How to stop charlie horses?

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Have any of you mommas have bad Charlie horses and leg cramps after delivery? I’m 6 weeks postpartum and have been have charlie horses, numbness, and cramps since about 2 weeks postpartum. It’s not in just one leg so I’m not really to concerned about blood clot but goodness is it painful and annoying. I have my 6 week check up Monday so will talk to my doctor but just wanted to see if its common? I did have an epidural for many hours since I did have a long labor so not sure if that would even cause anything. It’s gotten to the point of me having to rest my legs in a hot bath and then put muscle cream on my legs before bed so I dont wake up with cramps. Thanks in advance!


Banamaaaaaaas. And get pressure socks to prevent clots


It usually happens alot with pregnacy but can after.Usually stretching and warm baths before bed will help.Or calicum.Speak with your doctor also.


Bananas will solve it

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sometimes it’s a vitamin issue. Your body has gone through so much you may be deficient. Make sure you’re getting enough B1, B5, and B6. If you took pre-natal vitamins, keep taking them and check on the B vitamin levels. An extra B supplement wouldn’t hurt either, even if you’re breast feeding. My mother had this issue also because she had an issue with her potassium level.

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Boy do it wish bananas would solve it. Lol I’ve been eating multiple bananas a day and taking prenatal and also other vitamins daily and still isnt helping. I will take any advice tho ladies! Thank you!

I was told to drink pickle juice


Lots of water and prenatal vitamins

I had cramps in mine something horrible. Come to find out, the cramps were caused from the iron supplements I was taking. :woman_shrugging:

Stay hydrated! Drink a 32 oz thing of Gatorade a day on top of a cup of water an hour.

Eat bananas need potassium

Its common during and after pregnancy- but for sure ask your doc about. Stay very hydrated, stretch all the time.
Im 31wks and get a few leg cramps, all of mine were like this. Be sure to get some healthy diuretic types of foods to move the fluids in your body well, that should help. Celery is great for that

Compression socks really do help. Stay hydrated.

Banana a day and Magnesium supplement.

Drink some pickle juice it works!

You need magnesium. Supplement. For attacks as they happen, 1 tsp. Of prepared mustard, chase with water. Drink powerade or Gatorade to correct your electrolytes.

Soak in Epsom salt bath, eat banana and drink glass of Gatorade before bed.

I did and still have them and son will be 1 the 15th

I was told to drink much more water. Not juice or pop or milk…water. I drink tons. On the days I don’t drink much I do feel the difference.

A lot of this is due to your body returning to what it was somewhat before baby.
Also if you had an epidural and lots of fluids it can be from fluid build up in your muscles.
When they happen drink some water and if you can (as in your beautiful newborn) will let you get a hot face cloth and hold it on the Charlie horse that helped me huge!
It’s crazy what happens to your body after pregnancy and labour… people who have never experienced it don’t really understand how to feels!

It will pass love!