How to stop nail biting?

What is something I can do to get my kid to stop biting her nails? she bites them so low she hurts herself

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Figure out what the anxiety is caused by and help guide her through it. If you do any of the other “tricks” like putting gross stuff on her nails the anxiety will find another path. I know have long finger nails but I still obsessively pick at them and bite the edge of the skin off. My lips have permanent indents from biting them and the inside of my cheeks are super scared… Tricks don’t work the only thing that will help is solving the root cause.

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I was a chronic nail biter all my life until I was 28. NOTHING works. There is no magic potion.
The reason I bit was anxiety and a compulsive behavior. I NEEDED to do it especially to get rid of any hangnail or rough edge.
Try giving her a nail file and have her file them down instead of bite them. Keep files all over the house and in her pocket and backpack. Offer her the file when she goes to bite. Smoother nails may encourage her to let them grow.

I got mine chewing gum instead. Has great nails now. Obviously if they’re small it’s not a great solution.

They sell chewable necklaces for kids with anxiety. It’s like a rubber charm. If that’s the cause.

My daughters the same. I sacred her. Told her if she keeps biting them they will get infected and have to be cut off. She quickly stopped!

My special needs daughter does it too. Drives me nuts, bites nails and cuticles

When I was a kid my mom dipped my fingers in jalapenos and turned off the water to the sinks. Now I still bite my nails and I love jalapenos lol :woman_facepalming:. I’ve read in some mommy groups about something called stop the bite or something like that but I personally haven’t tried it (or had reason) so I couldn’t tell u.

Chemists sell a paint you put on the i think its sally hansen not 100% sure on tht but its bitter when they bite them

Use the same stuff they put on Nintendo switch cartridges don’t belive me? lick one

I was a chronic nail biter also. My mom would put tobacco or bitters on my nails but it didn’t work. Buy her a nail file and clear polish. She will chew the polish off if she puts on more than one coat. I’m over 50 and will still chew my nails if one of my gel nails come off. I tell people I wasn’t nursed enough as a baby.:rofl:

Just my opinion…is she Sagittarius? Lol