How to stop nose bleeds?

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My 5 year old keeps having nose bleeds. 4-5 a week. He has a doctor’s appointment on the 15th to get checked out. Any of you had this issue or have any idea what could be causing it?


My daughter was just recently diagnosed with Von Willebrands disease ,it’s a blood clotting disorder. I’ve read frequent nose bleeds is a sign? But honestly it could be anything or nothing.

Honestly, this could be something as simple as allergies, or it could be genetic. May need a blood vessel in her nose cauterised to stop the bleeding, depending on how bad the frequent bleeds are.

I used to get them really bad when it got hot out. It would nose dry which would make me itch and rub it until it bled.

Allergies? Dry sinuses?

Yes growing up little blood vessels in nose burstdr can cauterize them and find out if its alligerys or something else

Keep hydrated
Like super hydrated
And put vasaline or Carmex on the inside of the nose
I get chronic nosebleeds

Try not to worry. My daughter had nose bleeds, my grandayghter also. They both outgrew them… seems like it was always in dry hot weather…

Let them sleep with a cool air humidifier beside their bed. Someone I know got them all the time just from the air being so dry!

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My son and i have nose bleeds. Rather dimly, but not that often. Your son’s picking his nose. My daughter has had this happen, she admitted to picking it too hard… lol

My oldest 2 sons both have nose bleeds quiet frequently at times. Both are due to allergies, and both started at about the age of 5 or so. A nose bleed could mean a ton of things. But allergies is one of the common things that causes them.

My son had nosebleeds bad we ended up going to a specialist who burned some nerve or something in his nose…hasnt had an issue since

He needs his vessels cauterized

I had nose bleeds when little but just outgrew them. Never learned what caused them.

All my boys get nose bleeds a lot and very easy. Mostly I think their picking their noses. :woman_shrugging:

It can be allergy or infection

Be sure and keep Dr . appointment … needs to be checked out