How to stop morning sickness?

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I am a first time expectant mum, just over 20 weeks and had an awful amount of morning sickness today. Was just wondering at how many bouts of sickness I should be worried? Couldn’t hold any food down today! Kind of out of nowhere and my next hospital visit is on Tuesday so I can check then with my doctor, just wanted piece of mind now. Thanx!

It’s normal. Try drinking some zero Gatorade or Powerade. Also try peach syrup

Ginger ale might help. It’s important not to get dehydrated. So drink lots of water if you can. Good luck and Congratulations :baby_bottle::champagne::balloon:

My doctor always told me if I went 3 days without holding liquids down to go in.

It’s normal, just add pedilyte or Gatorade and you can dilute it with water. But if it’s been 24+ hours of throwing up and nothing stays down go to hospital.

If you can’t hold down water or ginger ale, go to the ER.

Its normal until you loose a lot of weight… Hell my first preg and my 4th was horrible with morning sickness the 4th the worse i lived off the only two things i could keep down and my 5th pregnancy i didn’t even know i was pregnant until the second trimester!

Its normal, mine comes and goes. Sometimes it’s really bad and sometimes bearable

I had awful morning sickness for the first and second trimester. I went a week without keeping anything down, except water (but only if I sipped on it). Eventually went to the doctor.

I had extreme morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter, it’s important to stay hydrated and always try to eat something even if its small or you’ll end up like me and be in a ER bc you was dehydrated and I found out on my visit I lost over 20 pounds but on the bright side they gave me anti nausea medicine that and also some to hold me over till my next dr.s visit that was in 2 weeks… Also try taken vitamin B its suppose to help too, it didn’t work for me tho I ended up having to stay on anti nausea medicine till I was in my 3rd trimester

Ginger tea works for me. I’m 35 weeks and I’ve had morning sickness through the entire pregnancy.