also i am 22 weeks


massage it , heating pad , keep moving your leg around & flex your foot back n forth

Pickle juice!! I swear to God it works. Also eat a banana


Potassium… Potatoes with the skin on have more potassium than bananas do

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Potassium and Hylands restful legs. Total life savers

Drinking pickle juice will get rid of it. My husband has to do that

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Bananas and extra calcium. During the actual Charlie horse point your toes up and have someone push them back gently.

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More potassium. Bananas and peanut butter

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Calcium and magnesium as well as the potassium.

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Stand up and lean forward so you stretch out your calf muscle. Pickle juice will actually help!

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I eAt a bann,Ana. A day.

Tablespoon of mustard every night it works


Lots of water & bananas or potassium

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Half a Gatorade every day!

I drank a lot of Gatorade before bed

My OB added a calcium pill and it helped sooo much. He said baby sucks so much calcium from you that your almost always low

Tonic water and a solution of sugar and salt in water worked for me as this is what my body was seriously lacking

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More potassium and massage it helped me

Walk it out, thats what i do.

Drink pickle juice !! It works

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I tried everything and was told that it’s just a part of pregnancy that I needed to deal with. My husband was awesome about it though, the poor thing would wake up with me and massage my leg until it went away.

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Pickle juice, bananas, vinegar, mustard…all will help

1 tablespoon mustard and a glass of water, goes away quickly

yes the mustard trick works like a charm for me

Drink more water and I learned a trick. If it starts happening, try to immediately point your toes/foot towards the sky as far as you can. Like this. At least it worked for me.


Flex your foot towards your head (so opposite of pointed toes) whenever you feel one coming on. Works everytime for me


You’ll outgrow it in the third trimester. It sucks until then.

Bananas also if you drink a lot of caffeine, cut way back and drink more water! I know for me drinking water is hard because I hate the taste of it plain so I get nestle lemon water or propel kiwi strawberry water. Good luck! Maybe also talk to your doctor or a pharmacist about taking over the counter potassium pulls.

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Eat a banana as often as u can, will constipate but helps with cramps

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Tablespoon of mustard

Bananas :banana: and water :swimming_man:
Coconut water will help even more!

Go to CVS pharmacy and there is product it’s a cream for cramps in yours legs ask the pharmacist. Good luck.

Lots of water and a banana everyday

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90% rubbing alcohol applied directly to the pain

I buy Theraworks at Walmart for cramps. I promise you it works.

The only thing that worked for me was salt. Put a pinch of salt in your cheek until it all dissolves.
I was told bananas too, but they seemed to make it worse for me

More water & you may need more potassium so try eating a banana close to bedtime. Also cutback on caffeine

I had them so bad during pregnancy. Mustard.
Also one of my friends made me an essential oil mix to roll on. I’m not sure what all was in it but I know frankincense, lemon, and I believe peppermint. It worked wonders.

Step on heel of foot also drink water.

Bananas and lots of water

Stand on a cold floor and relax l know easier said than done

Pinch of salt has always worked for me! Also, when yiu feel one starting up, straighten your leg out in front of you and point your toes back towards your torso. That has ALWAYS gotten rid of my charlie horses instantly and i never had the store tender aching muscle aftee

Tablespoon of mustard or a banana you are either low on sodium or potassium

I had one every single night when I was pregnant with my oldest the only thing that helped was standing up. It was torture trying to stand up lol but once I did the pain would shoot up my leg and stop immediately

Tonic Water! It has Quinine in it! Good Luck!XO!

My dr suggested oscal

My husband use to massage my leg and make me stretch. And i ate bananas (as much as i could take before getting sick)

Drink more water calcium/magnesium Iodine drops.
Usually being low in potassium causes them. If a person is put on a water pill and potassium is not added this will happen. Water pill depleted potassium.
I would call your doctor they may need to check your me level and make sure you are not dehydrated.

I wear compression socks cause i work on my feet. And drink lots of sugar free sports drinks

Theraworks-Icy Hot-Stop Pain. You can get any of them in a roller top so you don’t have put on with your hands. I get leg cramps bad and it’ t what I use

My grandmother swore that taking a shot of mustard and water would help. I absolutely hate mustard so the thought of it alone made me sick. But when the cramps got bad enough I gave it a try. I’d mix a teaspoon of yellow mustard in a few ounces of water and drink it real fast. It’s super gross but it actually helped. Almost right away. Within 10 minutes the leg cramps were totally gone!

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Someone said step on a cold floor…bathtub works the best …and bananas

Brenda Marie Caldwell yes. This is the only things I’ve been able to do to help. It hurts like crazy my helps so much more than anything

Following…Iv got this issue…spent the last 3 nights fighting off charlie horses…iv tried Epsom salt baths…water…bananas…messaging it…lavender lotion…chamomile and peppermint herbal tea…

Up your intake of water and potassium. I have a bad back and get these that have me limping for days but I haven’t had an episode in over a year

drink a lot of warm water when I do it stop hurting

I ate a banana everyday for the potassium and I stopped having them

YES… THERAWORX from Walmart… I get Charlie horse’s and muscle spasms all the time…this stuff is amazing

Put your flat foot against a wall. It is cool under your feet but for some reason this stops leg cramps.

