How to stop hair loss?

Questioning whether anyome has experienced hair loss with their toddlers? My daughter was born with hair, at a fee months old had a whole head of hair. But, for months now her hair continued falling out. We started off thinking it was just normal loss of baby hair. But at almost 14 months my little girl is almost completely bald. I am starting to see tiny blonde hairs coming in where her black hair once was but also still alot of bald patches. I also noticed a couple of days ago her eyebrow hairs are even falling out. The Dr told me not to be concerned until she’s 2, but its really hard not to. Has anyone experienced anything lile this?

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Sounds like alopecia. The only side effects of this are hair loss (which can be permanent) and small, white dents in her nails.


A lot of kids hair really takes off in growth at two be patient

My little guy has alopecia. Had dark hair when he was born it all fell out in a short period of time. No lashes or brows. His grows back white also. And it’s taken almost a year to grow it all back in. It’s falling out for the second time but not as fast as the last time. (Pic from last year)


It could also be the shampoo and wash she uses or her diet. Make sure she’s getting all the nutrients she needs and eating healthy!

1 she could have rubbed it off while she sleeps…or two she has Alapocia Which my nephew has it. He just gets bald spots. Talk you your child’s pediatrician

my little boy was pretty much bald till he was 2, even now at almost 3 he doesnt have much hair yet and still has some bald patches.

I’ve done home child care for the under 5 group for over 6 years. Haven’t seen this happen before. Most 1 year olds are really taking off as far as hair growth. The 17 month old boy I have in care had very little hair until a few months ago and now it’s thickening. My own 17 month old girl has a nice little curly head of hair. While children can differ a bit, I would definitely do some research on alopecia and see what the basics are. I did a quick search and it looks like you would be seeing patches fall out, not just a gradual thinning. If you feel like this needs more attention, I would find out what your doctor’s thinking is about waiting until 2. Are the medications safer or more effective after age 2? Are there some other causes that sort themselves out by 2? Etc. Good luck!

My son has alopecia as well. He just has areata, which means he has very patchy loss. There isnt really treatment sadly and it isn’t dangerous. Just annoying.