How to stop getting razor burn?

I get extremely bad razor burn and ingrown hairs when I shave I have tried everything I can possibly think of and nothing has really worked other than waxing but honestly I would rather spend that amount of money on my kids so waxing is out of the question…. Anyone else struggle and have tips or tricks ?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to stop getting razor burn?

I use a Billie razor. It has nickel free blades. No razor burn

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Never use less than a 3 or4 blade razor.

I have yet to personally try it,but a friend of mine recommended Magic Shave Cream. It’s like nair,but less chemicals and she said she doesn’t have to apply as much. Every time I go to Walmart I can’t ever find it. But it’s only like 3-5$

Used to get them…i switched to an electric razor…never had them again! Bc normal razors lift and cut, my electric does not! No shaving cream needed, no need to be in the shower either! I have used one for 15 years now…I’ll never go back!

I use a 5 blade razor, and after shaving I put on hair conditioner in the area. It closes the hair follicles. Never any ingrown hairs or razor burn

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Go to the men’s shaving section and buy some shave secret to put on after shaving or put some deodorant on where you shave it will keep you from itching and getting razor burn.

I use Shave butter from the Dollar Shave club and it works really well for me.

I use aqueous cream or emollient to shave rather than foam or gel. Also try out different razors. I use men’s ones with Aloe strips on.

I use razors from dollar shave club and use conditioner instead of shaving cream.

Colby Staten has something for that

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Pure Romance has a product called Coochy. Patty Marmann can hook you up. Really, it is that good

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I get it at Wal-Mart, works great for me. I life in Florida so always in the sun; no more razor burn or ingrown hair with this product

Billie razor and coochie cream (you can use it to shave everything not just your coochie lol)

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I would say hair conditioner to shave it’s a trick my hubby taught me

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I second Coochy, it’s a great product.

I use the venus swivel, its awesome, but I do know if im cold when I shave my legs or get goosebumps, i get horrible razor burns. I also use the caress bar soap as my shaving lotion. Seems to work well for me, that and not shaving when im cold or in too hot of water.

You can order shaving cream, or butter on Amazon (one brand smells like birthday cake) or hair conditioner, with a men’s five blade razor

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I use sugar scrub before and then conditioner as shave cream

I just started using this electric shaver it’s called flawless and my shit looks good LOL my legs look better my undercarriage looks sooooo much better. The only thing is the one that I have doesn’t get close enough. So you can feel them but you can’t see them. I have super thick, course hair though so that might be why.

Ps I got it at Kohl’s :relaxed:

I use coconut oil when I shave and I’ve stopped having issues.

Coochie is a great brand of shaving cream but I haven’t found a good razor…I am using Billie right now but I think (to me) their razors have gone down hill

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Shave with hair conditioner, & then rub more conditioner over wet legs before you towel dry.

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Always used conditioner and a good razor with the gel inside .always is smooth and no issues .

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I use bar soap my husband’s razors we buy a 2 pack one for me and one for him then lotion on semi wet legs and also baby powder works really well

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I used coochie for years, but still had ingrown hairs. Have been using Norwex body and face cloth or body scrub mitt with water and razor only for 18 months now. Closest shave I’ve ever had. No razor burn or ingrown hairs.


i have always used conditioner when i shave, never had razor burn or ingrowing hairs.

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A body scrub before shaving and a day or 2 after. Also a new sharp razor every time. I used to get ingrown hairs so bad I’d have to have them lanced and packed. As far as waxing, depending on your area, there are decent prices out there and I only had to go every 2 months or so.

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Coochie is really good

Maybe try DIY waxing if that’s what helps?

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Use a male razor … unfortunately the female razor is horribly designed and a good quality shaving crème


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Exfoliate before you shave and then again a few days after amd regularly. I get infected ingrown hairs a lot and waxing caused them also. Make sure to use a new clean razor every time you shave a spot that gets ingrown hairs easily.

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Scrubbing and anything with glycolic acid helps

Shave with coconut oil

Don’t use dull razor, I buy disposable and use only 3 times and always mositurize afterwards.

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