Bananas I had Charlie’s really bad with my second child.

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A shot of pickle juice makes it go away pretty quickly

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Pull your toes up towards you it will pull it out. I use to get one with every pregnancy. An a ear infection

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Potsssium,magnesium both help, vita.inD, and the viraminb complex…


Bath, your lacking potassium, magnesium and calcium or your dehydrated

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well it may sound crazy but if you put a bar of safeguard soap in the fitted sheet at the bottom by your feet you will stop having leg cramps … I promise you it will work

i used to have terrible leg cramps (not expecting) & doc told me Magnesium & vit.D…i make enough Potassium naturally…haven’t had cramps in months…also good for the heart…

Drink lots of water keep hydrated bananas


I point my foot up towards my face when I get them in my legs and I eat lots of bananas

A daily magnesium supplement helped me to avoid getting them as much. Talk to your OB.

You need vitamins. I had them bad with my first pregnancy.

warm pack like a heating pad or warm compress

Bananas, and drink more water

Drink ware before bed, keep water on your nightstand to drink when it starts, a warm shower also helps ease the cramps. My doctor told me to drink tonic water with quinine right before bed. I wasn’t pregnant tho. The soap under the sheet works too.

I’ve heard bananas help. I’ve learned tensing makes it hurt more and longer

You pull or point toes upward towards the leg and straighten out the leg while pushing the heel straight down ! Drink OJ or eat bananas drink gatorade !!

39 weeks today. A heating pad gets rid of them for me. It’s a muscle spasm and heat relaxes that muscle

I got them all the time with my second pregnancy! They sucked but I never figured out anything that helped them :tired_face: But they did stop after I had the baby, I know that much

Omg I had one last night too! Sooo bad!! Woke me up from a deep sleep screaming I could see my muscle twisting it’s still hurting today!

I get them every pregnancy and i do all the stuff they say - consistent w prenatals, hydration, low on sodium but dont cut that out, potassium and calcium … Its a pain! Bevause i still get them. Plus in my back and on my sides.
I basically position myself in a certsin way to where im looking like a maniac take deep breaths until its gone.
Do daily stretches too. Good luck lol

Are we talking about cramps? I’m confused

Stand up put weight on it try not to point ties

They have potassium and magnesium pills if you are low on either one will give you a charley horse I went through that for a while and I started taking them one every other day and the Charlie horses stopped another time I had the charlie horses from hell I discovered a medication the doctor had me on after 5 years I turned allergic to it so check your medications and try taking the magnesium potassium pill

You may be low on magnesium. Magnesium pills really help.

My dad had these really bad many years ago when he played softball and told me to immediately stand up barefooted on a cold floor. Worked for me every time.

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  1. dehydration causes muscle cramps. Drink lots of water.
  2. lack of potassium and magnesium can also cause muscle cramps. Take a supplement or eat a banana.
  3. warm bath (I prefer really hot but that is a no no during pregnancy) with Epsom salt. My doctor told me that the magnesium from the Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and it really helps muscle cramps.
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Eat more bananas. The potassium helps cramping muscles

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Pinch your bottom lip!!! It works great!!!

When I have a Charlie Horse, I keep my leg straight and lift my foot up as far as I can toward my shin (leg).

Something cold pickle juice ,water and banana

Drinking more water can help prevent them. When its happening…stand up and stretch. It will hirt,but the muscle is tight and pulsing and stretching it does help. Do NOT point those toes though ahhHa…that is the worse lol. Also…could be lacking some vitmins. Look into that.

Sounds like baby laying on a nerve in your back. :gift_heart: . Sending you an Angel :angel: with prayers from Florida. bananas.


Orange juice! Lots of orange juice!

Calcium magnesium zinc supplements

Ask your Doctor for Quinine tablets,one before bed,does the trick for me when nothing else has, I got cramps in my inner thigh, the pain was unbearable, lasting up to half an hour, most nights
With Quinine I no longer suffer cramp, unless I forget to take the tablet !!

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More water and eat a banana everyday.

They say drink dill pickle juice. Call dr and get ur electrolyte s checked

Take a spoon full of vinegar!! Works instantly and won’t harm anything!!

Epson salt bath and drink more water.

Lay out, and try to point your toes up towards you face as far as you possibly can. Hold for 10 sec. Relax and repeat.

I had charlie horses daily for the second trimester and i was miserable. This is what my doc recommend and its the only thing that brought me relief almost immediately.

Lots of water and stretching even tho it hurts