How to stop pregnancy nightmares?

Hi, I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I’ve recently been having the worst nightmares seems like every other night. I did some research and i know its normal to have vivid wild dreams while pregnant. I’m just wondering how many other moms have or had this issue. Or recommendations on what to do?


I’ve had weird dreams as well. It’s normal and there isn’t anything you can really do about it. It will pass

I had horrible nightmares and dreams until I hit my third trimester. I usually never remember my dreams unless I’m pregnant.

I did flat out. I loved them mostly coz they we’re strange vivid dreams but occasionally id have nightmares n the feeling would last for days id b too uneasy to sleep.
It helped to put on cartoons or meditation music to shake the feeling n get back to sleep

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I had such crazy dreams while pregnant it lasted most of my pregnancy

With my first I had really bad dreams, like bad not weird. Like someone coming in my room and slamming my baby up against the wall and stuff …terrible :disappointed:. They didnt stop till I had him. Maybe try some chocolate before bed to give your seratonin a boost, happy movies before bed, idk. I just know it sucks and I’m sorry you are going through it :cry:

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With all 3 of mine I had awful nightmares quite frequently. With my 3rd the nightmares were what made me take a pregnancy test because I’ve only had them while pregnant

Geri-Lyn The joys of being pregnant, the bloody, gory, vivid, horrific dreams :tipping_hand_woman:t3: What fun was that !
Vivid, lucid, it actually freaked me out. I ‘woke’ up a few times within a dream… I actually had the same dream at least 4-5 times the last 4-5 weeks of my 1st pregnancy.
In the dream, I would ‘wake up/come to’ and my baby was in my arms. I had no memory of pushing, they just put him in my arms. It was so bizarre… I ended up needing an emergency C-section. Made it to 5cm, and yep… I swear those were ‘premonitions’

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My main recommendation is dont get pissed at your real spouse for what your dream spouse does. Lol


Im 34 weeks with my 3rd n i have them all the time.

Usually caused by the zinc in your prenatals. You can try taking them in the morning after you eat if they bother you and see if it helps

I had some of the wildest dreams & horrible nightmares with both if my pregnancies. With my 1st, u had the same dream 3 times in one night but it kept changing- that caused me to have an aversion to trains (real & toys) for a long time. In my 2nd pregnancy 2 years ago, i had a horrible nightmare about my sister that caused me to wake up bawling my eyes out & calling to check on her everyday for awhile. I wanted to be near her constantly to make sure she was ok. That dream caused me to have an aversion to drills. I hate them & won’t let my son have a toy one because i still remember that dream very vividly

When I was pregnant with my 2 kids, I had the same reoccuring nightmare throughout both pregnancies. It freaked me out! Basically a serial killer(similar to leather face) had me and my entire family locked up in this house, that contained rooms and hallways and secret passages galore. I watched as he went thru and picked off everyone one by one and every time he got to me, I’d wake up. It was terrifying. My dr told me it was normal to have vivid dreams, but it was just that one that kept occurring. It will pass, I havent had that dream since I had my youngest 2 yrs ago

I had the scariest worst dreams ever while pregnant, that’s actually how I knew I was pregnant with my second daughter because my dreams were so horrific.
I’m talking horrific, me being raped, murdered or killing someone. Almost every night,
It was worse if I ate food before bedtime

I had them really bad my first pregnancy. Usually involved some kind of crazed man trying to harm me and take my baby, or cut my baby out of me. Seriously vivid and I’d wake up screaming and crying just about every morning.

Do you take sleep aids?

I did as well try paying attention to what you eat ir drinks in the evenings. I stuck ti water knky and no sugar or caffeine and it helped.

I wonder if you took a benadryl at bedtime if it would help?

Try listening to a relaxation or guided meditation recording, do meditation, yoga or other soothing activity before bedtime, play soothing soft ambient music at low volume to sleep, no electronics (other than music) for an hour or two before bed. Get some Oregon-safe massages or acupuncture to release negative “chi.” Float in a pool, stop listening to/reading the news for a few days. Hope something helps!

*Oregon safe massages? I typed “prego-“. Autocorrect gets weirder and weirder.

Yes, my therapist told me my body and mind was preparing me for my babe and the struggles and the possible tragedies that could happen

I don’t know how to stop it, but I can sympathize with having them, luckily they end around 30 weeks for me

I only ever get weird dreams while pregnant.

Ugh! Yes!!! I sought counseling for mine because of it. They were awful :cold_sweat::weary::weary: